Versatility and Accuracy in One Package

Versatility and Accuracy in One Package!

For porches – think beaded ceiling material and crown – a miter saw is a must. I use a DeWalt DW718. DeWalt nailed this tool: Its power, accuracy, and multiple features combine to help deliver quality work quickly.

whats new in decking

What’s New in Decking

I remember when there were roughly a billion fewer choices of deck boards and railing systems. The first decks I worked on as a carpenter’s helper weren’t even made of treated lumber — they were 2×6 SPF. (I’m sure they’re mulch by now.) A few years passed and I graduated to ocean-dock building for very […]

Keep Track of your countersink

Keep Track of your Countersink

I like to carry a countersink—the kind that includes a tapered drill bit—in my tool pouch. I find it nice to have on hand when I have to set a screw or drill a jigless pocket hole.

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