Simonton Windows extruded screen

New Window Screen Frames are Tough Against Water and Warping

If you are looking for new windows and screens for your home, here’s a product you might fall in love with. Simonton Windows has a completely redesigned screen frame that’s standard on select replacement and new construction windows. It’s an extruded screen frame that features a streamlined appearance, a newly-designed water management system and integrated [...]

American Woodmark cabinets in the kitchen

Kitchen: After renovation

Love the remodeled kitchen! It’s like walking around inside a magazine photo shoot. Our kitchen took about four months from demo to usable kitchen, and another few months for finishing touches. It’s a project that you really have to over-budget the expected time. And, try to not add the pressure of an event or big [...]


Video: Drywalling tips from Mark & Theresa

Go inside Mark & Theresa’s kitchen renovation project and find out a few tips to make your drywall projects a little easier on your back and on your budget. Want to see their kitchen’s before and after photos?

Duluth Trading Company's Firefighter hose nozzle

Vince Moser won the Firefighters Garden Hose Nozzles!

Garden to garage, you’ll find plenty of uses for this tool. Made like a real fireman’s nozzle, with a 5-spray pattern that goes from gentle fan to powerful jet stream with a simple twist. Perfect for chores around the house and garden, from watering to truck washing. Made of high-grade stainless steel and fiberglass-reinforced nylon [...]


MyFixitUpLife talk show: Rescue Renovation with Kayleen McCabe

June 24: Rescue Renovation with Kayleen McCabe, Licensed Contractor & ‘Stud Finder’ Winner. Mark is live from DeWalt’s headquarters for their new tool launch. DeWalt project manager, Jeremy, shares some insight on some of the new products available this October, including an impact driver, LED flashlight, infrared thermometer, charger, and inspection camera. Today’s FixItUp Finds: The EPA [...]

Mark and Jack walking down the street

Busy kid carpenters

It doesn’t take much to inspire our kids to get moving. I was asked to post a family photo of us–or at least a photo of Mark and me–on the front page of MyFixitUpLife website. A simple request, right? Well, when I searched through my iPhoto, I was hard-pressed to find one of the four [...]

Lowe's EverTrue

Blending Various Molding Trim Styles in Extreme How-to

“To say there’s a bewildering assortment of crown moldings to choose from is an accurate statement. To narrow the field I walk the aisles of my lumber yard and home center and grab samples of the profiles that jump out at me. Then, I take cut-offs home (or to customers) and put them up in [...]

Counter installer is finishing the last details for our new kitchen

What kinds of countertop can I install myself?

I’m a teacher and I get out for the summer in a couple of weeks. I’m hoping to do a remodel of my kitchen on the cheap. And I’ve got, you know, hideous linoleum floors, and retro 1970s white countertop, and my kitchen is basically the letter ‘C’ right now and I want to tear [...]

My shower is freezing cold: what can I do to fix it?

Question: my shower is freezing cold. The sinks get some good, high temps, but I can’t figure out how to get warm water in the shower. And the faceplate for the knob in the shower doesn’t come off, so I can’t find a scald guard. Alas, that isn’t really a tool question. But if there’s something [...]

Mark Brunetz

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Live from NYC! Stanley Tools launch & Clean House’s Mark Brunetz

June 17: Live from NYC at the Stanley Tools launch!   We’re clearing out the clutter with Clean House’s Mark Brunetz and getting ready for new tools from Stanley Tools. Mark Brunetz is the savvy co-star of ‘Clean House’, the #1 rated television program on the Style Network. Now in his 8th season on the [...]

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