How to DIY With a Contractor And Save Money

Some of the best home improvement experiences I’ve had are when the DIY homeowner works with me. They’re folks who are interested in their houses and love projects but the scale of a particular project (finished basement versus backsplash for example) is just a little out of range. No problem. … see more

MyFixitUpLife talk show: In The Bathroom

We’re in the bathroom today! Carpenter, friend and host of DIY networks ‘I Hate My Bath’ and ‘Good Better Best’ Jeff Devlin joins the program. The universe of universal design for kids of all ages opens up when we’re joined by the gold standard in bathroom products, American Standard. And the bath … see more

Fall Lawn Repair

Summer does a number on your lawn. Anything from removing a shrub to parking a car to letting Sparky go for a run to leaving the Slip N’ Slide out too long can turn a blanket of lush green grass into a collection of crushed and dried-up blades. Luckily, a … see more

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