Kitchen Remodeling

Quick Tip: Kitchen Remodeling

If you are replacing a stove—or an entire kitchen, including the stove—there are two important details to remember, and they are two things the inspector (yes, you pulled a permit for a kitchen remodel) should check. The first one is the gas flow to the stove. Sometimes when sliding the stove into place the flex-line [...]

Cut down on the carrying. Pack up a wheelbarrow instead.

QuickTip: Wheelbarrow Full of Tools

Cut down on the carrying. Pack up a wheelbarrow instead. Wheelbarrows are ideal for moving dirt, rocks, and mulch of course, but they also rock it for moving tools to, from, and around a project site. It’s incredible how NOT heavy a wheelbarrow load of tools is compared with the same quantity of, say, rocks. [...]

Paint can management

QuickTip: Paint Can Management

One of the big reasons painting is messy is…because it is! Transferring liquid via bristles to a solid wall is more complicated than it appears and it is those who underestimate just how challenging throwing a good paint job on the wall can be that get the most frustrated (how could I possibly know that?) [...]

How to DIY With a Contractor And Save Money

Some of the best home improvement experiences I’ve had are when the DIY homeowner works with me. They’re folks who are interested in their houses and love projects but the scale of a particular project (finished basement versus backsplash for example) is just a little out of range. No problem. If you have a nice [...]

Bellaforte Slate

DIY Roofing Project

            Question: Here’s my story: My house needs a new roof. I live in an historic district where there is a lot of slate. Even though I built houses summers in high school and through college, that was, well I won’t tell you how old I am but it was [...]


MyFixitUpLife talk show: In The Bathroom

We’re in the bathroom today! Carpenter, friend and host of DIY networks ‘I Hate My Bath’ and ‘Good Better Best’ Jeff Devlin joins the program. The universe of universal design for kids of all ages opens up when we’re joined by the gold standard in bathroom products, American Standard. And the bath is the place where water [...]

Draining an air compressor

Draining an Air Compressor

An air compressor is what I would consider a main-frame DIY tool. For everything from trim to flooring to blowing dust out of the garage, compressed air is the go-to fuel to power hardworking pneumatic tools. And as well as most compressors work, draining them can be a real pain in the…fingers! Click here to [...]

Easy Way to Paint Shutters

Paint Shutters Easily

Painting shutters is probably one of the most dreaded DIY jobs. A million nooks and crannies can be daunting even to the most intrepid painter. Here is a double-barrel solution — all it takes is a little ingenuity to outsmart that shutter. First: get a sawhorse. In this case, we used our Jawhorse, which is [...]


How to Frame a Wall

Mark and Theresa demonstrate how to frame a stud wall. See the entire Craftsman Experience video with other helpful tips and tricks here.

Fall Lawn Repair

Fall Lawn Repair

Summer does a number on your lawn. Anything from removing a shrub to parking a car to letting Sparky go for a run to leaving the Slip N’ Slide out too long can turn a blanket of lush green grass into a collection of crushed and dried-up blades. Luckily, a technique known as top dressing [...]

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