Locker organization tip. And yes, I am that cheap. That "gym" bag is a Makita combo kit bag for cordless tools.

Organization at the Gym

I spend a lot of my time on a home improvement project trying to be efficient, trying to save steps so I can do my best work in the time we have allotted. It’s sometimes boring to clean up a small mess than to keep walking over it and kicking it around, but at the [...]

Mark and Theresa

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Rewind to Ty, Norm, Holmes

Mark & Theresa are rolling back with a MyFixitUpLife Rewind to share interviews with three of their most-asked-about guests from 2011: Ty Pennington, Mike Holmes, and Norm Abram. So gather your thoughts, grab your megaphones, and step into your bib overalls. It’s time to take it down, go over to the mortising jig, and to [...]

Stanley PowerLock 25 foot tape rule: A measure above.

Tool Review: Stanley PowerLock 25 Foot Tape Measure

You’re going to love this. Here is a tool review of a brand new tool that I’ve had in my pouch for XX years…I mean xx years…since high school, how’s that? I bought my first tape along with my first tool apron and hammer at Town Paint and Supply—a place that was old then. (And [...]

MyFixitUpLife tree for mom, 1945-2011

MyFixitUpLife tree: For my mom, 1945-2011

I still have sap on my hands from making the MyFixitUpLife “tree.” I borrowed an idea from timberframers who nail a tree branch to the frame as they build it, in honor of the trees that supplied the wood for the home. In some ways it is emblematic of those who won’t be with us [...]

Theresa Party prep MyFixitUpLife

Last minute party prep: Check your Castle

Sometimes I feel like life is more like an avalanche than a skip through a field of daisies. Know what I mean? Here’s what I try to do:


Video! Nutty way to fix-up wood flooring, plus tile fixes

Mark and Theresa share their tips to quick fix-ups before holiday guests arrive. They show how to fix scratches in wood flooring, fix a cracked tile, and scratches in appliances. View more NBC 10! Show videos w/ Mark & Theresa at:

running out of hot water

Holiday Hot Water

Question: Here come the holidays and at my house that means lots of overnight family and guests, meals — and lots dishwasher loads and showers. Last year, I tried timing the dishwasher runs when I knew no one was showering or about to shower. But then one day I opened the dishwasher in mid cycle [...]

Gluing spice drops to styrofoam round

Candy wreath: holiday style

I’m addicted to making candy wreaths. For this year’s holiday edition of delicious-looking joy, I’ve opted for Spice Drops. Here’s how I made this sweet-looking celebration of sugar. I used a styrofoam ring, hot glue, ribbon, and a bag of spice drops in red, green, and white. – Glue the spice drops to the ring. [...]

Prestyl USA space heater.

FixitUpFind: Far-Infrared Wall Heaters

Here is a space heater that looks really, really cool. Made by Prestyl USA this is more flat-panel-TV-Meets-High-Art than a utilitarian plug-in heat-hydrant. The technology, according to Prestyle USA is a highly efficient and maintenance-free “far-infrared, thin-film technology.” I don’t know what this means, but it has been used in aircraft, ships, trains, homes and [...]

Hyde Tools' Pro Stainless Steel Series.

FixitUpFind: Stainless Steel Knives

For my buck there are two main reasons to upgrade to stainless steel knives and scrapers: You’re a painting or coating pro who uses the tools constantly. Or you are like me: You use them as part of your other remodeling activities and the tools sit for periods of time between projects. For guys who [...]

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