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Small Projects: BIG Change

As much as I love whole house remodels, bathroom blowouts, and full-tilt-boogie decks, docks, and pergola building, some of my favorite projects ever are the small ones: small projects that make a giant difference in the way we see, feel, and interact with our homes.

Exterior window shades, for example—especially those on a Western wall—are ideal sun-blocks for homes looking to keep passively cool in warm weather. A few brackets, small rafters and some louvers or purlins and not only have you lowered the load on your HVAC system, but you’ve made the home’s exterior that much more rockin’.

I also love decked out door details. So often, doors are left with a diminutive molding making the experience of entering the home, well, OK. But what about making it terrific? What’s wrong with that? Same thing for windows, especially those

Fypon timbers and knee braces wrap an plain door and POW, plain is long gone.

in a stucco-clad home. Adding a sill detail takes it from alive to alive and kickin’! Ditto with a stone veneer on a similar house, say around the bottom of a porch or along the entry-way wall exterior.

Fypon timbers take the garage door from plain to powerhouse.

Then there’s the elusive, yet massive garage door: what to do with all that…plain-ness. Go from blah to BAM in one project with a trellis system.

I think you’ve gotten the idea. I could go on about this, too—rafter tails, window boxes, trim details galore. However, once you look at these projects you start to think about all the different disciplines—masonry; sourcing, cutting, fastening timbers, moving heavyweight material—and you might start to think I’m crazy (Note: justifiable.) But the thing here is that all these projects I’ve mentioned are made with the same material—Fypon urethane moldings. They’re all applied using carpentry tools and skills. They’re all light, cutting is straightforward and they will last. Add super low maintenance and a small project goes big time in short order.


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