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MyFixitUpLife talk: Geeked-out on Tools

Tool up and geek out inside the world of DIY Network’s ‘Rescue Renovations’ Kayleen McCabe who’s talking about DIY Network’s new iPhone app where she’s sharing her ‘essential tools.’ And get ready to talk color trends, inspirations, and gorgeous surfaces with Caesarstone‘s head of color development Maggie Amir.

Licensed contractor and 2009 Stud Finder winner Kayleen McCabe found her passion for remodeling after tackling an entire kitchen renovation in her early twenties. Since then, Kayleen has used her unique combination of gutsy innovation and expert trade tricks to take on any home improvement challenge she can find, including renovating a massive duplex that took six months to complete. This outdoorsy Denver native is fearless in the face of demolition, always ready with the perfect power tool, and willing to go to any lengths to bring out the existing charm in a home.

Listen now to ‘Geeked-out on Tools’ episode on demand or iTunes.

This episode aired Wednesday, December 5th at 8pm.


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