Lexi's Weather Fashion Chart

What to wear, with my weather chart

For awhile when I was 8ish I didn’t know how to pick out appropriate clothes for the weather. To fix the problem, I made a weather chart. A weather chart is a list of temperatures. Next to them are the appropriate clothes that I should wear for that temperature. For instance, when it is 60 [...]

Lexi knows how to remove Sharpie marks!

Uh-oh. I got Sharpie marks on that! Let’s fix it.

Scratch. Scratch. Oh. Hi. I was just cleaning Sharpie off of a book cover. That reminds me…That’s the topic of this blog. I’m going to tell you how to get Sharpie marker off of things because I got Sharpie on things I shouldn’t, and I learned about two cool ways to remove it. The first [...]

The wood that I found with slits in it to make the base of my log cabin

Lexi’s blog: How I tried to make a Log Cabin

Hello! In today’s blog you will be reading about a log cabin I attempted to make, but it didn’t work. The entire idea of making a log cabin came from a book I’m reading in school called ‘Sign of the Beaver‘. It takes place in the time of the colonies. A boy and his family [...]

Flowers that I saw at the Wissahickon Water Shed

Lexi’s blog: Flower Sketching!

Hello! Today you will be reading about something very cool I did just today. I was sketching flowers. Now if you’re in Hawaii or Florida this might not be very exciting, but we are in Pennsylvania. And this is the story behind it. Dad, my brother Jack, and I were at a place Jack calls [...]

Spring and Summer Party Helper Outfits

Lexi’s Fabulous Fashion: Party Helper

Hello! Welcome to Lexi’s fabulous fashion! Today you’re going to read about the most wonderful party helper in the world. It’s called the Hostess Outfit. The Hostess Outfit is a brand new design. Here’s how it works: Place, pour or press any food or drink items anywhere on the outfit. The special fabric absorbs the [...]


Lexi’s Gardening Tips: Deadheading And Gardening

Hello! This is a follow-up blog to my planting flowers blog. As winter comes, it was time to “deadhead” our cardinales plants in our backyard. Let me explain to you what deadheading is. Deadheading is when you cut the tops of the flowers off right near the ground so they grow better the following year. [...]

Lexi waiting for 'Move that Bus!'

Lexi’s blog: Me on Extreme Makeover

Today I’m going to tell you about my trip to Lewes, DE when I was in a scene for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The episode airs Thanksgiving week, so be sure to check it out. We drove three hours to Delaware to go to Extreme Makeover. We waited all morning then we had to get [...]

10yo Lexi waters plants with her brother Jack

Lexi’s blog: My flower diary

This fall I planted tulips. I am writing to give you tips on what I learned. I learned many things when I planted flowers. And some of them are just like life. One of them was that planting takes a longer time than you think. In life if you needed to choreograph a dance, you [...]

DIY Furniture

Lexi’s blog: The Green Screen Funhouse

Hello. Today I’m talking about a very unique and fun project called the Green Screen. It, well, can’t be explained, so I’ll tell you about it. So, these guys names Paola de Francesco and Joao Silva for Recession Design designed a really cool plant rack called a Green Screen. And they said that the Green [...]

Compost Stew

Compost Stew: Lexi’s book review

Today I am reviewing a book about compost called Compost Stew. It’s a book that is the alphabet and teaches children about compost. There are so many ways this book is unique. One way is that the illustrator Kelsey Wolff used recycled material to make the pictures. One thing I noticed is that the girl’s dress [...]

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