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How to video: Install a ceiling fan

It’s pretty easy to install a ceiling fan. All you need are all the right tools, three hands, and the proper bracing. Good news! Two out of three are pretty easy. Three hands? Can’t help you there. Well, maybe we can. -Tools. Every project is a little different. Sometimes opening the ceiling is opening a [...]

Sexy ceilings

7 sexy ceilings to inspire you

We like sexy ceilings. And spaces that take flight. Even though know how to paint a ceiling ‘ceiling white’—both a color and absence of color at the same time…weird, right?—we love things done on, to and near the ceiling that make our souls soar. So we hope your happy takes flight when you cruise this [...]

DIY Landscaping

Landscaping DIY question: Dust in the desert

Question: I’ve got a landscaping DIY question about my dirt yard. I need a desert do-over! I was watching Yard Crashers. I Googled Matt Blashaw which led me to you. I’ve always been into DIY projects, but never too good. I live in Blythe, CA—the desert about half way between L.A. and Phoenix. Our lot [...]

Therma-Tru replacement doors

Replacement doors, a beautiful investment. Bring the bling

I love replacement doors. It’s one of the few upgrades you (or a contractor) can do soup-to-nuts in a day or weekend. The pay-off: Awesome. Seriously. Even if you don’t use the front door a lot, you see it. And you can feel the air that leaks—or doesn’t—through it. And so can people milling through [...]

DIY Decor: Steampunk Shelf

DIY decor: Steampunk bathroom shelf

Hey guys—actual male guys I’m talking about here—let’s talk DIY decor. Wait, what?! Yeah. DIY decor. For guys. That you will like. Theresa and I are experimenting with looks to help make our bathroom remodeling project include design touches we both enjoy. Decor-wise, unless it’s a man-cave, 10-to-1 a master bath doesn’t really have anything [...]

Ford truck

8 trucks so bitchin’ your car keys will throw themselves out

Trucks make me happy. And bitchin’ trucks = super happy. From off-road marauders to custom works of art. For building. For drinking beer. Wicked workhorses and beach bombers. Here are a few super awesome trucks. You’ll be happy they’re on the road. Or off it. For more amazing and amusing, peel out to our Pinterest page.   

DIY projects

Mark’s Ode to DIY Projects

DIY Projects have me so inspired, I’m thinking in poetry. Oh no! Next…singing. (Editor’s Note: Nobody wants that. Stop the madness. Now, please.) Where there’s a will, there’s a way. While the sun shines, make hay. Rack it, tack it, smack it. Plumb up. Fasten down. Shellac it. It takes some gall to open a [...]

Pallet DIY

Pallet DIY: 4 Tips for taking apart pallets

Every time I think pallet DIY mania has peaked, it peaks again! Sheds, beds, shelves…it’s officially a thing. An uber thing if you will. If you won’t, then these tips on how to take a pallet apart without turning it into kindling might not be your thang. Even if you have projects where you’re using [...]

National Hardware Showq

The National Hardware Show: The best in DIY home improvement

MyFixitUpLife’s Mark & Theresa hit the National Hardware Show. It’s ON for celebrity interviews. And we’re on the lookout for the best and brightest in tools, gear, gadets, gizmos (whatever those are) and more. Make-it-Right-Mike Holmes makes it happen with us at the Hyde Tools booth. And we get the sneakiest peak ever at the [...]

Krylon paint plastic

How to paint plastic a cool camo pattern

Paint plastic? Yes. See, some stuff takes on character when it gets mangled. Plastic isn’t one of them. In fact, plastic often shows up with no character or cool. It bothers me. The older and more faded, the more I wish it looked like something else. that didn’t su++ so much. Coolers, toolboxes, tackle boxes, [...]

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