DIY tool belt

7 Signs of doomed DIY

Want your DIY and home improvement to kick a++? Here are 7 signs it might be taking a nosedive. I’m not talking doom like the house is will collapse doom. This doom is like…Man, I totally eff-ed this up. And it talks to you when you see it—every day: ‘Hi loser. Remember me?’ That’s fun. [...]

Demolition tools

11 Demolition tools that’ll get your junk worked (can I say that?)

When it’s time to wreck it, demolition tools do the bashin’ and trashin’. Behold the destroyers and protectors. Just ask DIY Network’s Jason Cameron, demo is one of those things. Despite it’s ‘strong back, weak mind all-adrenaline’ appeal, screw ups are not just easy to make doing demo, but they can be epic: Burst water [...]

Cutting OSB

Diablo blades: Cement siding

If you’re working with fiber cement of any significant amount and using typical saw blades instead of purpose built cutters like the Diablo blades we used for a siding project, then chances are pretty good you’re throwing money away. This leads to a bigger question: When do you spend your money on a project: Up [...]

Hollow wall anchors

No dust! How to use hollow wall anchors

Here’s a video on a no-dust way to set hollow wall anchors for hanging drapes or pictures.   Whether you’re doing holiday decor or just sprucing up around the house, the first thing to do is to NOT use a drill. Instead, a hammer and scratch awl are a sweet hack to this dusty problem. [...]

Pet Palaces and Designer Doghouses of Ridiculous Proportions

Dog houses that’ll make you want to sleep outside

Dog houses are a fun way to experiment with building techniques and give your favorite furry friend a stylish retreat. There’s something about building a mini-version of a grand architectural style that appeals to us. It’s an easy way to learn how to build in a new style or with different materials, and it’s a [...]

Plastic shopping bags

Life hack: 9 simple ways paper beats plastic shopping bags

Plastic shopping bags. Love ‘em. Hate ‘em. We use them. But there’s a secret their incredible convenience is hiding. They suck. They might not have sucked at one point, but they suck now. And I’d know. I go to the grocery store. A lot. Reasons for their suckiness—this has nothing to do California’s plastic shopping [...]

DIY decor

DIY decor: Steampunk toilet paper holder

DIY decor sometimes couldn’t be simpler. Or more awesome. Or more used. We use this every day. It’s our Steampunk-inspired toilet paper roll holder. We love it. We made ours like our DIY Decor Steampunk shelf, which we also love. All the pipe and parts are black steel gas pipe. It’s available in any home [...]

Combination Square

Combination Square around the Home

It’s often relegated to the back of the toolbox, but the 7″ combination square has loads of uses around the old house. A combination square is the kind of tool most people own because they needed it once, or thought they should get one, but that otherwise sits in the toolbox (for a long time) [...]

Home decor

9 Wicked woodwork home decor projects you could (almost?) DIY

From a pile of sticks to wicked wood home decor. If you see these projects and can pre-smell the sawdust, you might be wicked for wood. We love that wood can be at once structure and finished product. From tables to trundle beds to my tool trailer, a little imagination plus a good lumber yard [...]


Crap design. No seriously, designing for what we all do: Poop

Call it it poop, ca-ca, #2, the deuce, potty, or just nothing at all, it happens. And we live right next to it. Whether it’s our pets or the tiny people we love so much what comes out of us is, at one point or another, inside where we live. So when it comes to [...]

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