Mark’s trade tricks: Cope and install crown molding–Video tutorial, DIY

install crown molding

If you believe those cartoon-y infographics that ‘show’ how to install crown molding as 1-2-3-easy, you’re probably going to throw your tape measure across the room when you see the Grand Canyon-sized yawning gap of missing information therein. To fill in some gaps, I’ve crafted this tutorial and video with … see more

Painting a room? Whole house? Here’s a time saver

Painting a room

Painting a room is something almost all of us take on at some time in our lives. For some it’s passion; others a headache. In both cases, tools that work make it better. Like light sabers. I’m a contractor. I’m also a DIYer in the sense that I’m working on … see more

Mark’s trade tricks: Pocket holes and problem solving

2015_MyFixitUpLife_Spax_Pocket Protector

So I was gonna write something fairly expected about pocket holes…until I found out that pocket-holes were used by the Egyptians!!!! The Pyramid Egyptians. And then I had to spend time freaking out a little. How the Egyptians did things, large and small, of such lasting ingenuity and beauty always stops … see more

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