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Remove and Replace a Rotten Sill Plate

A rotten sill plate is a common occurrence in old houses—and a big problem.   The sill is the piece of wood closest to the ground, either on a foundation or piers, and is usually a “timber-sized” board: 3×6, 3×8, 4×6, 4×8, and so on. The studs often rest directly on the sill and are [...]

Bathroom mold

Bathroom mold in the shower tile: Re-tile the whole shower?

Bathroom mold question: OK, statement first…We’re clean people…really. But we have mold in our shower grout that just won’t quit. We’ve even had the tile sealed—twice!!!! The guy I called says to remove all the grout and put in new grout. Seriously? Can it be that bad? –Claire, South Carolina   Answer: Claire–Bathroom mold is [...]

Duluth Trading Riggers Bag - Improvenet - MyFixitUpLife

Review: Duluth Trading Riggers Bag

I have a phrase I use a lot. More than I want to, really. It’s not because I can’t think of any new one-liners. I’ve got enough of those. It’s that this one has about 30,000 miles of runway when it comes to DIY and plenty of pros on the jobsite. It goes something like this: [...]

grass trimmerq

Ask it: Cordless grass trimmer?

Hello Sir, Is it possible to do good edge work with a grass trimmer—aka Weed Whacker, Weed Eater, string trimmer—or should you have an edger too? Also, have advancements in batteries made the cordless grass trimmer worth it, or is gas-powered the way to go? I primarily need a tool to do edging (I have [...]

obstacle race training

Video—How to make an obstacle race training rig

Thinking about building an obstacle race training wall, spear throw or rig for your next race?  We were lucky and got to design one for our local YMCA. Here’s how we made it obstacle course race tough (and a few other things you might want for the one you build). AROO! Our obstacle race training [...]

Make wind chimes

How to make wind chimes—Rocks and water pipes make it hot

I love when I get to make wind chimes and other stuff out of, well, stuff. And I love to get creative to make things usually made in a factory and designed by computers come to life in my back yard. With my hand work and tools. I have to admit I had a blast combining [...]

How to build a play set

How to make a play set—Tips to save time

Make a play set for your kids. What could be more fun? Get a few tools and sketch up the design. Then, start whacking boards together. Sun’s shining. Lemonade (or beer-mon-ade) is close by. And Junior thinks you’re a hero, right? Yeah, until you’re whipping your cordless drill at the lawn when the piece doesn’t [...]

Craftsman MAKEcation

Craftsman MAKEcation — Full tilt boogie tool-a-palooza

The Craftsman MAKEcation is a full-tilt-boogie tool-a-pa-looza and you could win a trip for free. For tool nuts, this is brain thunder. The MAKEcation is a high pressure system of get-it-done-ness and back stage access to rippin’ DIY that will make you freak out. Before you check out my interviews from the sawdust-covered ground at [...]

Worx mower

Worx Mower: Does it work? Hands-on review of 3-in-1 Cordless Lawn Mower

 You have got to be kidding me how well the Worx mower—3-in-1, 56-volt cordless lawn mower—functions. It’s not just good. It’s better than that. No sales pitch here friends. I know this thing is on TV, but that’s not how we roll when it comes to reviews. I’m literally almost upset this mower works as [...]

Lawn mower

Four simple tips to maintain your lawn mower like a man

Hey, man up and maintain your lawn mower. It’s easy. While your at it, get your kid out from behind the tablet and into the yard. Hands-on, baby. Here’s a few things we do. -New season, new spark plug. If your lawn mower is coughing and sputtering, this is a good place to get it [...]

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