Video: How to build a fence—Design, tools, measuring, materials and more

how to build a fence

Want to know more about how to build a fence? Check out this video about a fence design I don’t just like—I love. And I hope you do too. I designed this fence with horizontal planks and round posts. I wanted an earthy, friendly, and totally custom look. And I … see more

MyFixitUpLife how to videos: Fix a retaining wall

how to videos

Thanks for checking out our how to videos. We hope they help with your DIY, home improvement and around-the-house fixes. This one—how to fix a retaining wall—shows some tips and tricks for repairing loose capstones. I see this constantly on concrete block walls like the one shown here. The good … see more

VIDEO: Home improvement storage & DIY for about 20-bucks | Make a shelf

2016_MyFixitUpLife_Mark_Door Trim_Basement Renovation_Measuring cut_Miter Saw

When I need some quick, attractive, and inexpensive organization or storage for my home improvement gear and supplies and flotsam AND jetsam, I make a shelf. Then to share it with you I make a VIDEO about how to make shelf. You could do this project with a circular saw … see more

Home Improvement Skill | How to Dig a Hole for a Fence, Deck, Mailbox

building a fence - home improvement

As a carpenter, one of the home improvement skills I’ve had to rely on for so many jobs—decks, fences, mailboxes and more—is the seemingly simple task of digging a hole. As I like to say—and a lot of this has to do with the fact that it rhymes, but it’s … see more

MyFixitUpLife Makes | Home improvement project | Firewood Organizer |

home improvement_firewood organizer

Home improvement comes in all shapes and sizes. Some of the best ones are the ones you make yourself, I think. So grab the September issue of one of our favorite magazines—Extreme How-To—and check out how to make this super hot firewood organizer. Ideal for a porch or back yard … see more

Spax HCR-X exterior screws make home improvement and DIY mega-easier

home improvement

VIDEO: Spax HCR-X screws don’t make home improvement projects easy, but they do make them easi-ER. In this sculpture garden of DIY and weekend projects we set up, I show you a few ways that easi-ER can happen. From attaching 2×2 deck pickets to making a gardening bench to a … see more

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