Worx mower

Worx Mower: Does it work? Hands-on review of 3-in-1 Cordless Lawn Mower

 You have got to be kidding me how well the Worx mower—3-in-1, 56-volt cordless lawn mower—functions. It’s not just good. It’s better than that. No sales pitch here friends. I know this thing is on TV, but that’s not how we roll when it comes to reviews. I’m literally almost upset this mower works as [...]

Lawn mower

Four simple tips to maintain your lawn mower like a man

Hey, man up and maintain your lawn mower. It’s easy. While your at it, get your kid out from behind the tablet and into the yard. Hands-on, baby. Here’s a few things we do. -New season, new spark plug. If your lawn mower is coughing and sputtering, this is a good place to get it [...]

Pallet Projects - Pinterest - MyFixitUpLife _Shur- Line

The first honest DIY pallet project on the internet

Welcome to the first honest pallet project on the internet. Here’s how you can make sure your DIY pallet project doesn’t end up looking like a monkey with a saw and nail gun made it.  I know better than to get between a pinner and the inspiration found on Pinterest for the many uses of [...]

Barn Door - Improvenet - MyFixitUpLife

DIY Barn Door

DIYing your very own barn door is easier than you might think. It’s not as simple as, say, chewing, but for the impact it delivers, the DIY necessary is definitely doable for anyone describing themselves as handy and/or owners of power tools. It’s an awesome way to make a big change in several rooms. Yet, it [...]

Reclaimed rustic window trim

Project! Reclaimed rustic wood window trim

We call the look: Reclaimed Rustic. The video and tips below give some ideas for creating your own reclaimed rustic project. Now I’m going to get upset. ‘Reclaimed’ lumber isn’t using 4-trillion pallets for wall paneling or pulling boards you got at a big box store from your hoard. That’s just claiming. No ‘re-’. Someone [...]

Suspended ceiling

Suspended ceiling: How to cut a ‘reveal’ ceiling tile

When pros cut the ‘reveal’—that little offset in suspended ceiling tiles that enables the tile to sit just below the grid—they go fast, like drywall guys. Yeah…I tried that. Let’s just say for ‘not every day-ers’ and DIY, we need a Plan B. Here it is. *This post is sponsored by OLFA. The how-to is [...]

How to build a deck

Ask it: How to build a patio deck

Question: I’d like to build a patio deck. It’d go right on top of my patio. I have 8 3/4-inches between the slab and the top of where the deck needs to be. My concern is that slab has no pitch and holds water (puddles). What options do I have to keep the area under the [...]

Grill Hack

DIY grill hack: Build a platform for your grill

We live in a house built loooong before there was such a thing as a gas grill or any other other consumer grill to speak of, so we were perfect candidates for our own outdoor living grill hack: A grill platform made from wood you can build yourself. Because our house was designed with porches [...]

Digging-a-post-hole - MyFixitUpLife

The Hole truth: Tips for digging the perfect Post-Hole

A post-hole is more than just a hole in the earth. It is a shaft cut straight down into the ground to particular size in a particular place, despite all the root and rock obstacles between your shovel point and the bottom. It is also a heck of a lot of work, so I want [...]

Workshop organization -- Instructables

Instructables: Project Question Answered

So we’re really lucky and get to share our DIY and projects with the awesomeness known as Instructables. And one of the things we love about sharing is questions and new ideas from the community of DIYers and makers. Sometimes they get buried in a trillion comments, though. Here’s a great one from Fred about [...]

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