HomeAdvisor - Clean gutters

Clogged gutters and how to unclog them

I like unclogging clogged gutters about as much as plunging a toilet. It’s dirty and messy, but just like a backed up john causes problems, so do clogged gutters. On many houses, cleaning clogged gutters is a DIY-able job and in this clogged gutters video we show you some of the ways I’ve found I [...]

Mark and Theresa built this feature wall to display artwork at a Boys & Girls Club in Philadelphia.

MyFixitUpLife—Top 40 home improvement blogs since the dawn of humanity

The National Hardware Show has ranked MyFixitUpLife among the top 40 home improvement blogs since the dawn of humanity. We accept. There are a lot of home improvement blogs and we’re thrilled NHS included us. If this is your first time hearing about MyFixitUpLife, welcome to our world. Theresa and I invite you to get [...]

Home decor

Home decor how-to: Make a holiday mantle. Fireplace not required

Want a sock-knockin’ home decor how-to you can love all year? Check out MyFixitUpLife’s mega mantle. One look and you’ll say: That’s the background for our holiday card. Or if you’re on Santa’s naughty list you might think something else. But that’s none of my business. Here’s how we mega-ed this one. First, we super-sized [...]

rockwell-bladerunner-x2 - MyFixitUplife

Holiday projects with Rockwell Tools Bladerunner and Sonicrafter

Santa’s workshop is open and we’re inspired to make some gifts rather than buy them, so we teamed up with Rockwell Tools and created some fun gifts and DIY you can watch us make. Theresa loves to use small things to make a big impression, and she did that with her awesome FAMILY art made [...]

HomeAdvisor - Flooring - MyFixitUpLife

Simple kitchen decor ideas—and how not to screw them up

Simple kitchen decor ideas only look good, well, if they look good. Stuff that looks terrible isn’t really decor. At least in the traditional sense.   So this video is Design + DIY for kitchen decor that doesn’t un-decor your kitchen. Everyone says to add new pulls—and it’s super simple if you’re just using the [...]

Kid Cabin?

Amazed and Amused by space saving ideas

Do you need space saving ideas? Do you need more space in your kids bedrooms? Then this Amazed and Amused is for you. We’ve searched on Pinterest and found space saver ideas that really were amazing. Check it out.    

Stand up desk

How to make a stand-up desk

Because staring into a computer screen for too long has a certain effect on me—Think: Tranquilizer dart and clinical depressant—I’m what you’d call a stand-up desk fan. A stand-up desk truly does help me fight off the urge to go nighty-night at midday. And I also feel it’s helping me do my part to keep [...]

Philadelphia Eagles Obstacle Wall with Glidden Team Colors

Obstacle course training wall with Glidden Team Colors paint

If you love obstacle course races and the NFL, then we built this Glidden Team Colors obstacle course training wall with you in mind. We built the obstacle wall to not just be a DIY training partner, but to be ‘your inspired when you’re tired’ wall. Since I caught the obstacle course race bug earlier [...]

Wet Basement

Do you have a wet basement? Here are some tips to keep it dry

A wet basement is a big problem. Unless you’re Sponge-Bob, water inside your house is not good. But what can you do about it? For a lot of basement moisture—water weeping down walls, spot-soaked carpet, a musty smell—the fix actually starts outside house. Check the landscape for areas where a little DIY can divert rain [...]

Lego design - MyFixitUpLife

Lego design. No, really. Lego

I’m not sure what to call these Lego design: Awesome? Colorful? Time consuming? Whatever it is, these people are invested. One little block at a time. Check out MyFixitUpLife’s Pinterest page to see what they are amazed and amused by. After 47,000 Lego blocks, the designers entered into a phase of exhaustion previously unknown to [...]

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