Listen up: Why screws will make your DIY projects better

DIY project

Save time, save money, and rock out on pro work and DIY projects. Yes, you too can fall in love with a screw. It’s not an ad. Just the truth: In one project—framing walls in a basement remod—using Spax 3-inch x #10 Multi Material Screws saved me hours on connections … see more

Tool hack: How to cut sheet plastic (visqueen) like a pro

OLFA_Tool hack

Cutting sheet plastic should be easy, but instead, is the DIY equivalent of herding cats and, as such, requires it’s own tool hack. Behold. *OLFA sponsored this post. The tool hack how-to is all MyFixitUpLife. The problem with sheet plastic is, just when you think you’ve got it—the knife is … see more

Craftsman + Kenmore = Stuff that’s awesome for your house

Craftsman Kenmore

Craftsman & Kenmore invited us to check out some of their new gear for home, shop, lawn, garden, and garage. Up-armored is the theme—from design to details. Let me first say that I love this part of my job. That Craftsman Kenmore would think to invite me to their event … see more

Pallet project inspired! Making the Hanging Gardens of Pallet-On Planter

Bernzomatic pallet project

Pallet + rope + plants = The Hanging Gardens of Pallet-on. The 8th Wonder of DIY! Design. I designed this pallet project to display something I love in a place I love, namely: Flowers and plants and my front porch. It takes up zero floor space. And it’s what I … see more

NutriBullet Review: 8 things you don’t know it does


In this NutriBullet review, I’ll try to answer questions I had when I was thinking about buying mine. To address all the things I was worried about before I took the leap. Taste. Good. No kidding. You’ll be pi++ed if I have to convince you to eat liquified compost, which … see more

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