Workshop organization -- Instructables

Instructables: Project Question Answered

So we’re really lucky and get to share our DIY and projects with the awesomeness known as Instructables. And one of the things we love about sharing is questions and new ideas from the community of DIYers and makers. Sometimes they get buried in a trillion comments, though. Here’s a great one from Fred about [...]

Black & Decker vacuum

How to get a man to vacuum the house

How do you get a guy to vacuum? Making the experience not drain him of his life force is a start. But we have to vacuum. Based on where you land on the slob scale—somewhere between hoarder an Felix Unger, you may need to pony up your housework to keep your relationship with your wife [...]

OLFA utility knife

Snap-off blade utility knife: Worth it? Or waste of time?

When it comes to my tools—utility knife, miter saw, truck, that thing I carry my phone in—I measure their value in how they work and what they can do. That’s function. If, however, they don’t save me time, heartache or hassle over what I already have or do,  I could give a cr++ about their [...]

furnace is tripping

Home inspection: Furnace is tripping. What does this mean?

Hey Mark & Theresa—My furnace is tripping. I know it sounds like the ‘your refrigerator is running so you better go catch it’ gag, but that’s what the home inspector told me. I’m selling a house and I’m worried I might be in for a big repair bill. Can I fix it myself? #PleaseSayYes —Stephen, [...]

Pergola in our backyard

The perfect pergola: How to plan and post

A pergola can be the perfect backyard oasis, but they’re also fun to build. They’re a perfect blend of big honkin’ timbers, some pretty neat carpentry and a little landscaping thrown in for good measure. The simple combination of posts and open rafters is ideal for highlighting entrances, masking storage areas, providing privacy and especially [...]

How to install tile

Ask it: How to install tile backer board

Hey MyFixitUpLife—I have a question about how to install tile backer board. Can you help? Question: I know, generally, how to install tile but I could use an assist. I’m putting down backer board for a tile floor in our kitchen and want to make sure I apply the thinset properly. To fill the voids [...]

Time save tools - Improvenet - MyFixitUpLife

Time saving tools? Here are six must haves

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’re on a ladder or, gulp, step-stool. You’ve got screws in your mouth, a pencil behind your ear, wire pliers on the ladder tray and that bracket thing for the ceiling fan electrical box in your front pocket along with the wire nuts and some other random pocket stuff you [...]


Stuff that works: Lawnmower madness that’ll make your grass happy

Getting ready to buy a lawnmower? Read this. From lawn nuts to guys who just want the green stuff shorter than it was before, here’s some stuff to know before you mow. Push It Real Good. For most mows, I like a simple, well-built push-mower. No lasers. No internet connection. No transmission like I’d find [...]

Remove molding

DIY Project: How to remove molding

When you want to remove molding from a door or window, the big challenge isn’t so much getting the molding separated from the wood and the wall; it’s separating it without causing any damage. That’s the trick. So with the help of OLFA (OLFA sponsored this article’s production but not its content; that’s all ours), [...]

Tool Hack: Countersink

Tool Hack: Using a counter sink

Here’s a tool hack that I promise will save you time and make your projects better. Or at least less frustrating. OK, maybe I don’t promise because I don’t know you. What I do promise is that it saves me time. All the time. It falls into this category, that I’m the first one in [...]

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