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Summer party ideas: How to paint a grill

From table-scapes to tiki torches, summer party ideas almost always inspire me to get outside. One thing that’ll fire up your summer party—and make the grill master happy—is giving the old grill a big pop of color. I love a grill that sports a color, especially if I can customize it. But, we beat on [...]

Home Finder Blog - reliable Contractor

What to look for in a Contractor?

Finding a contractors who is reliable is a must when starting a project. Mark is quoted talking about the importance of communication when searching and starting a renovation. Mark’s advice, along with several others, can be found in the Home Finders blog. Click here to see the article: Seven Tips to Find a Reliable Contractor

Mark, Theresa, Chris and Peyton Lambton at the National Healthy Homes Conference

Building A Healthy Neighborhood: HGTV, DIY Network and American Idol(s)

Rebuilding Together’s Building A Healthy Neighborhood is about doing good things for people who have earned it: By serving their country; owning their homes for decades; being pillars of the community. And one look at the dream team in this video and you can see HGTV and DIY Network brought in the best. So show [...]

Fypon's Stone door trim kit

Door trim: Do a DIY door makeover in style

Most houses have door trim that’s -meh. But punching up the cool-factor is an easy weekend project for a DIY-er—and just a few hours for a get-it-done pro—using a trim kit. Trim kits are pre-fabricated pieces that typically require minimal tools, cutting and measuring to install—but offer bangin’ good looks out of the the box. [...]

MyFixitUpLife hosts Mark & Theresa are psyched to be part of Rebuilding Together's Building a Healthy Neighborhood project in Nashville

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Building a Healthy Neighborhood in Nashville

Why are we Building a Healthy Neighborhood in Nashville with Rebuilding Together? We’re talking about volunteering and making a difference on today’s show. Tune in. What the health are we waiting for?! It’s time to build a healthier America and we’re doing it one neighborhood at a time here in Nashville at Rebuilding Together’s annual [...]

Cedar planter boxes

Planter Boxes: How to build them

We love to build planter boxes. We love how versatile they are and how you can use the same basic idea and make it bigger, smaller, shorter, taller…whatever you need to fit your space. We built planter boxes like this one for our Save My Bakery renovations on Food Network. We used Western Red Cedar [...]

MyFixitUpLife at Krylon Spraydown

DIY with spray paint: art, upcycle, inspire

So whether your DIY projects are spray paint art, DIY, or you’re just trying to save a few bucks—hello Captain Practical—the inspiration is yours. And you get to see some awesome projects pop to life the coolest-ever paint project: Three episodes of The Krylon Spraydown. Theresa and I are taking on some super-fun DIY obstacles [...]

New England Outdoor Blog

Helpful money saving tips by Mark in New England Outdoor Blog

Decide What Matters: Quality or Cost “The best way to save money is NOT to jump over a dollar to pick up a dime. Before comparing sticker price for your project, make friends with what you really mean by ‘saving money.’ What does ‘saving money’ really mean inside your head – and your heart. “A [...]

Mark and Theresa participate in a Google+ Hangout with HomeAdvisor

MyFixitUpLife + HomeAdvisor + Google + Hangout: Home prep for summer

Check out our Google + hangout with HomeAdvisor. We answer questions about windows, lawn care, exterior painting, bathroom remodeling and repair or building a new porch or deck. And we have a pile of laughs. We also tell you how to NOT finish a project. Shhhhh…secret tip… Building Moxie joins the Google + hangout and [...]

Five things people do wrong when they mow the lawn - Myfixituplife

5 ways you’re killing your grass: How to mow the lawn

It’s easy to mow the lawn: Start mower. Walk back and forth. Simple, right?   Wrong. Actually, cutting the grass right is no more difficult than mowing it wrong, but you may still be screwing it up without knowing it. In fact, you could be incrementally killing your lawn every time you mow. Here are [...]

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