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Time saving tools? Here are six must haves

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’re on a ladder or, gulp, step-stool. You’ve got screws in your mouth, a pencil behind your ear, wire pliers on the ladder tray and that bracket thing for the ceiling fan electrical box in your front pocket along with the wire nuts and some other random pocket stuff you [...]


Stuff that works: Lawnmower madness that’ll make your grass happy

Getting ready to buy a lawnmower? Read this. From lawn nuts to guys who just want the green stuff shorter than it was before, here’s some stuff to know before you mow. Push It Real Good. For most mows, I like a simple, well-built push-mower. No lasers. No internet connection. No transmission like I’d find [...]

Remove molding

DIY Project: How to remove molding

When you want to remove molding from a door or window, the big challenge isn’t so much getting the molding separated from the wood and the wall; it’s separating it without causing any damage. That’s the trick. So with the help of OLFA (OLFA sponsored this article’s production but not its content; that’s all ours), [...]

Tool Hack: Countersink

Tool Hack: Using a counter sink

Here’s a tool hack that I promise will save you time and make your projects better. Or at least less frustrating. OK, maybe I don’t promise because I don’t know you. What I do promise is that it saves me time. All the time. It falls into this category, that I’m the first one in [...]

Buy local.

Buy local: Will it help you DIY like a pro?

There’s a reason people don’t ‘buy local’ more often. Actually, a lot of them. In no small part is has to do with the locals themselves, the poster-people (oft described as the friendly AND rhyming ‘Mom & Pop’) that look angry you’re there. Or, just half in the bag. What?! It happens. And they cannot [...]

Mess free painting clean up - myfixituplife - hyde

DIY painting: How to clean up—without making a mess

There is almost no less sexy, less inspiring totally and complete thrill-kill than the words ‘clean up’, whether that’s part of your DIY painting, elementary school activity, or the dishes after dinner. So we made a video about it. Because there IS something less sexy than cleaning up a DIY painting mess: Cleaning up two of [...]

Worx Aerocart

DIY Machine: Worx Aerocart. Does it Worx?

The Worx Aerocart: You’ve seen it on TV? But how will it work in your back yard DIY? On the MyFixitUpLife grounds (we have grounds; just past the horse pasture is where we keep the unicorns) the Worx Aerocart has been a get-work-done-DIY-machine. Volume-wise, it holds about one bag of bark mulch which makes it [...]

Utility Trailer - MyFixitUpLife - Extreme How To

Upgrade your utility trailer and tow your tools in style

Upgrading a stripped-down utility trailer to move mulch and tow your tools. I’m a trailer guy. Yes, a dump truck would rock for heavy haul-outs, and a big box truck would be great for storing tools and serving as a mobile workshop. But, depending on the day, the work we do may range from residential [...]

Workshop organization

Workshop organization: DIY materials cart

Is workshop organization kind of a part time job for you? Seems like it is for me. The fewer places I have to store things, the slower things go. Except screw-ups and frustration. Those things speed up. Whether it’s for the project d’jour or the ‘I know I’m gonna need this’ repair, all the materials [...]

LampsPlus stand-up desk bar stool

Liquid lunch: Using a bar stool as an office chair for a stand-up desk

One of the best parts of a stand-up desk is what you sit down in: A bar stool. And while everyone raves and rages about the benefits of a stand-up desk—and many are true for me: I’m more productive, my body is less chair-shaped, I have fewer needling pains from slow-death-by-clicking (does it show that [...]

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