5 Slammin’ Reasons I’m in love with the Fiskars 4-pound club hammer

2016_MyFixitUpLife_Mark_Fiskars two pound Maul_2_Fence_Posts_Level_5

Hi, Fiskars 4-pound sledgehammer that’s been sitting in my shop. I realize that I haven’t spoken to you in a while, but now that we’ve worked together…well…Hi…Love affair. Besides making a wonderful accompaniment to a Halloween Thor costume, the Fiskars’ all-business 4-pounder is an unexpected awesomeness I’m surprisingly fired up … see more

Have a Miter Saw? Here are 10 things you should know

8_2016_MyFixitUpLife_Habitat ReStore_Krylon_Tiki Torch_Miter saw_Mark

Prediction: If you’ve used a miter saw, you’ve been frustrated using a miter saw. True? There’s a reason for that and it’s not the saw’s fault. The saw is made to do one thing: Cut. Not hold, not support, and not remember what you’re supposed to be doing. All it … see more

Make Tile Installation Easier with These 8 Tips

2016_MyFixitUpLife_Basement Renovation_TileBar_Wood Naturally_Wainscoting_Treadmill_Tile Installation_Hoss Magazine

Tile installation might not be as easy as it seems. When you’re watching someone install tile, it might look so easy a baby could do it. That’s not really the case. Tiling can be difficult, so to help make your lives easier, I’m sharing 8 tips to do a tile job … see more

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