How to build a fence: Tips and tricks for posts, straight lines, and more

building a fence - home improvement

In my world—and in this video—I have two versions of how to build a fence: Laser-straight and awesome-looking. And NOT laser-straight and NOT awesome-looking. This video has a few tips about achieving the first one and avoiding the second! When I look at fences—yard fashion, if you will—I can tell … see more

Fall home improvement: Troy-Bilt cordless lawn and leaf blower review

home improvement

I swear, maybe it’s the caveman in me or flannel-swaddled North-Easterner I am, there is something about Fall (and all the other seasons in their own wonderful ways) home improvement and ‘season-get-readiness’ I love. And yes, tools play a role in the love affair! From battery run time to on-lawn … see more

DIY Project! Make a wicked awesome cedar fire pit & firewood organizer

fire pit

Hi, and welcome to fire pit season. Crackling weather with cool nights perfect for snugging up to the fire. For the fire, you need firewood. And firewood needs a home, right? I think so. So I made this firewood organizer with off-the-shelf lumber. Here’s how: I used Real Cedar 2x6x12. … see more

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