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3 knots a (wo)man should know: Bowline knot, trucker’s hitch, 1/2 hitch

Video: If you know how to tie a bowline knot, a trucker’s hitch and a half-hitch, your days of wondering if the mattress, drywall, lumber or Christmas tree will make it to the destination are over. Note: While these knots are awesome, they are not a cure for, well…this… We use these three knots for [...]

Cool stuff for guys: Arborwear

Cool stuff for guys: Aroborwear Ascender pants

You going after cool stuff for guys? Check out Arborwear’s Ascender pants. I call them pants-plus. And they’re the a++-kickin-est pants you’ve never heard of. Here’s a shortlist of why they’ll go a long way.   Whether you use Arborwear’s Ascender pants building, doing weekend DIY, camping, cutting down trees (this is the world they [...]

Home Finder Blog- Materials

Mark talks about materials used inside and outside their home

What materials do experts use when renovating their home? Mark is quoted in the Home Finders blog talking about materials used inside and outside of their house. For an extra wow factor, they use a  wide plank knotty pine floor instead of red oak floors. Outside of the home, they use DaVinci Roofscapes polymer tiles to add style [...]

Mark Urbanathlon in Chicago 2007

Spartan Race with Race2Rebuild’s Pick Your Own Race Program

I’m racing a Spartan Race with Race2Rebuild’s Pick Your Own Race Program to help families come home after natural disasters by supporting the 25 year-old national nonprofit Rebuilding Together. Learn more at http://www.race2rebuild.org/pick-your-own-race/ or support Mark’s Spartan Race campaign at http://bit.ly/r2rspartan Race2Rebuild was created in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy by a team of volunteer athletes [...]

Home improvement contractor for a roof you'll love.

6 Steps to NOT get ripped off by a home improvement or roofing contractor

A home improvement contractor or roofing contractor that’ll give you and your roof the attention it deserves—from color to kickin’ butt for the next 5-decades—is key to getting a home improvement you will love. Step 1—you can love your roof. Wait-what?! Yes, your roof can be awesome; not just ‘there.’ It can be a smile waiting [...]

Design tips: How to build a deck

4 Design ideas for how to build a deck: Upgrade your existing deck

One of my favorite design ideas for how to build a deck is to not build one at all, rather to add awesome to an existing one. Many decks, what I call ‘basic boxes’ can be tricked out, dialed in, and added to in lots of different ways. With some design inspiration and a little [...]

How to build a pergola

Backyard landscaping ideas: How to build a pergola

If you’ve got grand backyard landscaping ideas, then how to build a pergola—that rocks—should be on your list. This pergola is a one-of-a-kinder with a multi-use space for seating and serving. We hope you love it as much as we do. After picking the perfect location and determining a size that fits the space we [...]

Mow the lawn: Husqvarna mower

Mow the lawn like a boss: Husqvarna AWD mower

Got a lotta grass to knock down fast, then you need a grass-shortener that’ll help you mow the lawn like you mean it. And for lawns with major hills, berms and embankments, one with some grip can help you king-of-the-hill-it every week. Full disclosure: I’m a lawn fanatic and typically prefer a free-wheeling push-mower. However, [...]

Quick Hit - Krylon Spraydown - METAL GRILL HIGH HEAT MAX MyFixitUpLife

Summer party ideas: How to paint a grill

From table-scapes to tiki torches, summer party ideas almost always inspire me to get outside. One thing that’ll fire up your summer party—and make the grill master happy—is giving the old grill a big pop of color. I love a grill that sports a color, especially if I can customize it. But, we beat on [...]

Home Finder Blog - reliable Contractor

What to look for in a Contractor?

Finding a contractors who is reliable is a must when starting a project. Mark is quoted talking about the importance of communication when searching and starting a renovation. Mark’s advice, along with several others, can be found in the Home Finders blog. Click here to see the article: Seven Tips to Find a Reliable Contractor

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