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Upgrade your utility trailer and tow your tools in style

Upgrading a stripped-down utility trailer to move mulch and tow your tools. I’m a trailer guy. Yes, a dump truck would rock for heavy haul-outs, and a big box truck would be great for storing tools and serving as a mobile workshop. But, depending on the day, the work we do may range from residential [...]

Workshop organization

Workshop organization: DIY materials cart

Is workshop organization kind of a part time job for you? Seems like it is for me. The fewer places I have to store things, the slower things go. Except screw-ups and frustration. Those things speed up. Whether it’s for the project d’jour or the ‘I know I’m gonna need this’ repair, all the materials [...]

LampsPlus stand-up desk bar stool

Liquid lunch: Using a bar stool as an office chair for a stand-up desk

One of the best parts of a stand-up desk is what you sit down in: A bar stool. And while everyone raves and rages about the benefits of a stand-up desk—and many are true for me: I’m more productive, my body is less chair-shaped, I have fewer needling pains from slow-death-by-clicking (does it show that [...]

Winter win: Avalanche Snow and Ice Tool

Life’s little joys: A winter win

I love winter. I do NOT love scraping winter off my windshield though. But I have discovered a tool that makes life easier. And, it’s in the bylaws that I have to share it with you. SubZero’s telescoping scraper/brush/squegee windshield sweep they call the Avalanche is THE BEST thing I have ever used for getting [...]


Old doors, new style

  Don’t throw your old doors away! We have ways to upcycle and bring in some awesome new style to your home. If you have old doors, they don’t need be thrown away. Check out some of these ideas for upcycling. For more amazed and amused check out our Pinterest page.    Door wall. Doors are [...]

John Colaneri Anthony Carrino

TV Carpenters, Anthony Carrino and the real deal

You know who the toughest critics of ‘TV carpenters’ like Anthony Carrino and others are? Carpenters. A carpenter’s life, for anybody who cares about what we really do, is an intense mash-up: Part heart, part business. Part design, part danger that’d rattle the enamel off most people’s teeth. When you’re on the high end of [...]

Troy-Bilt snow blower

Six more weeks (+ 60 more years) of winter? Snow blower time

On the fence about buying a snow blower—or snow thrower—as some people I’ve never met call them? I can see why. They’re not cheap. And some are not worth the trouble. So there’s risk. But man, oh, man, some are sooooo tooootally worth it that once you hook on, you’ll have to find another use [...]

How to build a pergola

Do DIY home improvement projects better and faster

We like stuff that works for our DIY home improvement projects and job site work. Obvious? Sure. Except, not really. I’ve seen dudes wrestle with crappy tools, crappy materials, and crappy supplies—all while trying to have fun doing DIY. Yet, I bet there’s few of us who have not heard the obvious trope ‘the right [...]

DIY pull up bar

How to make a DIY pull up bar

Need a no-brainer DIY pull up bar? With a few parts and even fewer tools you can be hanging out in no time flat. This video shows how to make a DIY pull up bar and a few things I do on mine. Having it at home in my Silence of the Lambs-basement means I [...]

Patch textured drywall

Video: How to patch textured drywall

If you can patch drywall, you can patch textured drywall. Even if it’s a DIY First, our video shows you how…without boring you to sleep. Promise. Watch the bloopers. ‘Textured drywall’ is a finish sprayed on to regular drywall boards during construction. It’s joint compound, but instead of a smooth finish, it’s left as ‘orange [...]

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