VIDEO: Home improvement storage & DIY for about 20-bucks | Make a shelf

2016_MyFixitUpLife_Mark_Door Trim_Basement Renovation_Measuring cut_Miter Saw

When I need some quick, attractive, and inexpensive organization or storage for my home improvement gear and supplies and flotsam AND jetsam, I make a shelf. Then to share it with you I make a VIDEO about how to make shelf. You could do this project with a circular saw … see more

DIY Fitness: How to make an obstacle course training rig in your back yard

diy fitness

I’m starting a new trend, perhaps you’ve never heard of it: DIY Fitness. It’s a blend of three things I love—makin’ stuff, fitness, and saving lots of time. With all this adult-ing to do: Mortgage, lawn mowing, feeding cats, and my work life of DIY where I need to fix … see more

How to build a fence: Crafting a custom look with horizontal planking

build a fence

When I build a fence or design a landscape project, I love creating with wood. It’s my paint brush and my pallet. For this fence, I used round posts and horizontal planking for a stylish, unique look. Building with wood is a little more to me (I sound like Dr. … see more

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