Bostitch compressor

Bostitch compressor review—Big air CAP1615-OF

Bostitch compressor review—let’s get on with it. Model CAP 1615-OF and how to make the most of a notoriously under-designed, yet essential tool. No matter what it says on the box, compressors are often simply tanks + motors + gauges + heavy and loud and startling (See below). Argue with me if you want, what […]

Tool Belt

How to fix a hammer: Tighten up that loose head

If you’ve got a wood-handled hammer and the head is wiggly, jiggly, wobbly, or loose, here’s a tool hack to fix a hammer fast. All you need for this tool hack is another hammer to fix a hammer with a loose head. Ironic? Yes. Easy: Yes. You’ll also need some boiled linseed oil and a […]

Bernzomatic pallet project

Pallet project inspired! Making the Hanging Gardens of Pallet-On Planter

Pallet + rope + plants = The Hanging Gardens of Pallet-on. The 8th Wonder of DIY! Design. I designed this pallet project to display something I love in a place I love, namely: Flowers and plants and my front porch. It takes up zero floor space. And it’s what I call an ‘open barrier’. I’m […]


NutriBullet Review: 8 things you don’t know it does

In this NutriBullet review, I’ll try to answer questions I had when I was thinking about buying mine. To address all the things I was worried about before I took the leap. Taste. Good. No kidding. You’ll be pi++ed if I have to convince you to eat liquified compost, which is the downfall of so […]

Lamps Plus Porch Light - MyFixitUpLife

How to install a porch light

To install a porch light successfully there are a few things I advise that make life a little easier and the project go smoothly. A few tools. A decent ladder. And some patience all smooth the road in front of you. Here’s how I do it.   First step is to shut off power at […]

Spear Throw - MyFixitUpLife

Video—How to make a Spartan Race spear

The Spartan Race spear throw is easy. Unless you miss. Dammit. Now it’s hard. Because, well, burpees. And the best defense against burpees: Practice. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. So here’s how I made a Spartan Race spear. The body of the spear is an Ames TrueTemper replacement handle for rakes and […]

Kid's toolbox - Kid's Carpenter's Notebook - MyFixitUpLife

Kid’s Toolbox: Great for toting toys and tools

Every junior carpenter needs a sturdy toolbox for his or her ‘working things.’ This easy-to-assemble toolbox project is perfect for toting toys and favorite tools. What you’ll need for this project: Tools & Equipment Miter box / circular saw / miter saw Measuring tape Hammer / egg beater drill / screwdriver / drill Countersink Materials […]

NutriBullet review

How To Make a New Year Resolution—Start Early

How do you make a New Year Resolution that’ll stick? The same way you stop a super tanker: Start early. Life happens in increments. Little things build on little things until those little things are a goddam hulking Everest of habit and humanity that make the word ‘overhwelming’ an underwhelming descriptor. And this opens the […]

bedroom - murphy bed - myfixituplife

How to choose crown molding

If you’re reading this, you’re interested in what crown molding can do for your room or home. Nobody just searches ‘crown molding’ for gags. So that means you’re really starting to think about it and the first thing to do is pick molding that looks right in your space. And this is no small task. […]

DIY Sprinkler

DIY Sprinkler: Fun for kids, pets, and you. Beat the heat

A quick search for ‘DIY sprinkler’ shows an array of…um…items…that (A) sprinkle and (B) I do not want in my yard. Or garage, shed, or, well, anywhere. So, I made my own for my son Jack and, if I play my cards right, me. Fueled by the garden hose and brought to life by copper […]

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