Pallet power. No Gym Obstacle Course Race Training Tips

NutriBullet review

So let’s just say that this work out was born from two of my life’s passions: DIY and obstacle course race training. DIY. Pallets are a thing. We build pallet projects too. Like any good (bad) neighbor, we have a few lying around the yard. I use them regularly for … see more

Keep cat food bowls neat and discreet with this DIY pet bowl organizer

cat food bowls

Cat food bowls, in my house anyway, seem to be in constant motion. And then there’s what I’ll discreetly call the ‘halo effect’, as in: How in the halo did their food get that far from their dish? So to keep some measure of order and to get my DIY … see more

Ryobi Blogger Build-Off & winning life with Restaurant Impossible’s Tom Bury

Tom Bury - Party Station - Ryobi - MyFixitUpLife

Spend 5-minutes with the Spock to Robert Irvine’s Captain Kirk of Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible and you’ll see that general contractor Tom Bury is winning life. He’s also the ring leader for Ryobi Tools’ Blogger Build-Off with internet breaking DIY bloggers like Ana White, Homemade Modern and Shanty2Chic. And he … see more

Making a man cave. 5 basement remodeling plumbing tips


Adding a bathroom to a basement remodeling project—especially where one was never intended to exist—can be tricky. Here are 5-things to plan for. 1–Plumbing vents. A plumbing system works like a soda straw, sort of: Stick a straw into a drink, hold your finger over the top, lift the straw. … see more

Should I use stone wool insulation?

Roxul stone wool insulation

On our man cave basement remodel, I used stone wool insulation. If you haven’t used it, the stuff is—at least—a triple threat of quality, speed and (for pros) profit. Whenever I insulate, I’m looking for three main things: Thermal efficiency, as much sound-deadening as I can get, and for the job … see more

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