New baby nursery makeover. How to install wood wainscoting

Wood Wainscoting

I loved doing this wood wainscoting project on Theresa’s nursery makeover. It’s like the ultimate carpentry-DIY-home improvement project. Fun, fast, easy—and I never say that unless it’s uber true—and awesome looking. Here’s the highlight reel. Tools and supplies Your inner carpenter will love this because the main tools are: miter … see more

Video: Bathroom Remodeling Tips – Wall framing

2016_MyFixitUpLife_Bathroom Wall Framing_Blocking_Impact Driver_9810

If bathroom remodeling is on your home improvement checklist, then you should become friendly with in-wall blocking as something that’ll make life easier. Tip: One size does NOT fit all. From towel bars and DIY toilet paper holders to pedestal sinks and shower wands, having something to fasten into that … see more

Video: Insulate a basement faster, easier & safer

insulate a basement

Three tips to insulate a basement quickly, safely, and more easily. Insulation isn’t just about staying warm, it’s about fire and building code, too. Important stuff. And doing it right because, why wouldn’t you?  Tip #1 Tables. They make life easier. My table is site-built and simple. Just a scrap … see more

MyFixitUpLife show. Interesting home improvement & DIY with Mike Holmes Jr.

Mike Holmes Jr. - Make It Right

A refreshingly honest take on life, litter, family and home improvement: Watch this sit-down with Mike Holmes Jr. Whether you’re a doer or a watcher or both, Mike Holmes Jr. is refreshingly authentic in a world that isn’t always that. We get into home improvement tips you can really use … see more

Ask it! Floor treatments for yellow pine stairs


Question. What do you recommend for a treatment on bare yellow pine stair treads and risers? I keep getting pointed in the direction of shellac, but I would like to keep the color of the pine without making them too slick. It’s for my elderly parents. Answer. I’m assuming these are … see more

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