Krylon man cave

Man cave ideas: From lame to loud

Take your man cave from lame to loud in a weekend with some sweet upcycle, repair, and DIY projects that’ll refine a rusted, busted space. Rusted, because lots of us park cars, lawnmowers, bikes, and bags of driveway salt in our man cave. And ‘busted’ because anything from cellars that should be a dry basement [...]

Flourtown Bakery - Save My Bakery - MyFixitUpLife

Arborwear Ascender Jacket – The toughest one around

Like many contractors, I operate in two hemispheres of the home-improvement world: building and business. I need gear that’s at home in both places, and that’s how I ended up with Arborwear’sAscender jacket ($200). I’ve worn this jacket as an outer shell on jobs where the high temperature reached only 9°F, on projects that had [...]


DIY dilemma: Which tools should I buy?

Question: Mark, I have a DIY dilemma. I need more tools! But I’m not sure what’s best to get first. I’ve got basic hand tools (hammer, tape measure, impact driver, etc.) I’ve got about 600-bucks, and a project list that includes, a bathroom re-do, kitchen, landscape and regular maintenance. So what should I get? A [...]

6-inch Random Orbit Sanders - Old House Journal - MyFixitUpLife

What 6″ Random Orbit Sander is best for you?

Discover which 6-inch random orbit sander is the best.   Sanding is boring—and a lot of work. Depending on the project, you might be attached to a vibrating, dust-generating machine for hours on end. But it’s so important to success on certain projects—furniture and wood floor repair, paint prep—that once I get started, it becomes [...]

How to build a pergola

Pergola Perfection

We love pergolas. We love designing them. We love building them. We love how they make our backyard not just a place you go to grill or hangout, but a place you want to share with friends and family, whether it’s a backyard bash or a quiet evening. Click here to check out more by [...]

eTeq inspection camera - MyFixitUpLife

Video: eTeq inspection camera

An inspection camera used to be a hole in the wall. That you made with your hammer. Or keyhole saw. One big enough to crank your head in there (and bug out your eye, come on, you’re doing it right now) to see. I am (seriously). And since it’s the work behind the walls that [...]

Selling your home

5 hidden costs of selling your home fantasy football style

When it comes to selling your home—and getting the best price—it’s a lot like picking a fantasy football team. Sure, check the stats, but ‘intangibles’ can make a bigger difference on game day. Lots of people blow them off. One reason: They’re they’re painfully subjective. But overlook them and get ready to burn money. Get [...]

Popular Mechanics - Dumbwaiter - MyFixitUpLife

How to Make a Dumbwaiter

Interested in making a dumbwaiter? Check out Mark’s design in Popular Mechanics magazine for an awesome How-To. For more by Popular Mechanics click here. Or search #howtomakeanything on Twitter.  

Snow guards

What are snow guards and do I need them on my roof?

Snow guards are those…you know…’thingies’ you see at the edge of a roof. And I love them. But what are they for? I usually see snow guards on old houses and they make a roof look interesting. With all kinds of different shapes like stars, eagles, fleur-de-lis, and more. They’re cool. Snow guards are also [...]

Lawn care

Lawn care trick you need to know: Frig it, sprig it

I call this lawn care repair trick ‘sprigging’. If you have another name for it, or have tried it, I’d love to know how it worked for you. I use this trick to re-grow grass in areas where it has stopped growing or been worn out—and where it appears seeds refuse to grow no matter [...]

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