5 ways to make it a DIY Holiday

‘Tis the season for amazing DIY Holiday decor. Although there are so many DIY Holiday project, these 5 caught my eye. These homemade holiday decor will dress up any home. Not to mention they are totally awesome. For more amazed and amused check out our Pinterest page. These log snow men are a great way [...]

2015 DIY Trends

MyFix show: What are the top 2015 DIY trends? Let’s talk.

Grab your crystal ball, we’re looking into the future to share what will be hot as 2015 DIY trends. So, we’ve been hearing some mainstream news sources talk about what’s going to be hot as 2015 trends, and we’re skeptical. If the mason jar and pallet obsession hasn’t faded by now, will there be something [...]

Ladder safety - MyFixitUpLife

Holiday safety: Don’t take a fall for your holiday decorating

‘Tis the season for holiday safety. It figures. We got distracted by trying to get all of the regular-hectic-life-stuff done, and the miracle of holiday decorating and celebrating somehow crept up underneath us. So even as frantic as we feel, we wanted to take a break and share our caution with you to not sacrifice [...]

For those who don't like camping...think again.

Camping or Glamping?

On these cold days, one can’t help but think about Summer. And to me summer is about being outdoors. So that’s why today’s amazed and amused is all about camping. Or glamping if camping isn’t exactly for you. Check out our Pinterest board for more amazing and amusing.   


Marsala. Ways to use Pantone’s color of the year in your home and life

With Pantone just announcing the color of the year, we wanted to find ways to incorporate Marsala into the home. So, here is a round up of photos from out Pinterest board involving this lovely color. Share your thoughts on the color of the year and be sure to tune into MyFixitUpLife LIVE! on Thursday, [...]

Pantone- Color of the year - Marsala

MyFixitUpLife show: Why is ‘Marsala’ the Pantone color of the year?

The 2015 Pantone color of the year is Marsala, and we’re wondering why. Let’s talk. The color of the year: It’s a hot topic in the design community every year when the Pantone color of the year is released. And then there’s either the crinkled-face-slouch-in-the-chair reaction or the oh-of-course-smile when we find out. This year, we’re [...]

Holiday Rewind: MyFixitUpLife talks lights inside and out

Holiday lights is more than just string lights on the outside of the house and on a festive tree. We’re taking it further on this episode. Lighting up the night and your next festive party, we’re talking holiday lighting fun for both insideand outside our homes. From trends and fashion to fun and turning your [...]


Amazed and Amused: Cats friendly structures

We have cats here at MyFixitUpLife and we are constantly amazed by what people build for their cats. What will come next? People love their pets and want them to have the best. Whether it’s store bought or homemade, cat owners are going to make sure their cats are happy. For more Amazing and Amusing photos [...]

Garage Door - MyFixitUpLife - HomeAdvisor

5 Simple DIY tricks for fixing a garage door

Fixing a garage door is kind of an either-or project. Either you can fix it in almost no time. Or you should to call in a pro. This video is all about getting the job done DIY style. Start with the obvious. If the remote doesn’t work, check the wall-mounted switch. If that operates the [...]

Holiday bucket

Christmas Crafts for Kids: Make 12 Days of Christmas Decoration

Christmas crafts for kids are a fun way to spend time together and extend the fun of the holidays. This holiday craft helps extend the day of Christmas into 12 days of fun for our family. And among all of the Christmas crafts for kids we’ve tried, it’s definitely a craft we can do together [...]

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