Mark celebrates during this radio show

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Kitchen design, on-trend colors, and green building

We’re talking what’s new in kitchen design and sustainable building from the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. What’s new in kitchen design? We’re ready to talk design, fixtures, and the perfect flow on this episode of MyFixitUpLife. We reduce, re-use, and recycle with green guru Ron Jones from Green Builder Media. Jill Waage talks picking [...]

Cordless Reciprocating Saws

Cordless Reciprocating Saws Tested

We revved up 5 cordless recip saws and found something for everyone—from power performers to stripped-down versions for beginners. By Mark Clement | Photos by Andrew Bydlon & MyFixItUpLife In the grip of a strong-handed professional, a reciprocating saw is mainly associated with one thing: demolition. But in the hands of a strong-minded pro, one who knows that old houses [...]

Tiffany Brooks

HGTV ‘Design Star’ Tiffany Brooks talks design ideas to battle hoarding

How do you design to battle hoarding? HGTV Design Star Tiffany Brooks shares helpful advice.

Mark, Theresa, Ty Pennington

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Million dollar projects, 30-minute rooms, and more

Broadcast from Design Construction Week, we’re talking million dollar projects and 30-minute rooms. If you’re looking for easy ways to makeover your home or just curious about million dollar projects, we’re sharing those expert tips and new products that will help make it happen.And who better to help spruce things up than DIY Network’s unstoppable [...]

Chris Lambton 2014 RV

What’s the latest in RVs? We talk with HGTV’s RV 2014 host Chris Lambton

HGTV’s Chris Lambton shares his favorites from RV 2014.   Chris Lambton talks his favorites from RV 2014 and doomsday preparation with MyFixitUpLife’s Mark and Theresa. Mark: We’re back inside MyFixitUpLife with my wife, Theresa. Theresa: My husband, Mark and I’m so excited about what we’re going to be talking about right now that I [...]

Theresa Mark HomeAdvisor Edge lawn screen grab

How to edge your lawn

There are a few quick tips to edge your lawn like a pro. Check these out. A neatly trimmed lawn is a thing of beauty. To keep creeping grass at bay and cut a clean line, I use my string trimmer as an edger. Before you edge your lawn, check out which way the string [...]

Alison Victoria HomeAdvisor DesignMine

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Design online with DIY Network’s Alison Victoria

We’re talking home trends and making it real with DesignMine and DIY Network host Alison Victoria. We’re getting inspired for design online with DIY Network’s resident Kitchen Crasher and interior designer and style-maven Alison Victoria who is talking about DesignMine that she’s saying is ‘Pinterest with a purpose.’ Chris Terrell talks HomeAdvisor, how to get [...]

elspeth bell

Hoarding expert shares the tell-tale signs in this interview

Find out the difference between collecting and hoarding from hoarding expert Dr. Elspeth Bell. Dr. Elspeth Bell talks hoarding with MyFixitUpLife’s Mark and Theresa.   Mark: And you’re inside MyFixitUpLife with my wife Theresa. Theresa: And my husband Mark. Mark: We’re collecting today.  We’re collecting information on collecting. Theresa: Well, sort of.  We’re talking about [...]

Damontre Moore, defensive end, New York Giants

Rebuilding Together, rebuilding a neighborhood at the Super Bowl

We joined Rebuilding Together to help rebuild 13 homes affected by Superstorm Sandy at Super Bowl-sanctioned Kickoff to Rebuild.

Fun interview with Ahmed Hassan and Damon Lang

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Outdoor rooms and curb appealing colors with Ahmed Hassan

Expert guests Ahmed Hassan, Jeff Devlin, Kate Smith, and more, share tips to make your next home makeover a success.   Why is it easier to makeover the inside of your home than the outside? We’re talking with experts about how to fix-up your home’s exterior, and sharing some amazing makeover stories along the way. [...]

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