Courtney Rogers - MyFixitUpLife - Google+

Designing for Millennials: What do they want? Tune in.

Curious about what millennials are expecting from home design? We’re talking with designer Courtney Rogers about designing for millennials. Join us!

Ahmed Hassan headshot

Backyard DIY fire features for any budget with Ahmed Hassan

Thinking about adding a fire feature to your backyard, but low on budget? We got this covered with Ahmed Hassan.

Laurie March in front of Paint samples - MyFixitUpLife

Feng Shui bedroom? Let’s make it happen with HGTVRemodel’s Laurie March

Want a Feng Shui bedroom? We’ve got you covered with tips from expert Laurie March. Is that light fixture over your bed really a dagger? It Feng-ing might be! And some little part of you might be Shui-ing its pants because of it. But you can’t hear it because—like the hum of a TV—it’s [...]

Roger Hazard - MyFixitUpLife - Google+ Hangout

50 Shades of Greige? Yipes. We’re embracing color with Chris & Roger Hazard

Scared of embracing color? Does your home look like 50 shades of greige? Let’s talk color with Chris & Roger Hazard.

Spray Paint Plastic Lawn Chairs - Krylon Spraydown - MyFixitUpLife

5 summer paint projects to make a statement

With the arrival of warm summer temperatures, it’s time to brighten the home with sensational summer paint shades. And it’s easy to add a pop of vibrant color with the help from the experts at Krylon spray paint. “Painting is a project that even a first time DIYer can feel confident doing,” says DIY expert, [...]

Window replacement

Looking at a window replacement before winter? Know what to ask for.

Getting new windows for a window replacement project or even new construction doesn’t seem like it should be that hard. But sometimes getting windows is like buying a car—you have to deal with a salesperson…in a bad sweater. The key is to know what to ask for. -What’s what. There are a few musts when [...]

Cari Cucksey Talks with MyFixitUpLife

Cari Cucksey shares tips to find treasure at flea markets and garage sales

Let’s get after those flea markets, estate sales, and garage sales with strategies from expert and antiques matchmaker Cari Cucksey.

Kayleen McCabe - MyFixitUpLife

Rookie DIY mistakes that cost you…way more than you think

Avoid the most common rookie DIY mistakes to save time and money. We’re sharing the worst mistakes to avoid with DIY Network’s Kayleen McCabe.

lisa Smith - Decor Girl - MyFixitUpLIfe

Roof garden? DecorGirl shares the challenges and delights

We’re talking with DecorGirl Lisa Smith about her roof garden to find out the real-deal of putting a garden on top of your house.

Jeff Devlin headshot

Biggest bathroom blunders? DIY Network’s ‘I Hate My Bath’ Jeff Devlin talks

What are the biggest DIY mistakes made in the bathroom? We’re finding out from DIY Network’s ‘I Hate My Bath’ host Jeff Devlin.

Where there’s water and electricity running through the walls, there’s many opportunities for mistakes to happen in a DIY project. Added to it, the bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in any home and sometimes it can be the smallest, too. It’s a recipe for things to go wrong.

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