Jackie Dodd - The Beeroness - MyFixitUpLife - Google Hangout

What beer should I drink with this candy? …what?! Let’s talk.

Pairing drinks with food is an art, and it seems the Beeroness has tackled every question of ‘What Beer Should I Drink?’ from her fans. Even candy.

Customized Walls - Wallpaper

Why is wallpaper making a comeback? Let’s talk.

If you’re on Pinterest or follow any trendy designers, you know that wallpaper is being talked about. But why? Join us.

Real Wood, Real Fun playset drawing

What happened to the art of building? Let’s talk.

Even armed with sustainable intentions, sometimes it’s a slippery slope between comfort and building a McMansion. Let’s find out how to identify the risks.

Yes, you never know what you might find underneath clutter. drop zone

Should we drop the ‘drop zone’ in the kitchen? Let’s talk.

The drop zone is a dreaded area for most every mom and designer. How do we deal with it? Join us.

Donna Frasca - MyFixitUpLife - Hangout

What color should I paint my ceiling? Let’s talk painting ceilings.

Confused about the color paint for your ceiling? We got you covered on this G+ chat about painting ceilings. Tune in.

Home improvement projects that save money

Smart home improvement projects: Deck cleaning

A dirty, dingy deck is one of those home improvement projects that you might want to DIY. You can save money, get rid of dirt and stains, and make your deck a welcoming, vibrant space. But you can also royally screw it up, so here are a few tips—and a video—to help you decide if [...]

Gary House - MyFixitUpLife - Hangout

What’s new in tailgating food? Let’s talk.

Are you looking for new tailgating food ideas? We are talking with Cooking Outdoors expert Gary House. Join us.

sean lintow Sr - MyFixitUpLife - Hangout

What shouldn’t I ask a remodeler? Let’s talk.

Ever wonder if you should ask a remodeler something, but not sure? This live G+ chat is for you.

Curb Appeal Fypon MyFixitUpLife

Curb appeal 101: 10 ways to invest in your home

Curb appeal is more than just creating a pretty face in the neighborhood, it’s a good investment in your property.

Bridget Willard - Riggins Construction - MyFixitUpLife - Google Hangout

Do remodelers need twitter? Let’s talk social networking and remodeling.

If you aren’t on Twitter, does it really matter? Join us to talk social networking for the remodeling industry.

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