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5 Legendary Treehouses

If you are fan of treehouses, then this post is for you! We love building and the idea of a house in a tree is fascinating. Here are some of our favorite treehouses. For more amazing and amusing post check out our Pinterest page!  Check back every Friday for another Amazed and Amused post.   

2 Anthony CarrinoIMG_7183

MyFixitUpLife talk show: International Builders’ Show trends

Live from the International Builders’ Show, we’re talking trends from the Spax booth. Join us. It’s not every day we get to find out innovations in the building industry, so we’re like kids in the candy store when it comes to our annual pilgrimage to the International Builders’ Show in Vegas. And we’re not alone [...]

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7 Shingle art designs to dress up your home…what?!

While searching the internet, I came across shingle art. Now, the concept is pretty cool, except for the fact that it might not make a quality roof. What do you think? Are these good for keeping your house dry or just an awesome art project? Comment below, send us an email, or connect with us [...]

Mark and Theresa are taking a selfie with DIY Network's Stephen Fanuka

What we’ve learned from taking selfies

Taking selfies might seem self-indulgent and narcissistic, but there’s so much more happening. I’ve learned a few things through taking selfies that might be hard to discover from just looking at others’ selfies. When I’ve scrolled through Twitter or Facebook and I see a friend’s face pop up in a selfie photo, I used to [...]


8 ways to upcycle beer bottles and caps

We’re always looking for ways to upcycle here at MyFixitUpLife. So when we stumbled upon these beer bottle DIY crafts we were amazed. Check out these photos and let us know what you think by sending us an email or commenting below. For more amazed and amused, check out our Pinterest Board. A bar made [...]


LIVE! MyFixitUpLife talk show: What’s new in lighting trends and design?

Do you want to know the top kitchen, bathroom, and lighting trends? Join us live from the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show You won’t want to miss the unveiling of new innovations in lighting, and interviews with experts and celebrities about the hottest trends in kitchens, baths, and lighting. Guests include designer Michael Murphy, Laurie [...]


10 outdoor spaces that will make your neighbors jealous

We’re already thinking about warmer weather and found outdoor spaces that stun? These designs we found on Pinterest will be sure to make your home the talk of the town. Some classically chic and some over the top. Here are some of our favorites. Check out these amazing designs and let us know what you think. For [...]

Understairs Seating

8 Stair-age designs to save space

 Stair-age [Stair-age] – stairs that contain storage. We have found some amazing designs that will help save space in almost any home. Some stair-age is designated for organization and a way to save space. However, we found some awesome designs that gives the home owners a place to cozy up with a book and hot [...]

DCW Design Construction Week KBIS IBS

Vegas! MyFixitUpLife LIVE! shows at Design Construction Week 1/20 + 1/21

Vegas! MyFixitUpLife LIVE! shows at Design Construction Week 1/20 + 1/21

Star Wars - MyFixitUpLife - Amazed and Amused - Pinterest

Star Wars fans: 12 signs the force is with you

Star Wars fans – is the force with you? We’ve noticed that with the news of Star Wars: Episode VII,  people are incorporating the theme into their home decor. So in honor of this new film, we decided to create a round up of some amazing and amusing Star Wars themed home design. How much [...]

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