Leftover holiday greeting cards are now a little sparkling holiday village

The little holiday village is making me so super happy on our mantel MyFixitUpLife 2

Holiday greeting cards and envelopes can be recycled, but it’s more to fun to repurpose. It’s fun to make something out of something else, and I’m glad I had so many holiday greeting cards that had not yet made it into a recycling or compost bin. For this project, I wanted … see more

Ho Ho Holiday lights are fun diy projects. Here’s ‘pinspiration.’

3 Holiday light interior sign Merry Bright

If you are new to decorating for the holidays, or trying a new thing like stringing lights, our biggest and best-used advice is to start small. Segment the project into smaller projects, and tackle each. This way you can celebrate small achievements, and have the option to stop at the end of any of the projects and save those ideas for next year.

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Looking for fun DIY Halloween treats? We got this. #HOSSdesign

Halloween HossDesign MyFixitUpLife cocktails

Experimenting in the kitchen for DIY Halloween treats is a ridiculous amount of fun. Are you looking for inspiration for Halloween party food and drinks? I’ve been delighted to find a few happy new favorites from Pinterest. I’ve gathered a few of my top picks for this year’s DIY Halloween … see more

How to paint a pumpkin teal to help trick-or-treaters with food allergies

So what do you need to paint a pumpkin? After deciding on the color and whether you want to add embellishments like glitter or spikes or stripes, it’s about having all of the tools on hand when you get started. see more

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