MyFixitUpLife - Habitat for Humanity ReStore Dresser - After

ReStore Makeover in an afternoon: New color for a mid-century dresser

While I love the original finish of the piece, I wanted to make it mine with color. And I wanted to update two other little finds: a little Buddha statue and a charming table lamp.

Smart Desk Lamps - Lamps Plus - MyFixitUpLife

In our multi-tasking clutter-busting homes, desk lamps that have USBs are smart picks.

Before you buy a desk lamp, check out these stylish and smart desk lamps. Whenever I see a USB, my little cup of joy overflows a bit. It doesn’t matter if I need to charge my phone or not. It’s like having a clean bathroom or pot of coffee nearby. Both will eventually be necessary. [...]

Tool Box

Tools make our lives more beautiful, and it’s ok to use pretty tools

It’s OK to use pretty tools that make you smile and inspire you to use them. Be proud to be pretty, and let yourself love beautiful things. I know that what is practical isn’t always my first choice. I’ll wear jewelry and a dress or skirt with my workboots while I’m on a job site, [...]

Theresa MyFixitUpLife DesignAllz Alzheimer's

How would you make home better for a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s?

Join us to talk kitchen and bath design for Alzheimer’s with #KBTribechat on August 19 at 2pmET.   I’ve posted a few blogs about designing for Alzheimer’s and my new design passion to help make home happier for families dealing with Alzheimer’s. On Wednesday, August 19, 2015 at 2pmET I’ll be co-hosting #KBtribechat with Karen [...]

Ed, Theresa, Liz, Dad MyFixitUpLife Designing for Alzheimer's

I’m designing for Alzheimer’s in a new role as co-founder of DesignAllz

If your family includes one of the 5.1 million people living with Alzheimer’s, I hope you’ll connect with me on, where I’m working on my mission of designing for Alzheimer’s. I had an idea. While I was visiting my dad at a memory care facility, where he lives with others like him dealing with [...]

Lamps Plus Porch Light - MyFixitUpLife

Here’s why you’ll want a motion sensor LED entry light

Feeling safe is priceless, and a motion sensor LED entry light can give you that gift. As a mom, there’s absolutely nothing more important than keeping my little tribe healthy and safe. So when I hear of an opportunity where I can help create a safer and more secure home for my family, I’m listening. [...]

Under cabinet lighting make a small space look larger

I’ve got a few tricks to make a small space look larger.

If you have the small space blues, let’s talk design tips to help make a small space look larger. With a keen eye on selecting elements that are scaled to the space, have sleek style, and smart placement almost any material and design element could work in a small space, and can even make a [...]

copper LampsPlus water fountain

Instead of wall art, how about a water fountain on your wall?

A water fountain can completely enhance a space into a meditative sanctuary. If you are debating about wall art, and trying to find something purposeful to enhance your home’s style, how about considering a water fountain. Versatile from the many options, sizes, and indoor/outdoor types, there’s bound to be a water fountain that could fit [...]

After painting, decreasing the visual noise of wall art and counter items, the small bathroom looks more like a hotel bathroom than a kid's bathroom.

Glamourized. A small bathroom makeover for my mom.

From whimsical wildlife to ultra calm sleek, this small bathroom mini makeover was a treat.   My mom has never been a ‘shopper.’ And I am not exaggerating when she groans with my sister whenever the idea of shopping pops up as something to do. They shop to buy when there is a specific need. [...]


Herb wall art with salvaged wood and a quick Ikea hack

It costs less than $20 to make this corner herb wall art.

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