After Schenk Theresa Kerry Vincent

Design makeover for Food Network’s ‘Save My Bakery’: Schenk’s Family Bakery

For all of the previous episodes of ‘Save My Bakery’ I’ve selected a new color palette and rearranged the floorplan to increase the customer experience. But, for Schenk’s, I wanted to focus more on what happens behind the counter.

Flourtown Bakery after Save My Bakery

Before-and-after at Flourtown Bakery for ‘Save My Bakery’

I chose to bring some ‘Farmhouse Fresh’ into the Flourtown Bakery for Food Network’s ‘Save My Bakery.’ “Pink is our favorite color,” said the owner and her daughter when I first met them. They pointed to a colorful framed jigsaw puzzle of donuts on the wall and said they wanted their bakery to look like [...]

Save My Bakery AFTER: Schubert's new counter is trimmed in detailed Fypon.

Save My Bakery: Before-and-after at Schubert’s Bakery

We learned a new word during the Nazareth, PA, ‘Save My Bakery’ makeover for Food Network: Faschtnacht.

Bird cage whimsy for displaying donuts

Before and after: Phatso’s Bakery ‘resort whimsy’ on Save My Bakery

Phatso’s Bakery inspired what I call ‘Resort Whimsy’ design for the Food Network show ‘Save My Bakery.’ After talking with the owner for a while on the first day I met him, I learned that the word vacation is taboo to him. Don’t get him started on why. He has many good reasons to not [...]

Theresa making donuts for Save My Bakery

Donut wall on Save My Bakery: Why…I mean how did we do that?

A dozen donuts on the wall seemed like the perfect art project for this episode of ‘Save My Bakery’ on Food Network. Bringing in a little whimsy and celebrating Phatso’s Bakery’s food through art, I wanted to make a donut wall. A dozen oversized pretty donuts in a crisp white box. Let’s step back for [...]

Save My Bakery, Viking Pastries.

Before and after: ‘Save My Bakery’ design for Viking Pastries

We tried to ‘Save My Bakery’ with a Neoclassic Coastal style Makeover a struggling bakery in 48 hours? Mark and I (and a few of our talented remodeling expert friends) were up for the challenge. As Barney Stinson says, “Challenge accepted.” None of the owners for the series had any say or idea of what [...]

Color wheel Clark + Kensington laundry sorting

Kid fix! Colors uncoded for easier laundry sorting

Laundry sorting by color doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Here’s an easy solution that’s helped us. We try our best to give our kids the life skills they need to be fully capable grown-ups. Sometimes lightbulbs click-on, sometimes fireworks burst, and other times it’s like there’s a constant breeze on a little flickering candle. Here [...]

monster Valentine's Day treats

Make monster Valentine’s Day treats

Making Valentine’s Day treats for your child’s class can be a fun way to spend an afternoon together.

shot of vodka tip annoying stickers how to remove

Remove annoying stickers with a shot of vodka

Remove annoying stickers with a shot of vodka

Theresa-Mark-Rebuilding Together

Helping homeowners across the country with Rebuilding Together

We’re giving thanks this Thanksgiving by looking back at the year helping homeowners with Rebuilding Together.

Mark and I are lucky to have a happy family and a safe and healthy home, and we’re thankful to have the skills to help others create and improve homes.

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