Theresa Painting at PQI MyFixitUpLife

What I learned at the Paint Quality Institute

“In a can of paint, you really get what you pay for,” says Debbie Zimmer from the Paint Quality Institute.

Theresa's favorite rain boots are made for horse poo and muck. MyFixitUpLife

My favorite rain boots are made for horse poo

Rain boots can be playful or serious, but when I’m looking for favorite rain boots, I’m not thinking about rain. Rain changes my footwear. I won’t wear a shoe that has a smooth sole. I won’t wear a mule. I won’t wear shoes that I plan to wear again in the next few days to [...]

Bathroom Romance - MyFixitUpLife - Lamps Plus

Lighting bromance: bathroom romance with the perfect LED light fixture

If you approach a bathroom like a laboratory, a place where we become clean and neat, you’ll forget about mood lighting, atmosphere, and creating intimate spaces. That’s why lighting is an essential element for the perfect bromance. Lights must dim for a bromance to bloom.


What’s her tool porn dream?

Tool porn is really just a way of saying we’re fantasizing about tools and amazing workshops. If you work with tools, you know about tool porn. So this week on MyFixitUpLife talk show we’re talking with David Sheinkopf who is a tool expert and competitor from Ellen’s Design Challenge, where we witnessed the most breathtaking [...]

Joybird furniture 'Worthy' sofa in Klein Peacock with legs in a black wood stain

We met online. My frustrating and joyful story to find a perfect sofa.

Joybird offers a different kind of shopping experience. And while shopping, the design and layout are easy to use, but the special part is what happens after the order is placed. I received a note saying they received my order, which is a typical note. But then they sent updates on the sofa as it was being constructed. They sent a swatch so I could see and touch the fabric. And they sent a handwritten note, signed by some of the Joybird family, welcoming my family to their family.

Open Floor Plan (HGTV Parody)

HGTV paradies that are worth watching

Taking on the frequently used key phrases and themes of a lot of the HGTV shows, the writers and actors in these paradies are spot-on fun.

Mad Hatter top hat

Hatchel? I think hats with a secret compartment should be called hatchels.

The perfect way to top off your ‘bar’ look might be with a hatchel, a hat with a secret compartment. Whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day or Cinco de Mayo or a 21st birthday celebration, there’s always a smart reason to travel light to the local watering hole. And I’m forever trying to find creative ways [...]

Green ribbon art springtime St. Patrick's MyFixitUpLife

Springtime door decor with green ribbons

Green grass mix with shamrocks in my mind to inspire this little door decor that’s perfect for any spring day.

I might like, love or loathe this sock shoe from Christian Louboutin.

Sock shoes: cozy or crazy?

Sock shoes exist. And I’m dealing with it. Sock shoes? So I understand the general interest in wearing sock shoes. They seem warm, cozy, and generally fun. But how did a category of footwear pop up that competes with the slipper? I had previously thought that the slipper took care of that between area between [...]

Formica Corporation - Jonathan Adler - MyFixitUpLife

Home chic home with Jonathan Adler and Formica Corporation

Trend-setting ideas are even more impressive when they are from a 100+ year old company.   Hello Jonathan Adler Collection from Formica Corporation…Hello Strata Olympico and Salvage Planked Elm <swoon city> I tend to swoon when I see something visually arresting. As a designer, I’m highly visual, cataloging the images from everyday life at rapid [...]

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