Shur-Line Edger - MyFixitUpLife

Paint job on your list? Get a perfect edge without tape or cutting-in.

So if you aren’t familiar with the concept of ‘cutting-in,’ it doesn’t matter. You do know that you want your paint job to look professional, even if it’s your first time opening a can of paint.

Lamps Plus - MyFixitUpLife - Bronze

Is bronze really a metal that’s trending in outdoor lighting?

Now I’m going to start geeking out on finishes and what’s trending in outdoor lighting.

Home Exterior - Sherwin Williams - MyFixitUpLife

Win painting $ from us during the Sherwin-Williams paint week #diyfirst

While we can’t magically add a few extra hours in your day, we can share some painting cash from our friends at Sherwin-Williams. So share your #diyfirst or #diylast paint makeover (craft, room, facade, playhouse) with us in email, on Facebook, or through Twitter.

Theresa - TBT - LampsPlus - MyFixitUpLife

Landscape lighting is more than just lanterns. Let’s look at LED options.

I shared some of the reasons for taller LED landscape lighting and a few choice picks I’ve seen at in my latest blog for them.

Snap Chat Collage - MyFixitUpLife

Why is MyFixitUpLife on Snapchat?

Snapchat isn’t just for millennials. Here’s why.

Kid landscaping project

Kid Landscaping Project: The Littlest Tree

Most of the time we mow them down and we don’t even know it. Because Littlest Trees often get their start growing in the lawn, where we never see them or mistake them for weeds. Grass and weeds and kids playing on the lawn hide these little tree forests ready to grow. But every so [...]

Theresa Painting at PQI MyFixitUpLife

What I learned at the Paint Quality Institute

“In a can of paint, you really get what you pay for,” says Debbie Zimmer from the Paint Quality Institute.

Theresa's favorite rain boots are made for horse poo and muck. MyFixitUpLife

My favorite rain boots are made for horse poo

Rain boots can be playful or serious, but when I’m looking for favorite rain boots, I’m not thinking about rain. Rain changes my footwear. I won’t wear a shoe that has a smooth sole. I won’t wear a mule. I won’t wear shoes that I plan to wear again in the next few days to [...]

Bathroom Romance - MyFixitUpLife - Lamps Plus

Lighting bromance: bathroom romance with the perfect LED light fixture

If you approach a bathroom like a laboratory, a place where we become clean and neat, you’ll forget about mood lighting, atmosphere, and creating intimate spaces. That’s why lighting is an essential element for the perfect bromance. Lights must dim for a bromance to bloom.


What’s her tool porn dream?

Tool porn is really just a way of saying we’re fantasizing about tools and amazing workshops. If you work with tools, you know about tool porn. So this week on MyFixitUpLife talk show we’re talking with David Sheinkopf who is a tool expert and competitor from Ellen’s Design Challenge, where we witnessed the most breathtaking [...]

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