How we created a DIY tiki torch from a pair of snow skis


Our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore has led us to making this unique DIY tiki torch from snow skis. When Mark and I were asked, by our friends at Krylon, to make a DIY tiki torch, I knew the first place we had to look was at our local Habitat … see more

Make a Statement with Furniture Stars in your Home

MyFixitUpLife - Furniture stars - Hoss Magazine - Hoss Color  - orange chair

Furniture stars are something you’ll notice as soon as you walk into the room and you’ll have a strong opinion about it. Whether you love it or hate it, all furniture stars make an impression, outshine their companions, and can change the mood of the room. If you’re curious about to incorporate these … see more

Whimsical Design can add a pop of fun in your Home

1 swing chair

Looking to have a little bit of fun with your home’s interior decor? Consider the three tenets of whimsical design. Let’s define the terms. whimsy: playfully quaint or fanciful behaviour or humour. restrained: characterized by reserve or moderation restrained whimsy: strategically contained unexpected fun moments So, yes, I made up that last definition for … see more

How to make a tiki torch? Grab a pair of old skis and read this.

Mission Complete.

In just an afternoon, here’s how to make a tiki torch with a pair of skis. Mark and I were challenged by our friends at Krylon to make a tiki torch from something out-of-the-ordinary. Using unusual materials in new ways is my favorite way to DIY, so I felt like … see more

Love the look of coastal living? Makeover your home with these easy tips.

2 Seafoam door is shore good.

Coastal living can be incorporated into any home design style. The most popular look in home design where I live is the coastal living look that I’ve started calling ‘seaside sophisticate.’ Seaside sophisticate is an elevated way of doing that beachy-shore look without being cliché by using rope, anchors, seashells, … see more

We love these ideas for patriotic door decorations

July 2014 The Gunny Sack

Patriotic door decorations from bloggers on Pinterest. I’ve been enjoying all of the creative ideas for patriotic door decorations on Pinterest, and wanted to share my favorite creative ideas. And all of these ideas prove that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a eye-catching statement … see more

Need a few Minecraft ideas for your kid’s bedroom? Here’s what we did.

16__MyFixitUpLife_MineCraft room Makeover_Glidden_After

There are so many Minecraft ideas to makeover a bedroom, and we decided that paint was our Minecraft makeover’s best friend. Win 5 gallons of Glidden’s Complete 2-in-1 paint for your next makeover project. Enter now!  Yes. Our 7-year-old Jack is among the more than 100 million Minecraft gamers around … see more

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