Can a Room Have Personality in White? Join #HossColor chat!

See all the ways a room can have personality in white. Join our #HossColor chat!  Join us Wednesday, August 3rd at 1pmET for our weekly Twitter chat with Hoss magazine on design, color, and all things home. Search for the hashtag #HossColor and start sharing your ideas, opinions, and questions. … see more

Made with Love: We stained our vintage barrister’s cabinet crimson red

40_2016_MyFixitUpLife_Minwax Crimson Stain_Barrister Cabinet_After

Made with Love: We stained our vintage barrister’s cabinet crimson red. The few vintage pieces of furniture, like this cabinet are the last of hers. And so when I was asked by my friends at Minwax to share a story for their Made With Love. Finished With Minwax. campaign celebrating how the beauty of wood is enhanced when there’s a personal story behind it, I knew that it is now time to update the cabinet, giving it a more modern color. see more

Wall art can be functional as fun wall shelves.

2016_0727_Shelf Magic_Hanging shelf

Think of shelves as wall art to max-out your home’s style statement.  Shelves aren’t boring long stretches of horizontal and vertical boards. They are opportunities for enhancing your home’s style with thoughtful consideration to materials, size, and placement. Let’s talk the magic of shelves as wall art during the next … see more

Bring the seaside look to your home with these 4 trends

If you enjoy these vintage charm colors, pick up White on White, Aqua Chintz and White Sage.

Capture the essence of a beautiful and charming seaside with these 4 trends.  Creating a coastal feel can be more than just gluing seashells to vases. But, before you get started, think about what feels coastal to you. For me, it’s soft colors and wood textures. Click here to read more … see more

Cheers! How can a pint of beer inspire home design? Join #HossColor chat!

A little touch of black, brass, and style gives this the beer luxe look to me.

We’re using beer as an inspiration for design, from luxe to upcycle, there’s tons in this #HossColor chat. Whether it’s upcycling and repurposing beer kegs and bottles for an industrial look or using the mojo of a classic pub or a beer color palette, beer afficionados have more ways than just … see more

Design strategies for reducing Sundowners in Alzheimer’s loved ones?

Sundowners happens to most people with Alzheimer’s. Design can help.

Sundowners happens to most people suffering from Alzheimer’s, but there are easy ways to reduce sundowners. Sundowning is a change in mood that happens late in the afternoon or evening. Someone suffering from Alzheimer’s may become more demanding, impulsive, suspicious, restless, insecure, and even hallucinate. Just like everything else with Alzheimer’s, … see more

Nature nurtures our Alzheimer’s loved ones. Design tips to make it happen

This galvanized steel and stained wood planter is visually easy to see, and helps define the yard.

Design strategies can help make it safer for your Alzheimer’s loved one to enjoy their backyards. Are you worried about taking your Alzheimer’s loved one outside, even in the backyard? You aren’t alone. But there are a few ways to make it less stressful for you and your family. Before you … see more

Get ready for Backyard Parties with the perfect table

2016_MyFixitUpLife_Backyard Party Tables_Hoss Magazine_HossColor

Summer is meant for backyard parties! Make sure you’re ready with the perfect tablescape. Join us Wednesday, July 6th at 1pE on Twitter to chat about backyard party design. Do you have photos of your favorite backyard parties? We’d love to see and chat. Send us a note, tweet us … see more

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