Looking for fun DIY Halloween treats? We got this. #HOSSdesign

Halloween HossDesign MyFixitUpLife cocktails

Experimenting in the kitchen for DIY Halloween treats is a ridiculous amount of fun. Are you looking for inspiration for Halloween party food and drinks? I’ve been delighted to find a few happy new favorites from Pinterest. I’ve gathered a few of my top picks for this year’s DIY Halloween … see more

Join #HossDesign home chat! How to glitter like a grown-up in home design

myfixituplife Sophisticated and luxe this bedroom is delicate and full of shine moments. #hossdesign

It is possible to use glitter and achieve a sophisticated ‘design home.’ The delicate shimmer of glitter can inspire your sophisticated home décor, if you know how to use glitter without actually using glitter. Say what? Yes, you can use glitter, sparingly, but whenever I’m using an inspiration, I try to not … see more

Beer can inspire design style & DIY projects.

A little touch of black, brass, and style gives this the beer luxe look to me.

If you love beer, you can give your interior design or backyard retreat the feeling of beer through design and DIY projects.   That sip of cold beer to me is an entry into the ‘ah’ of life. Your ‘ah’ might be different. But the way to diagnose your ah … see more

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