Is eating with Alzheimer’s loved ones challenging? Let’s talk. #AlzDesign

Blue is America's favorite color, so if you aren't sure of a color to choose in the kitchen, it's the safest bet. The color contrast aid in visually differentiating the parts of the kitchen - oven, refrigerator, counter - and the retro style increases a sense of comfort, too. Shown here is a Big Chill kitchen.

Let’s take some of the stress out of eating with Alzheimer’s loved ones at home. #AlzDesign chat Eating is one of the activities of daily life (ADL) that health professionals talk about. There are five others: bathing, dressing, toileting, walking, and continence. Those basic activities aren’t usually thought about too much about … see more

Mixing metals is on-trend. Let’s talk the ‘how-to-do-it’ & and ‘the-why.’

Parisian pied-a-terre, city apartment living room mixes metals of brass in the chandelier with nickel in the coffee table.

Home design can be a larger, longer-term investment for the owner, and sometimes a fashion trend is just that. If it’s a too-trendy or over-the-top trend, it won’t take root in home décor and interior design. We’re a bit more conservative about our homes. see more

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