Justin DiPego from Doityourself.com throws shade with Mark & Theresa

Yard crashed, grilled, painted (by Chris Lambton?!) on MyFixitUpLife talk

Mark and Theresa are talking tips to paint makeovers, grilling, and landscaping with HGTV’s Peyton and Chris Lambton, Consumer Report’s Mark Allwood, and Gary from Shur-Line.

2 lovely gays - Designer Diagnosis - MyFixitUpLife

Designer diagnosis. How do know what your clients really want?

Top designers are talking about their strategies for ‘designer diagnosis,’ sleuthing out what people really want in their interior design. Designers tread a careful path when trying to find out your true interior design dreams. What we say we like, isn’t necessarily what we really want in our homes. It’s the designer’s challenge to decipher, [...]

Keep Calm It's Just Real estate - MyFixitUpLIfe - Egypt Sherrod

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Real estate realities with Egypt Sherrod

Real estate expert and HGTV’s ‘Property Virgins’ host Egypt Sherrod is sharing what you need to know before you buy your next home.

Tool Porn - Stiletto - MyFixitUpLife

MyFixitUpLife talk: Tool porn? What tools and workshops do you envy?

Two words: Tool porn. We’re talking about it on MyFixitUpLife. Forget the must-haves and the innovations, let’s just drill down to it: The likelihood you have enough tools is not likely. You know what tools you like. You know what tools you want. And you definitely know tool-drool…Come on…You know…Walking down the aisle, envying the [...]

Roger Cook - What Makes Grass a Lawn - This Old House - MyFixitUpLife

MyFixitUpLife show: When is grass a lawn? with Roger Cook + Chris Lambton

We’re talking with the experts HGTV’s Chris Lambton and This Old House’s Roger Cook: What makes a grass become a ‘lawn’? Tune in. Green grass rules most lawns, but is that the only thing that makes a lawn? Mark started his career in home improvement as a landscaper in Cape Cod and has strong opinions [...]

Stone Henge - Paul DiMeo - Carley EisenBerg - MyFixitUpLife - Ellen Design Challenge

MyFixitUpLife talk show: How would you build Stonehenge today?

How would expert builders and innovators build Stonehenge with modern tools and equipment? Let’s talk.

Mark and Theresa are taking a selfie with DIY Network's Stephen Fanuka

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Design + construction trends (with selfies)

What happens when high-energy experts talk design and construction trends? A lot of advice surrounded by silliness. MyFixitUpLife talk show is thrilled to be part of the Wellborn Cabinet‘s showplace at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Vegas. Broadcast live from their booth, hosts Mark and Theresa talked about everything with expert guests. There [...]

Construction idols, Tom Silva and Norm Abram.

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Remodeling advice from the gurus of construction

Finding a home improvement contractor just got a whole lot easier. Tune in! “It’s like Tindr for construction.” If you have ever thought about remodeling your home, you know that it could get complicated in a hurry. And while we’re licensed contractors and have been banging around in the remodeling world for more than a [...]

Charcoal Lacquered Linen from Formica.

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Kitchens and bathroom design trends

Like most American designers and remodelers, we’re obsessed with kitchen and bathroom design trends. Here’s what cooking this year. We were lucky and honored for Formica Corporation to host our talk show at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Vegas. Surrounded by amazing designs from nature-inspired to bold graphics from Jonathan Adler‘s new collection with [...]

2 Anthony CarrinoIMG_7183

MyFixitUpLife talk show: International Builders’ Show trends

Live from the International Builders’ Show, we’re talking trends from the Spax booth. Join us. It’s not every day we get to find out innovations in the building industry, so we’re like kids in the candy store when it comes to our annual pilgrimage to the International Builders’ Show in Vegas. And we’re not alone [...]

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