Tool Porn - Stiletto - MyFixitUpLife

MyFixitUpLife talk: Tool porn? What tools and workshops do you envy?

Two words: Tool porn. We’re talking about it on MyFixitUpLife. Forget the must-haves and the innovations, let’s just drill down to it: The likelihood you have enough tools is not likely. You know what tools you like. You know what tools you want. And you definitely know tool-drool…Come on…You know…Walking down the aisle, envying the [...]

Stone Henge - Paul DiMeo - Carley EisenBerg - MyFixitUpLife - Ellen Design Challenge

MyFixitUpLife talk show: How would you build Stonehenge today?

How would expert builders and innovators build Stonehenge with modern tools and equipment? Let’s talk.

Charcoal Lacquered Linen from Formica.

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Kitchens and bathroom design trends

Like most American designers and remodelers, we’re obsessed with kitchen and bathroom design trends. Here’s what cooking this year. We were lucky and honored for Formica Corporation to host our talk show at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Vegas.¬†Surrounded by amazing designs from nature-inspired to bold graphics from Jonathan Adler‘s new collection with [...]

2 Anthony CarrinoIMG_7183

MyFixitUpLife talk show: International Builders’ Show trends

Live from the International Builders’ Show, we’re talking trends from the Spax booth. Join us. It’s not every day we get to find out innovations in the building industry, so we’re like kids in the candy store when it comes to our annual pilgrimage to the International Builders’ Show in Vegas. And we’re not alone [...]


LIVE! MyFixitUpLife talk show: What’s new in lighting trends and design?

Do you want to know the top kitchen, bathroom, and lighting trends? Join us live from the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show You won’t want to miss the unveiling of new innovations in lighting, and interviews with experts and celebrities about the hottest trends in kitchens, baths, and lighting. Guests include designer Michael Murphy, Laurie [...]

2015 DIY Trends

MyFix show: What are the top 2015 DIY trends? Let’s talk.

Grab your crystal ball, we’re looking into the future to share what will be hot as 2015 DIY trends. So, we’ve been hearing some mainstream news sources talk about what’s going to be hot as 2015 trends, and we’re skeptical. If the mason jar and pallet obsession hasn’t faded by now, will there be something [...]

Pantone- Color of the year - Marsala

MyFixitUpLife show: Why is ‘Marsala’ the Pantone color of the year?

The 2015 Pantone color of the year is Marsala, and we’re wondering why. Let’s talk. The color of the year: It’s a hot topic in the design community every year when the Pantone color of the year is released. And then there’s either¬†the crinkled-face-slouch-in-the-chair reaction or the oh-of-course-smile when we find out. This year, we’re [...]

Holiday Rewind: MyFixitUpLife talks lights inside and out

Holiday lights is more than just string lights on the outside of the house and on a festive tree. We’re taking it further on this episode. Lighting up the night and your next festive party, we’re talking holiday lighting fun for both insideand outside our homes. From trends and fashion to fun and turning your [...]

What's your favorite holiday drink?

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Let’s talk holiday parties! …fun drinks included

We’re getting our host skills geared up to serve up the ultimate holiday parties…drinks included. We love holiday parties, especially when we’re surprised and delighted by little special touches created by the hosts. From custom-designed cocktails to gorgeous decor, as guests it’s always fun to have something unique to discuss with the other guests (especially [...]

Tracy Hutson - Organic Design - MyFixitUpLife

Let’s talk organic architecture + sustainable homes on MyFixitUpLife talk

So what is organic architecture? And how can we have healthier homes for our families? Let’s talk.   We try to live healthy and provide a healthy environment for our kids. But, the conveniences of modern living offer so many temptations, and well, it’s hard to know if those things that claim to be good [...]

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