#endalz - MyFixitUpLife

Let’s talk about better design ideas for Alzheimer’s

Interior design can be a powerful tool to helping everyone live better, whether it’s designing for Alzheimer’s, babies, or the rest of us quirky humans. Theresa’s dad has Alzheimer’s. A few months ago, her family decided that to help preserve the health and vibrancy of her mom, it was time to move dad into a [...]

Genevieve Gorder

Tune in! Purge your closet w/Genevieve Gorder & help kids w/Shoes that Grow

Grab some tips to makeover your clothes closet with Genevieve Gorder, and make a difference for kids with shoes that grow five sizes.

Roy Party Station - MyFixitUpLife

The ultimate party station with Tom Bury & Carley Eisenberg. Tune in.

Today’s show is all about your backyard and creating the ultimate party station.

If you’ve been dreaming about a backyard oasis and are obsessed with DIY Network’s ‘Yard Crashers’, we’ve got a project that will make your dreams come true in just a day or two. It’s the party station.

Muscle up with 'I Hate My Yard' host Sara Bendrick, Theresa, Mark MyFIxitUpLife

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Let’s talk tools and DIY makeovers

MyFixitUpLife is a the National Hardware Show scouting innovations for better DIY makeovers at the HYDE tools booth with expert friends Sara Bendrick, Cari Cucksey, and Patrick McCombe.

Andy and Candis Meredith join Mark and Theresa for an interview about their new HGTV show

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Old home love and DIY family life

Mark and Theresa have a soft spot for other couples who love renovating old homes, and they might just have fallen hard for Andy and Candis Meredith at the National Hardware Show.

Justin DiPego from Doityourself.com throws shade with Mark & Theresa

Yard crashed, grilled, painted (by Chris Lambton?!) on MyFixitUpLife talk

Mark and Theresa are talking tips to paint makeovers, grilling, and landscaping with HGTV’s Peyton and Chris Lambton, Consumer Report’s Mark Allwood, and Gary from Shur-Line.

2 lovely gays - Designer Diagnosis - MyFixitUpLife

Designer diagnosis. How do know what your clients really want?

Top designers are talking about their strategies for ‘designer diagnosis,’ sleuthing out what people really want in their interior design. Designers tread a careful path when trying to find out your true interior design dreams. What we say we like, isn’t necessarily what we really want in our homes. It’s the designer’s challenge to decipher, [...]

Keep Calm It's Just Real estate - MyFixitUpLIfe - Egypt Sherrod

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Real estate realities with Egypt Sherrod

Real estate expert and HGTV’s ‘Property Virgins’ host Egypt Sherrod is sharing what you need to know before you buy your next home.

Tool Porn - Stiletto - MyFixitUpLife

MyFixitUpLife talk: Tool porn? What tools and workshops do you envy?

Two words: Tool porn. We’re talking about it on MyFixitUpLife. Forget the must-haves and the innovations, let’s just drill down to it: The likelihood you have enough tools is not likely. You know what tools you like. You know what tools you want. And you definitely know tool-drool…Come on…You know…Walking down the aisle, envying the [...]

Roger Cook - What Makes Grass a Lawn - This Old House - MyFixitUpLife

MyFixitUpLife show: When is grass a lawn? with Roger Cook + Chris Lambton

We’re talking with the experts HGTV’s Chris Lambton and This Old House’s Roger Cook: What makes a grass become a ‘lawn’? Tune in. Green grass rules most lawns, but is that the only thing that makes a lawn? Mark started his career in home improvement as a landscaper in Cape Cod and has strong opinions [...]

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