AJ Designing for autism

Let’s talk about designing for autism on MyFixitUpLife talk show

Designing for autism is more than just creating a safe environment, it can actually make everyone in the family feel better.   In our world, where we can become overwhelmed by our own selves, we can all gain from using some of the ideas design experts use when designing for people who have sensory issues. [...]

Pallet Projects - Pinterest - MyFixitUpLife

Let’s talk DIY pallet projects with HGTV host & ‘Pallet King’ Matt Blashaw

Project Xtreme, Money Hunters, Blog Cabin and Professional Grade, and specials such as Cool Tools Builders Show, Stud Finder 2009, HGTV’s Rose Parade coverage and Worst Kitchen In America


Let’s talk gardening jujitsu with Burpee & #GardenChat on MyFixitUpLife

Gardening jujitsu is about little things we can do that really make big differences to improve our homes (and our world). So let’s do it in the dirt. While a gardening death match might sound interesting, gardening jujitsu is using the simple and awesome power of plants to make your home, your family, and your [...]

Spartan Race - MyFixitUpLife - Joe De Sena

Let’s talk about Spartan Race with the founder Joe De Sena. Aroo!

Getting uncomfortable is where the magic happens in life for Spartan race creator Joe De Sena. The ultimate obstacle course race has to be Spartan race, and there are a milliom people who are taking part every year. Broadcast on NBC Sports, and gaining popularity by the uber-fit to the casual gym goer, the founder [...]

Tara Dara - MyFixitUpLife - Patchwork Bench

Let’s talk DIY repurposing ideas with Anitra Mecadon & Tara Dara

Repurposing ideas are like little gems falling from the sky, and we’re talking with two creative experts on this episode.

Dumpster diving, upcycling, reusing… for the creative repurposer, all of those words mean the same thing: Let’s make awesome stuff that’s inexpensive and truly unique to us.

We are sharing repurposing ideas for both the newbie repurposer and the experienced. And on this episode, we put two repurposing experts — Anitra Mecadon and Tara Dara — to our unconventional repurposing ideas test.

#endalz - MyFixitUpLife

Let’s talk about better design ideas for Alzheimer’s

Interior design can be a powerful tool to helping everyone live better, whether it’s designing for Alzheimer’s, babies, or the rest of us quirky humans. Theresa’s dad has Alzheimer’s. A few months ago, her family decided that to help preserve the health and vibrancy of her mom, it was time to move dad into a [...]

Genevieve Gorder

Tune in! Purge your closet w/Genevieve Gorder & help kids w/Shoes that Grow

Grab some tips to makeover your clothes closet with Genevieve Gorder, and make a difference for kids with shoes that grow five sizes.

Roy Party Station - MyFixitUpLife

The ultimate party station with Tom Bury & Carley Eisenberg. Tune in.

Today’s show is all about your backyard and creating the ultimate party station.

If you’ve been dreaming about a backyard oasis and are obsessed with DIY Network’s ‘Yard Crashers’, we’ve got a project that will make your dreams come true in just a day or two. It’s the party station.

Muscle up with 'I Hate My Yard' host Sara Bendrick, Theresa, Mark MyFIxitUpLife

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Let’s talk tools and DIY makeovers

MyFixitUpLife is a the National Hardware Show scouting innovations for better DIY makeovers at the HYDE tools booth with expert friends Sara Bendrick, Cari Cucksey, and Patrick McCombe.

Andy and Candis Meredith join Mark and Theresa for an interview about their new HGTV show

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Old home love and DIY family life

Mark and Theresa have a soft spot for other couples who love renovating old homes, and they might just have fallen hard for Andy and Candis Meredith at the National Hardware Show.

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