10yo Jack reviews “What Can You Do with a Toolbox?” with Novel Effect app

Jack MyFixitUpLife

I think ‘What Can You Do with a Toolbox’ is a cute story to read to your children. It teaches you about the basic tools in life you usually see construction workers use. It has a basic idea, but the idea is used in a good way.

The Novel Effect app lets you hear what you can do with a toolbox. see more

There are a few reasons why we get produce from our local Pennypack Farm.

1 Pennypack farm MyFixitUpLife Theresa

Our family consumes a lot of produce every week, and our favorite place to get our veggies is from our local Pennypack Farm. Sometimes I feel like our kitchen counter and refrigerator look more like a farmer’s market than a family’s kitchen. We consume a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit … see more

How the heck do you Build Wild? Extreme Makeover carpenter Paul Dimeo talks

MyFixitUpLife - Justin Diego - Paul DiMeo - National Take a Hike Day

It’s National Take a Hike Day, so we’re outside talking with Building Wild Extreme Makeover designer tradesman Paul Dimeo. How do you build wild? It’s how everything was first built, and Paul Dimeo has been creating these extreme makeover projects in every kind of weather for every kind of need. … see more

Ayla Brown talks with MyFixitUpLife at Building a Healthy Neighborhood

Ayla Brown with Mark and Theresa at Building a Healthy Neighborhood in Nashville.

Singer/Songwriter Ayla Brown joins MyFixitUpLife to talk about her music, volunteering at the Building a Healthy Neighborhood event, how doing what she loves everyday has made her life more exciting. Mark: You’re inside MyFixitUpLife.  I’m here with my wife Theresa. Theresa: And my husband Mark is here next to me. … see more

Taniya Nayak talks global design with MyFixitUpLife

Taniya Nayak talks global design, travel, restaurants and pergolas with MyFixitUpLife. Theresa: You are inside MyFixitUpLife with my husband Mark. Mark: And my wife Theresa and I’m global. Theresa: You are. Mark: I am a man of many countries. Theresa: Is that because you have an internet connection? Mark: Mostly. … see more

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