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Goats, bus, wine chair, sandbox, vampire toolkit = amazed & amused

No way! When always find something truly amazing or amusing, we have to pass it on. Beyond awesome tools and cool design trends, Mark and Theresa are laughing out loud in hysterics or stunned into an impressed silence by what they see online. So every week we’re gathering up the top amazed & amused photos [...]

Theresa's favorite rain boots are made for horse poo and muck. MyFixitUpLife

My favorite rain boots are made for horse poo

Rain boots can be playful or serious, but when I’m looking for favorite rain boots, I’m not thinking about rain. Rain changes my footwear. I won’t wear a shoe that has a smooth sole. I won’t wear a mule. I won’t wear shoes that I plan to wear again in the next few days to [...]


Wheelchair adapters turn a wheelchair into a power handcycle? Yes.

The reason inventing should never end: Wheelchair adapters. We stumbled upon an amazing invention over the winter holidays and shared it on our Facebook page. It’s a product that converts a wheelchair into a power handcycle, and the user can actually stay sitting in the wheelchair while converting it. To us, it’s one of those: [...]

holiday gifts for men

Beat Black Friday: 7 holiday gifts for men (almost) better than beer

If you’re shopping for him, or for yourself, holiday gifts for men can be a tough find. Unless you look here. These geared up gifts will make your tough guy weak in the knees. And make his knees look better. And butt. See below. Phone Home. Part Gotham, part carbon fiber bad a++-ness, all tough, [...]

Exterior paint plastic spiders glued - MyFixitUpLife

Halloween Door Decoration Ideas

When trick-or-treaters come to your front door this year on Halloween, greet them with a special candy wreath for the holidays. And, once Halloween is over, change out that wreath for a decorative autumn accents wreath. “The main entryway of the home presents an ideal location to showcase seasonal wreaths and handmade creations,” says Theresa [...]

Flourtown Bakery - Save My Bakery - MyFixitUpLife

Arborwear Ascender Jacket – The toughest one around

The Arborwear Ascender Jacket – The toughest jacket you’ve never heard of! Like many contractors, I operate in two hemispheres of the home-improvement world: building and business. I need gear that’s at home in both places, and that’s how I ended up with Arborwear’sAscender jacket ($200). I’ve worn this jacket as an outer shell on [...]

Jackie Dodd - The Beeroness - MyFixitUpLife - Google Hangout

What beer should I drink with this candy? …what?! Let’s talk.

Pairing drinks with food is an art, and it seems the Beeroness has tackled every question of ‘What Beer Should I Drink?’ from her fans. Even candy.

Gary House - MyFixitUpLife - Hangout

What’s new in tailgating food? Let’s talk.

Are you looking for new tailgating food ideas? We are talking with Cooking Outdoors expert Gary House. Join us.

Gear for guys: CLC briefcase

FixitUp Find: Gear for guys

Gear for guys should look cool. That’s baseline. But it also needs to work. And when it comes to gear for DIYers and home improvement pros it’s practically a necessity. So when I load up my office tools and hit the road, I look for tough-stuff gear that’s good looking too. Whether it’s a road [...]

Heal dry, cracked hands with O'Keefe's Working Hands cream.

Dry cracked hands? Fix ‘em fast.

Dry, cracked hands are a DIY reality. Hands and fingers turning to sandpaper means work is getting done. But when my skin cracks open, that slows me down so I need to fix ‘em fast. What usually leads to uber-dry and cracked hands for me is a combination of cold weather and warm/cold or wet/dry [...]

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