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Surge protector review: Accell's Home or Away.

Surge protector review: Not large, big charge

This surge protector review includes powering up at project sites, hotels, the office and even airports. From my briefcase to workbench to ‘now boarding’ Accell’s Home or Away Power Station delivered. First thing: If I had to ‘bottom line’ this surge protector review in one word: awesome. For a little more detail: This 4-1/4 x [...]

Tool organizers make home improvement and DIY easier.

Treat your tools right with tool organizers.

You need a tool intervention if you consider a bucket of tools ‘organized.’ To me, a bucket brimming with tools is a semi-mobile pile.

Sleep Innovations Stanley Branded Utility Mat.

Standing all day? Get some relief with this utility mat

If you stand on your feet in one place, at your workbench, laundry room, crafting center, or tailgating at the game, we have a solution: a new utility mat. It’s so good that we want to cover our entire shop floor with it.

Bosch Mutli-X Oscillating Tool

What’s a good oscillating tool? I like the Bosch Multi-X

When we use an oscillating tool, it’s either for one-off jobs like a quick cut and scraping up spilled glue—or we’re all-in. And that usually means sanding. Lots of tedious sanding. Did I mention I hate sanding? An oscillating tool makes this tedium tolerable and can, it seems, actually make me happy. For a second [...]

Santa Fe Compact2

How do I dry out my basement?

How do I dry out my basement? The magical dehumidifier box can literally change your life, by adding more comfortable square footage into your home. The beauty of dehumidifying a damp and musty area like a basement or crawl space is in the numbers. A unit that can move buckets of moisture—not just say it [...]

Theresa pink

Pick the perfect color by design

Color trends fascinate me. I’m drawn to expressive, bold color and soft, gentle hues. There is a perfect time, place, and reason for every color in the universe. And that’s the exact reason why an afternoon can quickly be swept away while standing in the paint department of any home center. There are so many [...]

DiBartolo Bakery After Blue Cooking Channel

Bakery makeover: Classic Cottage on Food Network

Challenged to makeover a bowling alley-looking bakery (that specializes in wedding cakes) in 48 hours by Food Network and Kerry Vincent, I wanted to create a Tiffany moment for this bakery makeover. When I think modern bakery specializing in wedding cakes, I immediately have a ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s moment’ in my mind. There’s the first [...]

Butter Up on a Classic Craft door from Therma-Tru

Put the color you love on your front door

Color is a favorite way to express ‘you-ness.’ We show our personal style and express ourselves in color everyday with our socks, hair, car, and coffee mug. So why not share the color that speaks to your soul on that one spot of your home that every friend looks at before spending time with you? Your entryway [...]

DIY dog run lawn repair

DIY Dog Run: Save the yard and your dog’s feet

If you’ve got a dog, a fence, and a yard smaller than a football field, chances are your dog has burned trails into your awesome grass. Those bare spots—along the fence, by the gate, at the deck stairs—become become Insta-mud when it rains or snows. And that mud ends up on your dog, shoes, and [...]

Bacon cupcake

Bacon cupcake

We love a delicious excuse to honor our friends from up North. So on this Canada Day, also known as Canada’s birthday, we made a special treat. We thought cake or pie. Then cupcake or cookie. But, no. A treat worthy of Canada gets to the heart of how we think of Canada. And that’s [...]

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