Touch up paint

Do you need to touch-up a painted wall? We got this.

We love paint, and we love it when it’s easy to touch up. Here’s a little tool that makes touch ups easier. Unless you live without any surprises, you’ve probably had to deal with a painted wall that needs a touch up. Whether it’s a child’s ‘experiments,’ a few wall art changes, or some other [...]

Fypon Finial Pineapple - Festive Decor - MyFixitUpLife

Metallic pineapples are festive decor for the holidays

Decorating with pineapple finials to amp-up our festive decor seems like a natural choice to me. Here’s why. It may seem odd to associate pineapples with the holiday season, but it actually makes perfect sense to me. The holidays are a time of year where we are reminded to share our joy with others, and [...]

Philadelphia Eagles Obstacle Wall with Glidden Team Colors

Obstacle course training wall with Glidden Team Colors paint

If you love obstacle course races and the NFL, then we built this Glidden Team Colors obstacle course training wall with you in mind. We built the obstacle wall to not just be a DIY training partner, but to be ‘your inspired when you’re tired’ wall. Since I caught the obstacle course race bug earlier [...]

holiday gifts for men

How to open a paint can + more DIY tips: Hyde tools’ 17-in-1 multi-tool

We don’t just say we love our Hyde Tools 17-in-1 multi-tool, we mean it. I know this sounds like marketing bull… but it’s the truth. And every time I see someone digging around in their tool box for various items to pry, scrape, remove screws, open paint cans, etc I wonder what other things could [...]

Spray paint art - Krylon Fypon MyFixitUpLife

Thinking about spray paint art? We got tips to get you started.

Makeover old furniture, textiles, and almost everything else with some handy spray paint art tips.

Krylon man cave

Man cave ideas: From lame to loud

Take your man cave from lame to loud in a weekend with some sweet upcycle, repair, and DIY projects that’ll refine a rusted, busted space. Rusted, because lots of us park cars, lawnmowers, bikes, and bags of driveway salt in our man cave. And ‘busted’ because anything from cellars that should be a dry basement [...]

Spray Paint Plastic Lawn Chairs - Krylon Spraydown - MyFixitUpLife

5 summer paint projects to make a statement

With the arrival of warm summer temperatures, it’s time to brighten the home with sensational summer paint shades. And it’s easy to add a pop of vibrant color with the help from the experts at Krylon spray paint. “Painting is a project that even a first time DIYer can feel confident doing,” says DIY expert, [...]


Vote! Porch makeover with Hoosier Homemade Liz #TeamMamboPink

When Krylon invited Mark and me to makeover two outdoor spaces in a head-to-head competition, I knew it would be fun. And I knew there would be a lot of ‘talk’ from Mark on how much ‘better’ his makeover would be.

How to Touch up a Painted Wall

How to touch up a painted wall

  It’s easy to touch up a painted wall with a few simple steps. From kids and crayons to greasy hands, painted walls need touching up. And with a few supplies, making it look new is an easy fix. The first thing you need to touch up a painted wall is the paint, so if [...]

Install crown molding

Ask it: Should I paint before I install crown molding?

Question: I’m going to install crown molding in my living room. I’ve heard and seen on TV that it saves time to paint it before installing. Is this true? Thank you for your help. Peg  Answer: Hi Peg, I LOVE to install crown molding. Call me crown carzy. But pre-painting it…nost so much. Here’s why: [...]

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