In an afternoon, I updated the color of my mom’s bathroom vanity cabinet

I updated the wall color and decor of my mom's bathroom a few months ago. We were both happy to see a new color on her bathroom vanity cabinet.

Slow and steady is how I like to paint vanity cabinets for that factory finish look. Yes, you can paint your cabinets. No, you shouldn’t expect to paint them in just one coat. You’ve probably heard experts weigh-in on both sides of the ‘paint your cabinets’ opinion fence. If you … see more

Theresa power washed a watermelon for a Consumer Reports video


Mark & Theresa power washed a watermelon and did a quick makeover on a tool shed in this fun Consumer Reports video. If someone asked you to power wash a watermelon, would you? Uh, of course. Theresa donned an entire safety ensemble before she pointed the gas-powered pressure washer at … see more

Quick tip: How to get a perfect paint finish with a few easy steps

Habitat ReStore Bench makeover - MyFixitUpLife

A perfect paint finish is easy if you follow a few simple steps, and practice patience, when spray painting furniture. I’m kind of a perfectionist when it comes to painting. Drips, blobs, runs, streaks, uneven color… all make me uncomfortable. Especially when it’s easy to achieve a smooth ‘I-didn’t-know-it-came-in-that-color’ reaction … see more

Video—How to make an obstacle race training rig

obstacle race training

Thinking about building an obstacle race training wall, spear throw or rig for your next race?  We were lucky and got to design one for our local YMCA. Here’s how we made it obstacle course race tough (and a few other things you might want for the one you build). … see more

Painting patterns without mess or stress. Here’s how.


Painting patterns might look difficult, but I have a few tricks that can help. I’ve been painting patterns, and been inspired by paint patterns for as long as I can remember. And like anything, experience helps to create little tricks and shortcuts to make a paint project so much easier. … see more