Install crown molding

Ask it: Should I paint before I install crown molding?

Question: I’m going to install crown molding in my living room. I’ve heard and seen on TV that it saves time to paint it before installing. Is this true? Thank you for your help. Peg  Answer: Hi Peg, I LOVE to install crown molding. Call me crown carzy. But pre-painting it…nost so much. Here’s why: [...]

Painting nesting tables video

How about updating old nesting tables with leftover paint? We did.

Who doesn’t have outdated furniture that has seen better days, like our nesting tables? And we’re guilty of storing away old paint in our basement, for way too many years. So when Meg Caswell shared a way to combine those two clutter piles into something we could actually use, and we’d love, we were in. She introduced us to one of her DIY decor obsessions during a MyFixitUpLife radio interview this past year: a grandmother’s paint additive.

painting molding

Time saving paint trick. Spray it on.

Pre-painting molding is almost never a time-saver. It usually costs time. And aggravation. But, there’s one place pre-painting molding puts all kinds of speed and time back in your day, and that’s shoe molding. Shoe molding is very difficult to paint once it’s installed. It’s ON the floor, for one thing, which means you have [...]

24 in 24

24 projects in 24 hours? Oh yeah.

24 projects in 24 hours? It can be done. But you’ll need to round up a really good team that works well together, and make a plan for materials and those unexpected surprises. Krylon made the challenge and MyFixitUpLife’s Mark worked with DIY Network host Jeff Devlin, Shelley Smith of The House of Smiths, Jennifer [...]

Tip: How to paint a room.

Stripe it! Painting the perfect lines

Painting the perfect line can be frustrating. If you’ve tried and been bummed by paint-bleed, fear not. There are a few strategies that we use that could help you combat the dreaded paint blob that messes up an otherwise perfect crisp line. It’s important to start with healthy paint. That means quality well-mixed paint, without [...]

Painting cabinets---using the right tools, techniques and products---can be an affordable and effective kitchen upgrade.

How-to: Painting Cabinets

  Question: I see people on DIY shows painting cabinets and cabinet doors instead of replacing them. It looks like it’s a huge money saver. Does it really work? Or does it just look good on TV? Answer: Yes and no. Like adding floors and counters instead of replacing the entire kitchen, if you follow the [...]

BHG 2012_09_Theresa_door

Front door color frustrated? Theresa shared a tip in this month’s Better Homes & Gardens

Deciding on a front door color can be frustrating. Theresa shared a tip in this month’s Better Homes & Gardens.

Use a highlight, or feature, wall to get the right look.

Today’s Tip: Feature Wall

Want to add some emphatic color to a room but a strong color in the whole space is too much? Or, conversely, not enough? Paint one wall with the power color, and the others a warmer, more muted tone. Or, vice versa. It’s called a highlight, or feature wall.

Hyde Tools Pour and Roll

Paint Like a Pro: Hyde Pour and Roll

One major key to a high-quality paint job is working neatly. While there are lots of tricks between the can and your crown molding (or doors, trim, or walls)—like being conscientious with drop cloths, not using too much paint all at once, and a steady hand—the can itself is often a major mess-source. The biggest [...]

Minwax Stains and Finishes

Fun Fix: Staining Unfinished Furniture

Erin asks: Hey! Can you share some tips about refinishing old furniture? Stains/paints? What is the best process? Thanks!! Answer: The antiqued/refinished furniture look is hot right now and you can save money buying un-finished furniture from woodworkers, on-line stores, and other places. You can also score big in your grandma’s attic, yard sales and the [...]

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