Craftsman Kenmore

Craftsman + Kenmore = Stuff that’s awesome for your house

Craftsman & Kenmore invited us to check out some of their new gear for home, shop, lawn, garden, and garage. Up-armored is the theme—from design to details. Let me first say that I love this part of my job. That Craftsman Kenmore would think to invite me to their event and give me a peek [...]

Not Just About Kitchens - Improvenet - MyFixitUpLife

It’s NOT Just About Kitchens and Baths

While it’s taken to mean ‘generally accepted,’ the term ‘conventional wisdom’ was not meant as a compliment. It meant that people see things as ‘true’ because they’re easy to understand, not because they’re right. However, insult or not, nuggets of truth laden in broad ideas become accepted because, well, they’re true. –ish. Like kitchens and [...]

How to install tile

Ask it: How to install tile backer board

Hey MyFixitUpLife—I have a question about how to install tile backer board. Can you help? Question: I know, generally, how to install tile but I could use an assist. I’m putting down backer board for a tile floor in our kitchen and want to make sure I apply the thinset properly. To fill the voids [...]

Formica Corporation - Jonathan Adler - MyFixitUpLife

Home chic home with Jonathan Adler and Formica Corporation

Trend-setting ideas are even more impressive when they are from a 100+ year old company.   Hello Jonathan Adler Collection from Formica Corporation…Hello Strata Olympico and Salvage Planked Elm <swoon city> I tend to swoon when I see something visually arresting. As a designer, I’m highly visual, cataloging the images from everyday life at rapid [...]

HomeAdvisor - Flooring - MyFixitUpLife

Simple kitchen decor ideas—and how not to screw them up

Simple kitchen decor ideas only look good, well, if they look good. Stuff that looks terrible isn’t really decor. At least in the traditional sense.   So this video is Design + DIY for kitchen decor that doesn’t un-decor your kitchen. Everyone says to add new pulls—and it’s super simple if you’re just using the [...]

Clogged garbage dispsal

Video: How to unclog a clogged garbage disposal

A clogged garbage disposal always seems to happen right before a party. The good news is that you might be able to fix it yourself. So here are a few tips to avoid the mess and inconvenience of a clogged garbage disposal in the first place and some tips that might help you save the [...]

Yes, you never know what you might find underneath clutter. drop zone

Should we drop the ‘drop zone’ in the kitchen? Let’s talk.

The drop zone is a dreaded area for most every mom and designer. How do we deal with it? Join us.

Susan Serra joins MyFixitUpLife

Are open shelves in the kitchen designed for real life? w/ Susan Serra

MyFixitUpLife hosts Mark & Theresa are talking with kitchen design expert Susan Serra, certified Kitchen Designer and self-proclaimed kitchen geek, photographer, writer, and kitchen soothsayer. There’s so much to consider with open shelves. Are you a perfectionist? Or do you cross the design line from cool to cluttered? Kitchen designer Susan Serra joins us to [...]

Kitchen design ideas: Danze Mid-Town kitchen faucet

Danze Faucets: Making kitchen design ideas modern

You don’t have to live in a high-rise building to be inspired by kitchen design ideas that have their roots in the concrete jungle. Clean, crisp lines, shapely styles and uber functionality in the kitchen are as universal as water itself. And here is where I—a toooootal functionality geek—get on the bus. I love style. [...]

Wellborn Cabinets' Antigua door is a beach-y source for all kinds of kitchen design ideas.

Kitchen design ideas: Bring the beach inside

One look at Wellborn Cabinets’ new Antigua door and I was instantly transported to a far away beach hideaway and my mind washed over with warm-weather feelings and all kinds of kitchen design ideas. One of those ideas was not to run away to the beach at all. I love being ocean side, but bringing [...]

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