Craftsman + Kenmore = Stuff that’s awesome for your house

Craftsman Kenmore

Craftsman & Kenmore invited us to check out some of their new gear for home, shop, lawn, garden, and garage. Up-armored is the theme—from design to details. Let me first say that I love this part of my job. That Craftsman Kenmore would think to invite me to their event … see more

It’s NOT Just About Kitchens and Baths

Not Just About Kitchens - Improvenet - MyFixitUpLife

While it’s taken to mean ‘generally accepted,’ the term ‘conventional wisdom’ was not meant as a compliment. It meant that people see things as ‘true’ because they’re easy to understand, not because they’re right. However, insult or not, nuggets of truth laden in broad ideas become accepted because, well, they’re … see more

Home chic home with Jonathan Adler and Formica Corporation

Formica Corporation - Jonathan Adler - MyFixitUpLife

Trend-setting ideas are even more impressive when they are from a 100+ year old company.   Hello Jonathan Adler Collection from Formica Corporation…Hello Strata Olympico and Salvage Planked Elm <swoon city> I tend to swoon when I see something visually arresting. As a designer, I’m highly visual, cataloging the images … see more

Kitchen design ideas: Bring the beach inside

Wellborn Cabinets' Antigua door is a beach-y source for all kinds of kitchen design ideas.

One look at Wellborn Cabinets’ new Antigua door and I was instantly transported to a far away beach hideaway and my mind washed over with warm-weather feelings and all kinds of kitchen design ideas. One of those ideas was not to run away to the beach at all. I love … see more

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