DIY Sprinkler: Fun for kids, pets, and you. Beat the heat

DIY Sprinkler

A quick search for ‘DIY sprinkler’ shows an array of…um…items…that (A) sprinkle and (B) I do not want in my yard. Or garage, shed, or, well, anywhere. So, I made my own for my son Jack and, if I play my cards right, me. Fueled by the garden hose and … see more

Kid’s Step-Up Stool

Kid's Carpenter's Notebook - Step up Stool - MyFixitUpLife

Step up or display your little favorites on this four piece bench! This Step-Up Stool is designed for every kid carpenter to have a job-from assembly to decorating. And everyone will be able to learn a few new skills along the way. While it’s also a perfectly-sized place to display … see more

12 Days of Buckets: Holiday Craft

We like to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas. It makes the season longer, and slower. Our kids helped decorate this little $1 buckets so we can put little daily presents in them.

Decorating for the holidays can take several different kinds of approaches. It can be traditional, themed, crafty, or whatever approach captures your family’s mojo best. Here is one of my holiday craft ideas. We usually start by digging out the boxes of ornaments and decor that we’ve collected throughout our life … see more

Christmas Crafts for Kids: Make 12 Days of Christmas Decoration

Holiday bucket

Christmas crafts for kids are a fun way to spend time together and extend the fun of the holidays. This holiday craft helps extend the day of Christmas into 12 days of fun for our family. And among all of the Christmas crafts for kids we’ve tried, it’s definitely a … see more

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