Obstacle course race birthday party theme for kids; fun DIY fitness too

obstacle course

We threw an obstacle course race themed birthday party for our son Jack. It was a huge hit for all the kids, super-active, and fun for all (that includes parents!) Running, jumping and laughing…That’s the stuff! Eight obstacles for 8-year olds. We teamed up with Wood, It’s Real for this … see more

Kids room decorating ideas for baseball fans

2015_Boy Cave_Bat Shelf_After 2

Attention parents of baseball fans: Check out this kids room decorating idea, purpose-built for your favorite baseball fan. FACT: Your children want your time, not your money. Money is freaking awesome and I love long romantic walks to the bank, but they want you. This is a way you can … see more

Kids can participate in a bedroom makeover. Here’s how.

Before, this bedroom had no personality. And the little girl explodes with charisma. My challenge was to make the bedroom fit the girl.

No matter our age or how we live, personalizing a space makes it feel like it’s truly yours. When a editor-friend from MomZette asked for a few design ideas on updating a kid’s bedroom, I could have talked for a few hours. There are so many fun and easy ways … see more

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