Thanksgiving wreath Orange Fypon

Simple orange view on a Thanksgiving wreath

Thanksgiving wreath or an homage to a delicious orange? Probably both.

Thanksgiving is a day fixated on food, so my interpretation of a modern Thanksgiving wreath may come from my love of citrus fruit.

Sandbox - Kid's Carpenter's Notebook - MyFixitUpLife

Build your own sandbox

Excavate your own jobsite in this sandbox with toy trucks, shovels, and piles of sand Are you ready to build something fun? We’ll use a few simple boards and basic tools to make a sandbox that has plenty of room to practice excavating and a cool compartment for storing your toys and shovels. When I […]

Kid's toolbox - Kid's Carpenter's Notebook - MyFixitUpLife

Kid’s Toolbox: Great for toting toys and tools

Every junior carpenter needs a sturdy toolbox for his or her ‘working things.’ This easy-to-assemble toolbox project is perfect for toting toys and favorite tools. What you’ll need for this project: Tools & Equipment Miter box / circular saw / miter saw Measuring tape Hammer / egg beater drill / screwdriver / drill Countersink Materials […]

DIY Sprinkler

DIY Sprinkler: Fun for kids, pets, and you. Beat the heat

A quick search for ‘DIY sprinkler’ shows an array of…um…items…that (A) sprinkle and (B) I do not want in my yard. Or garage, shed, or, well, anywhere. So, I made my own for my son Jack and, if I play my cards right, me. Fueled by the garden hose and brought to life by copper […]

Jack is ready to start our kid craft for Fourth of July.

Red-white-and-blue. Easy Fourth of July crafts for kids.

Crafting with our kids is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon.

Kid's Carpenter's Notebook - Step up Stool - MyFixitUpLife

Kid’s Step-Up Stool

Step up or display your little favorites on this four piece bench! This Step-Up Stool is designed for every kid carpenter to have a job-from assembly to decorating. And everyone will be able to learn a few new skills along the way. While it’s also a perfectly-sized place to display special things, this stool functions […]

Lemonade Stand - MyFixitUpLife - Kid's Carpenter Workbook

Build the perfect lemonade stand with your kids

Who doesn’t love a lemonade stand on a hot summer day? Lemonade stands are more than just a way to teach your kids about money. Building a lemonade stand is fun way to learn some basics about construction. And if you take the time to build a sturdy Lemonade Stand, you can keep using it […]

Valentine's Day craft seed paper

Candy and flowers? Valentine’s craft with seed paper

Seed paper is a fun way to share flowers in a Valentine’s card. Even when sharing little Valentine’s with a classroom of children, chocolate is usually received with smiles. Flowers are bit more difficult to pack in a backpack for a school day, so we’re taking a different approach. I found this company called Botanical […]

Loft bed

How to build a kid’s loft bed

Building a loft bed for my daughter was one of my favorite DIY projects. And it was something she, me and Theresa got to make and enjoy together. She’s 13 now. Things have changed. But I love this project so I’m glad I get to share it with you. I also like that this project—by […]

Holiday Buckets

12 Days of Buckets: Holiday Craft

Decorating for the holidays can take several different kinds of approaches. It can be traditional, themed, crafty, or whatever approach captures your family’s mojo best. Here is one of my holiday craft ideas. We usually start by digging out the boxes of ornaments and decor that we’ve collected throughout our life together and that we’ve been […]

Holiday bucket

Christmas Crafts for Kids: Make 12 Days of Christmas Decoration

Christmas crafts for kids are a fun way to spend time together and extend the fun of the holidays. This holiday craft helps extend the day of Christmas into 12 days of fun for our family. And among all of the Christmas crafts for kids we’ve tried, it’s definitely a craft we can do together […]

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