Simple tape measure trick – How to measure the short point of an angle

2016_MyFixitUpLife_Mark_Door Trim_Basement Renovation_Measuring cut_Miter Saw

Carpenters have lots of tricks: One of my favorites is how to measure hard-to-measure things, as shown in this video. Good for DIY too, this tip is measuring the short point of an angle on a mitered board. It’s harder to write and read about than to watch. It’s a … see more

Pallet projects: I made this jewelry box for my daughter

pallet projects

I love pallet projects. And I love my daughter, so I made this special box just for her.  My daughter is growing up. Quickly. And, newsflash: I’m not perfect, despite having a DIY website. I know, seems hard to believe (it’s hard to believe, right?). I’m divorced from my daughter’s … see more

Looking for fresh home decorating ideas? Go retro with quilt style.

4 wall art Quilted HossDesign MyFixitUpLife

A quilt is a smart way to reuse fabric from worn blankets and clothing, and it is a fun way to celebrate little moments in life through reusing baby clothing or 5k run T-shirts. see more

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