Man Vs. Lawn: How to build an awesome raised garden bed!

raised garden bed

I loved making this raised garden bed. What one for yourself? Here it comes. Also, I’ll warn you now. It was hot and I need to share that. I mention it about 45-times throughout the article. Note: We partnered with Wood It’s Real for this article. The design, how-to, 9-10 … see more

DIY woodworking project: How to make a burnt wood checker board


I call my woodworking, ‘workbench woodworking’ because I am not set up for the high-end stuff (I may be missing about 300% of the skill required too. However, I still love making things, so I try to keep them simple to match the tools I have and materials I love. … see more

A Clockwork Clement: Make a clock with found items, including inspiration


When I set out to make a clock, it also appears I set out to make every woodworking mistake imaginable. Come along on my journey of minor calamity and you too could have a clock of your own. I’ll edit out the mistakes.  Quick Note: We are Bernzomatic Torchbearers (I … see more

Had your tools ripped off before? Try the Milwaukee Tick to keep them safe

milwaukee tick

I’m sure they struggled naming the Milwaukee Tick tool tracker after an insect that’s ugly and dangerous. However, it’s also grimly accurate considering that this insect-like digital add-on does a dirty job all by itself—tracking your tools. Lyme Disease not included. Note: We partnered with The Home Depot on this … see more

Get ready for back-to-school with organization!

Krylon Theresa MyFixitUpLife new leaf Restore desk

Head back-to-school and be super organized. The biggest part about being ready for back-to-school is managing the paper and the homework that’s about to ascend upon our homes. While most schools send home notes about going paperless, there is still so much paper that arrives home every week. The best way … see more

Should I use Spax screws to install drywall?

install drywall

I have a box of drywall screws to install drywall, but now that I’ve made the leap over to Spax screws for nearly everything I fasten—from framing to decks to basement renos to my version of woodworking projects—what possible reason could I have for keeping the old black iron? Answer … see more

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