Copper might be the favorite metallic accent for home decorating ideas.

Copper clothing rack HossDesign

Metallics are still oh-so-popular among home decorating ideas. You’ve probably spied a copper sink, tube or tile backsplash as part of the fun of searching for home decorating ideas. The trend for metallics is holding steady, with more options from entry doors to clothing hangers to clocks to almost anything … see more

Celebrate Twilight Zone Day with Unusual Home Decor Ideas

2016_MyFixitUpLife_HossColor_HossMagazine_Twilight Zone_Pinterest_Wall paper

When I spied that today is twilight zone day, I started to think about how the concept of twilight zone could be applied to our home design. To me, the twilight zone elicits ideas of mystery, surprise, intrigue, and the play with light, shadow and colour. All perfect elements to … see more

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