DIY Fitness: How to make an obstacle course training rig in your back yard

diy fitness

I’m starting a new trend, perhaps you’ve never heard of it: DIY Fitness. It’s a blend of three things I love—makin’ stuff, fitness, and saving lots of time. With all this adult-ing to do: Mortgage, lawn mowing, feeding cats, and my work life of DIY where I need to fix … see more

We love these ideas for patriotic door decorations

July 2014 The Gunny Sack

Patriotic door decorations from bloggers on Pinterest. I’ve been enjoying all of the creative ideas for patriotic door decorations on Pinterest, and wanted to share my favorite creative ideas. And all of these ideas prove that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a eye-catching statement … see more

The Key to Budget-Friendly Luxury. Masculine Luxe.

Masculine Luxe - Glidden Paint -MyFixitUpLife

If you’re looking to create a sophisticated, on-trend style without maxing out your budget, consider my new favorite design style that I call masculine luxe—a style achievable with masculine paint colors that may surprise you. Masculine luxe goes beyond the stereotypical man cave look—full of repurposed car tires, beer kegs, … see more

AlzDesign: Dining rooms that are less stressful for Alzheimer’s.

dining rooms

Eating is part of the essential activities for all of us, so why not try to make dining rooms a bit more accommodating for your Alzheimer’s loved one? If you’ve ever dined with an Alzheimer’s loved one, you know that there are issues not commonly found among other grown-up family members. … see more

Kids room decorating ideas for baseball fans

2015_Boy Cave_Bat Shelf_After 2

Attention parents of baseball fans: Check out this kids room decorating idea, purpose-built for your favorite baseball fan. FACT: Your children want your time, not your money. Money is freaking awesome and I love long romantic walks to the bank, but they want you. This is a way you can … see more

Get inspired for DIYing unique wall art from Habitat for Humanity ReStore


Creating something new from something old charms my artistic DIY soul. Yes, I love making wall art with uncommon items. There’s a nagging challenge in my brain to create something that I haven’t seen before, which is increasingly more difficult as Instagram and Pinterest are constantly showing so many amazing … see more

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