Basement remodeling video: Use a Dremel to cut out a recessed light

Basement remodeling is hard. One of the many difficult things—at least for me—is cutting out recessed lights in drywall with any degree of accuracy. Quick note: The DIY and home improvement content is MyFixitUpLife’s. We’re partnered with Home Depot on this blog and video. They sent us the tool. I … see more

Popcorn ceiling or decor upgrade? Here’s a solution I love!

Popcorn ceiling

From the dreaded popcorn ceiling to style and home decor upgrades to basement remodeling, this video shows some how-to for installing a ‘5th wall’ I love. It’s the Armstrong Woodhaven Plank and it’s awesome. Why? For a ceiling, it’s incredibly easy to install. It comes factory-finished which is awesome! There’s … see more

Video: Bathroom Remodeling Tips – Wall framing

2016_MyFixitUpLife_Bathroom Wall Framing_Blocking_Impact Driver_9810

If bathroom remodeling is on your home improvement checklist, then you should become friendly with in-wall blocking as something that’ll make life easier. Tip: One size does NOT fit all. From towel bars and DIY toilet paper holders to pedestal sinks and shower wands, having something to fasten into that … see more

Man cave ideas. Renovating, remodeling + how-to

man cave ideas

Ideas and know-how you’ll find useful, I hope, if you’re making your man cave or remodeling your basement.  One of our favorite man cave ideas—from the beginning—was a to-the-floor Kohler deep-space-black urinal of man cave masculine design and function. It’s even better in real life. But first, we had to … see more

Listen up: Why screws will make your DIY projects better

DIY project

Save time, save money, and rock out on pro work and DIY projects. Yes, you too can fall in love with a screw. It’s not an ad. Just the truth: In one project—framing walls in a basement remod—using Spax 3-inch x #10 Multi Material Screws saved me hours on connections … see more

Do you have a wet basement? Here are some tips to keep it dry

Wet Basement

A wet basement is a big problem. Unless you’re Sponge-Bob, water inside your house is not good. But what can you do about it? For a lot of basement moisture—water weeping down walls, spot-soaked carpet, a musty smell—the fix actually starts outside house. Check the landscape for areas where a … see more

Time to replace your furnace filter?

furnace filter

A furnace filter is kind of like the oil in your car. Unless you have a schedule to replace it—you know, the little window sticker the mechanic leaves—you probably won’t know it’s costing you money.   Changing a furnace filter is easy home maintenance. All you need to do is … see more

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