Leftover holiday greeting cards are now a little sparkling holiday village

The little holiday village is making me so super happy on our mantel MyFixitUpLife 2

Holiday greeting cards and envelopes can be recycled, but it’s more to fun to repurpose. It’s fun to make something out of something else, and I’m glad I had so many holiday greeting cards that had not yet made it into a recycling or compost bin. For this project, I wanted … see more

A birdcage makeover into a DIY cat bed. Sylvester the cat would be proud.

2016_MyFixitUpLife_Habitat Restore_Cat bed_9578

So it might not be everyone’s reaction to seeing a birdcage, but as a cat mom, a DIY cat bed seemed perfect. Both of my cats are on the petite side of the feline community, and I’m familiar with their obsession with snuggling in tight spaces. see more

Cooking is jazz

Cooking is jazz to me. Let me explain. I know that following a recipe can yield perfect results, like a delicious cheesecake or an amazing chili. But sometimes my grocery store doesn’t carry the exact ingredients on a recipe list or I don’t have the time to run out to … see more

Bacon cupcake

Bacon cupcake

We love a delicious excuse to honor our friends from up North. So on this Canada Day, also known as Canada’s birthday, we made a special treat. We thought cake or pie. Then cupcake or cookie. But, no. A treat worthy of Canada gets to the heart of how we … see more

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