Jack is ready to start our kid craft for Fourth of July.

Red-white-and-blue. Easy Fourth of July crafts for kids.

Crafting with our kids is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon.

ReStore chairs before and after

ReStore makeover: Old chairs can be beautiful. Oh, and they talk?

I see personality in the objects we use for projects, and I’m sharing a look into my imagination for this ReStore makeover.

Talk about a fun pop of color. This plug-in from the House of Troy Scatchard has a glossy stoneware blue stoneware backplate.

Wall lighting ideas: ‘Where do I use a sconce?’

Looking for wall lighting ideas? Sconces are a sophisticated element of a well-thought-out lighting plan.


Painting patterns without mess or stress. Here’s how.

Painting patterns might look difficult, but I have a few tricks that can help. I’ve been painting patterns, and been inspired by paint patterns for as long as I can remember. And like anything, experience helps to create little tricks and shortcuts to make a paint project so much easier. First, it’s about the tools. [...]

Hover lamp LED novelty lamp owl LampsPlus

This hover lamp makes me happy. Here’s why.

Novelty lights–like the hover lamp–aren’t just for frat houses and bar decor. The way that options for lighting have changed in residential design over the past 20 years completely blows my mind. Just taking a year away from keeping up with the changes is like taking a year away from looking at smart phones. It [...]

NHS 2015 - Shoes - No Place Like Home

Make a difference with a June shoe challenge: No repeats, Nothing new.

I dared myself to a June shoe challenge, and I think it’s a way for us to make difference beyond my closet.

Reclaimed rustic window trim

Project! Reclaimed rustic wood window trim

We call the look: Reclaimed Rustic. The video and tips below give some ideas for creating your own reclaimed rustic project. Now I’m going to get upset. ‘Reclaimed’ lumber isn’t using 4-trillion pallets for wall paneling or pulling boards you got at a big box store from your hoard. That’s just claiming. No ‘re-’. Someone [...]

Shur-Line Edger - MyFixitUpLife

Yes, painting is easier with a new edger tool from Shur-Line.

Painting is easier with the new edger from Shur-Line that gives you an even better paint line than the original.

Delightful in its expression of mathematical linearality, the LBL Roka Collection’s gold LED chandelier celebrates the abacus with golden glass beads. I swooned.

Quick makeover idea: Make a statement with an LED chandelier

There’s absolutely no need to settle when it comes to the perfect light. Smart and stylish pair perfectly in these ultra eye-catching chandeliers. Offered in a variety of finishes, shapes and sizes, there’s bound to be your perfect room dazzler in an LED chandelier.

Shur-Line Edger - MyFixitUpLife

Paint job on your list? Get a perfect edge without tape or cutting-in.

So if you aren’t familiar with the concept of ‘cutting-in,’ it doesn’t matter. You do know that you want your paint job to look professional, even if it’s your first time opening a can of paint.

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