Patch textured drywall

Video: How to patch textured drywall

If you can patch drywall, you can patch textured drywall. Even if it’s a DIY First, our video shows you how…without boring you to sleep. Promise. Watch the bloopers. ‘Textured drywall’ is a finish sprayed on to regular drywall boards during construction. It’s joint compound, but instead of a smooth finish, it’s left as ‘orange [...]

MyFixitUpLife - LampsPlus - Lighting

Yes, LED light bulbs can have a warm glow.

If you love a warm light, you can be happy with LED light bulbs. Having a savvy shopper attitude is an essential when shopping for LED light bulbs. There are lighting specs and lingo that we need to know in order to make sure we’ll purchased the kind of product that’s going to give the [...]

Touch up paint

How to: Touch up paint tips

Touch up paint for smudged, dingy, or mismatched paint colors can be one of those projects we just don’t do. Rollers, paint trays, drop cloths…then clean up. Forget it. Better to outsmart it, which we show in our How to touch up painted walls video. We used a few inexpensive items from Shur-Line to help [...]


LIVE! MyFixitUpLife talk show: What’s new in lighting trends and design?

Do you want to know the top kitchen, bathroom, and lighting trends? Join us live from the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show You won’t want to miss the unveiling of new innovations in lighting, and interviews with experts and celebrities about the hottest trends in kitchens, baths, and lighting. Guests include designer Michael Murphy, Laurie [...]

DIY HVAC Maintenance

DIY HVAC maintenance? No go. Call a pro

DIY HVAC maintenance is…yeah…NO. Look, we’re all about DIY and taking on a challenge. But, we’re also all for not screwing up expensive, complicated equipment. Plus, it doesn’t matter how many tools you have. You don’t have the right ones. But don’t take our word for here. Take our word for it in this video, [...]

Understairs Seating

8 Stair-age designs to save space

 Stair-age [Stair-age] – stairs that contain storage. We have found some amazing designs that will help save space in almost any home. Some stair-age is designated for organization and a way to save space. However, we found some awesome designs that gives the home owners a place to cozy up with a book and hot [...]

Ice Dam - DaVinci Roof - MyFixitUpLife

Ice Dam-age: 6 DIY Ways to Winter-Ready the House

An ice dam is an open invitation for water to invade your house and cost lots of fear and money. An ice dam is also a great way to give lots of your money to a roofer when it tears the gutters off. Or… Prevent an ice dam with some smart DIY. First, a few [...]

HomeAdvisor - Clean gutters

Clogged gutters and how to unclog them

I like unclogging clogged gutters about as much as plunging a toilet. It’s dirty and messy, but just like a backed up john causes problems, so do clogged gutters. On many houses, cleaning clogged gutters is a DIY-able job and in this clogged gutters video we show you some of the ways I’ve found I [...]

Nighttime - Curb appeal - MyFixituPlife

Curb appeal at night with the perfect light

Night is a perfect opportunity to add another dimension to your curb appeal. Clearing out clutter and adding color and texture are the typical credos from us designers for increasing your home’s curb appeal. But, because of our work lives, many people actually see your home more frequently at night than during the day. So [...]

Fypon Finial Pineapple - Festive Decor - MyFixitUpLife

Metallic pineapples are festive decor for the holidays

Decorating with pineapple finials to amp-up our festive decor seems like a natural choice to me. Here’s why. It may seem odd to associate pineapples with the holiday season, but it actually makes perfect sense to me. The holidays are a time of year where we are reminded to share our joy with others, and [...]

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