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ReStore Makeover in an afternoon: New color for a mid-century dresser

While I love the original finish of the piece, I wanted to make it mine with color. And I wanted to update two other little finds: a little Buddha statue and a charming table lamp.

Lamps Plus Porch Light - MyFixitUpLife

How to install a porch light

To install a porch light successfully there are a few things I advise that make life a little easier and the project go smoothly. A few tools. A decent ladder. And some patience all smooth the road in front of you. Here’s how I do it.   First step is to shut off power at [...]

Habitat ReStore Bench makeover - MyFixitUpLife

Quick tip: How to get a perfect paint finish with a few easy steps

A perfect paint finish is easy if you follow a few simple steps, and practice patience, when spray painting furniture. I’m kind of a perfectionist when it comes to painting. Drips, blobs, runs, streaks, uneven color… all make me uncomfortable. Especially when it’s easy to achieve a smooth ‘I-didn’t-know-it-came-in-that-color’ reaction from friends. Here are my [...]

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How to choose crown molding

If you’re reading this, you’re interested in what crown molding can do for your room or home. Nobody just searches ‘crown molding’ for gags. So that means you’re really starting to think about it and the first thing to do is pick molding that looks right in your space. And this is no small task. [...]

Lamps Plus Porch Light - MyFixitUpLife

Here’s why you’ll want a motion sensor LED entry light

Feeling safe is priceless, and a motion sensor LED entry light can give you that gift. As a mom, there’s absolutely nothing more important than keeping my little tribe healthy and safe. So when I hear of an opportunity where I can help create a safer and more secure home for my family, I’m listening. [...]

Bathroom mold

Bathroom mold in the shower tile: Re-tile the whole shower?

Bathroom mold question: OK, statement first…We’re clean people…really. But we have mold in our shower grout that just won’t quit. We’ve even had the tile sealed—twice!!!! The guy I called says to remove all the grout and put in new grout. Seriously? Can it be that bad? –Claire, South Carolina   Answer: Claire–Bathroom mold is [...]

Under cabinet lighting make a small space look larger

I’ve got a few tricks to make a small space look larger.

If you have the small space blues, let’s talk design tips to help make a small space look larger. With a keen eye on selecting elements that are scaled to the space, have sleek style, and smart placement almost any material and design element could work in a small space, and can even make a [...]

copper LampsPlus water fountain

Instead of wall art, how about a water fountain on your wall?

A water fountain can completely enhance a space into a meditative sanctuary. If you are debating about wall art, and trying to find something purposeful to enhance your home’s style, how about considering a water fountain. Versatile from the many options, sizes, and indoor/outdoor types, there’s bound to be a water fountain that could fit [...]

obstacle race training

Video—How to make an obstacle race training rig

Thinking about building an obstacle race training wall, spear throw or rig for your next race?  We were lucky and got to design one for our local YMCA. Here’s how we made it obstacle course race tough (and a few other things you might want for the one you build). AROO! Our obstacle race training [...]

Jack is ready to start our kid craft for Fourth of July.

Red-white-and-blue. Easy Fourth of July crafts for kids.

Crafting with our kids is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon.

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