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5 summer paint projects to make a statement

With the arrival of warm summer temperatures, it’s time to brighten the home with sensational summer paint shades. And it’s easy to add a pop of vibrant color with the help from the experts at Krylon spray paint. “Painting is a project that even a first time DIYer can feel confident doing,” says DIY expert, [...]

Window replacement

Looking at a window replacement before winter? Know what to ask for.

Getting new windows for a window replacement project or even new construction doesn’t seem like it should be that hard. But sometimes getting windows is like buying a car—you have to deal with a salesperson…in a bad sweater. The key is to know what to ask for. -What’s what. There are a few musts when [...]


Vote! Porch makeover with Hoosier Homemade Liz #TeamMamboPink

When Krylon invited Mark and me to makeover two outdoor spaces in a head-to-head competition, I knew it would be fun. And I knew there would be a lot of ‘talk’ from Mark on how much ‘better’ his makeover would be.

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Let’s talk LED lighting myths and truths

Now new light bulb technology has changed the way we shop for lighting. It takes fewer watts to achieve the same light output for an LED bulb than an incandescent, since most of the watts are released as heat for an incandescent.

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We love these ideas for patriotic door decorations

Patriotic door decorations from bloggers on Pinterest. I’ve been enjoying all of the creative ideas for patriotic door decorations on Pinterest, and wanted to share my favorite creative ideas. And all of these ideas prove that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a eye-catching statement on your home’s front door. [...]

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Easy door decoration for the Fourth of July

The best door decoration is sometimes the easiest to make. This one is perfect for the Fourth of July, Flag Day, Memorial Day, and any day you want to show off some patriotism.

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What to look for in a Contractor?

Finding a contractors who is reliable is a must when starting a project. Mark is quoted talking about the importance of communication when searching and starting a renovation. Mark’s advice, along with several others, can be found in the Home Finders blog. Click here to see the article: Seven Tips to Find a Reliable Contractor

Spider plants naturally help clean the air. And I never have to remind it to do its chores. Natural cleaners MyFixitUpLife

Searching for natural cleaners? Let the plants help clean. Here’s how.

Plants can actually help clean the air in your home. And all you have to do is give them a little sun and water. Ideally we would all live in an organic, toxin-free home where we meditated every day and only used locally-made products, without the distraction of beeping devices, insanely crazy schedules, and the [...]

Two trends in one look: Edison bulb with white subway tile MyFixitUpLife

Two retro trends in one look: Does an Edison bulb work with subway tile?

Two trends in one look: Do Edison bulbs with subway tile work?

Stiletto Hammer

Deck Builder’s Hammer

Mark talks hammers with Professional Deck Builder Magazine. Do deck builders really need axe-handle hammers? After all, we’re not framing walls, where a curved handle would enable us to swing around the end of the plate more efficiently. And even if we were, chances are good that we’d be using a nail gun instead of [...]

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