DIY Projects: Base molding

Trouble with DIY projects? You’re in the right place

Question: I’m having trouble with one of my DIY projects. I installed a tile floor (my first) but I didn’t cut the tiles close enough to the wall at the end of the run. Now there are gaps between one and 2-inches around the perimeter of the room. How can I fix this? Answer: We’ve [...]

Install crown molding

Ask it: Should I paint before I install crown molding?

Question: I’m going to install crown molding in my living room. I’ve heard and seen on TV that it saves time to paint it before installing. Is this true? Thank you for your help. Peg  Answer: Hi Peg, I LOVE to install crown molding. Call me crown carzy. But pre-painting it…nost so much. Here’s why: [...]

Cool tools for getting work done

MyFixitUpLife tip on how to build a deck

When you’re figuring out how to build a deck—or how to build a deck better—quick tips can be just as useful as big picture how-to, so here’s a MyFixitUpLife ‘I got this’ on straightening warped deck boards.

Cordless Reciprocating Saws

Cordless Reciprocating Saws Tested

We revved up 5 cordless recip saws and found something for everyone—from power performers to stripped-down versions for beginners. By Mark Clement | Photos by Andrew Bydlon & MyFixItUpLife In the grip of a strong-handed professional, a reciprocating saw is mainly associated with one thing: demolition. But in the hands of a strong-minded pro, one who knows that old houses [...]

Kitchen design ideas: Danze Mid-Town kitchen faucet

Danze Faucets: Making kitchen design ideas modern

You don’t have to live in a high-rise building to be inspired by kitchen design ideas that have their roots in the concrete jungle. Clean, crisp lines, shapely styles and uber functionality in the kitchen are as universal as water itself. And here is where I—a toooootal functionality geek—get on the bus. I love style. [...]

How to build a pool deck

Ask it: Home improvement question–build a pool deck?

Question: I want to build a pool deck for my round above-ground swimming pool. I’ve built decks before, but nothing round. Can you give me some tips? Answer: Building a round pool deck out of rectangular lumber can be a challenge. The first trick we use to build a pool deck is to use a post and [...]

How to install shoe molding

DIY Tips: How to install shoe molding

Shoe molding can really dress up a room or help finish off a new flooring project. And with a few DIY tips, it’s easy to make the most of a molding project. Most shoe molding is a thin, rounded-over molding strip which looks great. But you don’t have to use it. Pick a molding that [...]

Valentine's Day wreath Fypon

Make a perfect Valentine’s Day wreath in less than an hour

Last-minute Valentine’s Day wreath can make the perfect statement in less than an hour. I’m a wreath-addict. I love making holiday wreaths so much that I might start recognizing national cereal day (March 7), talk-like-a-pirate-day (September 19), and ice cream month (July) just to have an excuse to make more wreaths for my front door. [...]

Modern home styles blend clean lines and classic good looks.

Swing time: A beautiful door brings home styles to light

Home styles are different from block to block, even house to house. But one thing they all have in common—and we all use every day—is a door. And whether it’s for looking through or for walking through, a dialed-in door is all about more. A great door is a thing of beauty, if you ask [...]

Painting Holiday Card Holder Medallion Fypon

Bedroom design ideas: Make it hot with a sunburst!

We love simple, fun bedroom design ideas that can transform the room’s look and feel and give it a pop of fresh in just a few hours. And as much as we love tools and building things, we also love projects that are simple to DIY. One cool way to style your bed is to [...]

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