Video: Insulate a basement faster, easier & safer

insulate a basement

Three tips to insulate a basement quickly, safely, and more easily. Insulation isn’t just about staying warm, it’s about fire and building code, too. Important stuff. And doing it right because, why wouldn’t you?  Tip #1 Tables. They make life easier. My table is site-built and simple. Just a scrap … see more

Keep cat food bowls neat and discreet with this DIY pet bowl organizer

cat food bowls

Cat food bowls, in my house anyway, seem to be in constant motion. And then there’s what I’ll discreetly call the ‘halo effect’, as in: How in the halo did their food get that far from their dish? So to keep some measure of order and to get my DIY … see more

Making a man cave. 5 basement remodeling plumbing tips


Adding a bathroom to a basement remodeling project—especially where one was never intended to exist—can be tricky. Here are 5-things to plan for. 1–Plumbing vents. A plumbing system works like a soda straw, sort of: Stick a straw into a drink, hold your finger over the top, lift the straw. … see more

Should I use stone wool insulation?

Roxul stone wool insulation

On our man cave basement remodel, I used stone wool insulation. If you haven’t used it, the stuff is—at least—a triple threat of quality, speed and (for pros) profit. Whenever I insulate, I’m looking for three main things: Thermal efficiency, as much sound-deadening as I can get, and for the job … see more

Kids room decorating ideas for baseball fans

2015_Boy Cave_Bat Shelf_After 2

Attention parents of baseball fans: Check out this kids room decorating idea, purpose-built for your favorite baseball fan. FACT: Your children want your time, not your money. Money is freaking awesome and I love long romantic walks to the bank, but they want you. This is a way you can … see more