furnace is tripping

Home inspection: Furnace is tripping. What does this mean?

Hey Mark & Theresa—My furnace is tripping. I know it sounds like the ‘your refrigerator is running so you better go catch it’ gag, but that’s what the home inspector told me. I’m selling a house and I’m worried I might be in for a big repair bill. Can I fix it myself? #PleaseSayYes —Stephen, [...]

Theresa Painting at PQI MyFixitUpLife

What I learned at the Paint Quality Institute

“In a can of paint, you really get what you pay for,” says Debbie Zimmer from the Paint Quality Institute.

How to install tile

Ask it: How to install tile backer board

Hey MyFixitUpLife—I have a question about how to install tile backer board. Can you help? Question: I know, generally, how to install tile but I could use an assist. I’m putting down backer board for a tile floor in our kitchen and want to make sure I apply the thinset properly. To fill the voids [...]

Remove molding

DIY Project: How to remove molding

When you want to remove molding from a door or window, the big challenge isn’t so much getting the molding separated from the wood and the wall; it’s separating it without causing any damage. That’s the trick. So with the help of OLFA (OLFA sponsored this article’s production but not its content; that’s all ours), [...]

Bathroom Romance - MyFixitUpLife - Lamps Plus

Lighting bromance: bathroom romance with the perfect LED light fixture

If you approach a bathroom like a laboratory, a place where we become clean and neat, you’ll forget about mood lighting, atmosphere, and creating intimate spaces. That’s why lighting is an essential element for the perfect bromance. Lights must dim for a bromance to bloom.

Mess free painting clean up - myfixituplife - hyde

DIY painting: How to clean up—without making a mess

There isĀ almost no less sexy, less inspiring totally and complete thrill-kill than the words ‘clean up’, whether that’s part of your DIY painting, elementary school activity, or the dishes after dinner. So we made a video about it. Because there IS something less sexy than cleaning up a DIY painting mess: Cleaning up two of [...]

How to paint a room: Step 1—Get started!

In this video we share some ‘how to get started tips’ we love to paint a room. Without losing your mind. Empty is best. If you can do it, before you paint a room move all the furniture and art and everything out of the room. If not possible, moving it to the center of [...]

Tart Side of the Moon Full Moon

Enjoy the full moon with the perfect beer

Here’s what we’ve learned about the perfect beer to pair with a full moon.
There are at least two approaches to solving this problem.

Workshop organization

Workshop organization: DIY materials cart

Is workshop organization kind of a part time job for you? Seems like it is for me. The fewer places I have to store things, the slower things go. Except screw-ups and frustration. Those things speed up. Whether it’s for the project d’jour or the ‘I know I’m gonna need this’ repair, all the materials [...]

Lamps Plus - Backlighting Basics - MyFixitUpLife

Add lighting drama with LED backlighting ideas

That’s why I love that it’s easy to try out LED backlighting. Using lamps that you already own, or battery-powered LED strip lighting, you can achieve the look without having to change what’s already in your home. And for the less-than-visual family members, testing out a look helps give them an opportunity to react to your ideas.

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