Why isn’t white always the best paint color for a ceiling? #HossColor chat


Take a moment before you pick up another gallon of ceiling white paint. Ceilings don’t have to be white. Ok, so take a moment to digest that statement. If you are a color geek like me or passionate about Pinterest and shelter magazines like Hoss magazine, this isn’t a surprise. … see more

LED is changing the shape of design. See you at Lamps Plus #KBIS2016

Innovative lighting from LampsPlus celebrates the beauty of LED technology. KBIS2016

Design is more than just the wrapping on an idea, design can be the idea. #KBIS2016 Designers aren’t too pleased to be served something to ‘make pretty.’ We get annoyed by the misconception that we aren’t fundamental to innovation, when in fact, we think we’re essential. We designers question …. … see more

Mark’s Trade Tricks | Deck Building 101 | How to build a deck

Stiletto Hammer

Everybody is suddenly a carpenter when it comes to DIY deck building. Thing is, decks are fun, but also deadly. They collapse all the time. Simpson Strong-Tie, maker of hardcore, uber awesome deck hardware—the kind that keeps the thing in the air and under your feet where it belongs—asked us … see more

Mark’s trade tricks: Cope and install crown molding–Video tutorial, DIY

install crown molding

If you believe those cartoon-y infographics that ‘show’ how to install crown molding as 1-2-3-easy, you’re probably going to throw your tape measure across the room when you see the Grand Canyon-sized yawning gap of missing information therein. To fill in some gaps, I’ve crafted this tutorial and video with … see more

Painting a room? Whole house? Here’s a time saver

Painting a room

Painting a room is something almost all of us take on at some time in our lives. For some it’s passion; others a headache. In both cases, tools that work make it better. Like light sabers. I’m a contractor. I’m also a DIYer in the sense that I’m working on … see more

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