Customized Walls - Wallpaper

Why is wallpaper making a comeback? Let’s talk.

If you’re on Pinterest or follow any trendy designers, you know that wallpaper is being talked about. But why? Join us.


Cool off with LED Lighting

Refresh interior spaces with water-inspired LED lighting.

Snow guards

What are snow guards and do I need them on my roof?

Snow guards are those…you know…’thingies’ you see at the edge of a roof. And I love them. But what are they for? I usually see snow guards on old houses and they make a roof look interesting. With all kinds of different shapes like stars, eagles, fleur-de-lis, and more. They’re cool. Snow guards are also [...]

Crayon art door MyFixitUpLife

Crayon art: Back-to-school door decoration

We’re celebrating back-to-school with fun crayon art on our front door.
After pinning fun crafty ideas for back-to-school decorations on Pinterest…

Curb Appeal Fypon MyFixitUpLife

Curb appeal 101: 10 ways to invest in your home

Curb appeal is more than just creating a pretty face in the neighborhood, it’s a good investment in your property.

Fypon - National Curb Appeal Month - Logo - 2c

The first ever National Curb Appeal Month is happening now

We’re celebrating the first National Curb Appeal Month by spending a bit more time enjoying our front porch.

Tile Trouble - Home Advisor - MyFixitUpLife

How to fix a broken tile

Lots of stuff can break a tile—heavy traffic, a poor install, and yes, even household hijinks—but what really matters isn’t how it got broken, but rather how to fix a broken tile when you’ve got one. Even if the tile got broken by carelessness, the way to keep from having two or more broken tiles [...]

Desk Lamp - MyFixitUpLife - LampsPlus

How to shop for an LED desk lamp

Shopping for a LED desk lamp? Look for these 6 features. Click here to see more by Theresa on

MyFixitUpLife front yard

It’s #HouseSelfie time. Celebrate your home for National Curb Appeal Month

National Curb Appeal Month means that it’s time to celebrate your home’s curb appeal.

Installing a thermally efficient Therma-Tru fiberglass door.

Door do-over week: Let’s take a closer look at that entry door

Our friends at Therma-Tru are celebrating Door Do-Over Week with daily tips to help us get to know our entry door a little better.

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