Lighting Layers - MyFixitUpLife - Lamps Plus

Decorate for a party with layers of LED lighting

There are essentials when creating a fun party atmosphere, and then there are the little special touches that can turn a party into an event.

Nighttime - Curb appeal - MyFixituPlife

Curb appeal at night with the perfect light

Night is a perfect opportunity to add another dimension to your curb appeal. Clearing out clutter and adding color and texture are the typical credos from us designers for increasing your home’s curb appeal. But, because of our work lives, many people actually see your home more frequently at night than during the day. So [...]

Fypon Finial Pineapple - Festive Decor - MyFixitUpLife

Metallic pineapples are festive decor for the holidays

Decorating with pineapple finials to amp-up our festive decor seems like a natural choice to me. Here’s why. It may seem odd to associate pineapples with the holiday season, but it actually makes perfect sense to me. The holidays are a time of year where we are reminded to share our joy with others, and [...]

Stand up desk

How to make a stand-up desk

Because staring into a computer screen for too long has a certain effect on me—Think: Tranquilizer dart and clinical depressant—I’m what you’d call a stand-up desk fan. A stand-up desk truly does help me fight off the urge to go nighty-night at midday. And I also feel it’s helping me do my part to keep [...]

Philadelphia Eagles Obstacle Wall with Glidden Team Colors

Obstacle course training wall with Glidden Team Colors paint

If you love obstacle course races and the NFL, then we built this Glidden Team Colors obstacle course training wall with you in mind. We built the obstacle wall to not just be a DIY training partner, but to be ‘your inspired when you’re tired’ wall. Since I caught the obstacle course race bug earlier [...]

holiday wall decor myfixituplife

Holiday wall art made from chair rail

I’m wall art obsessed these days, and I think the holidays are feeding my obsession for holiday wall art. Ever since we designed for the 48-hour ‘Save My Bakery‘ show on Food Network, I’ve become a bit preoccupied with inspiration for inexpensive, high-impact wall art. When you have an extremely small budget and limited amount [...]


DIY Project: How to make a workbench

I love having a stationary workbench in my shop. While many benches I build are mobile by design—whether for the job site or just to move around the shop—I like to have a fixed, sturdy, flat place to do all kinds of stuff from sharpening to paperwork. As usual, however, I want lots of utility [...]

furnace filter

Time to replace your furnace filter?

A furnace filter is kind of like the oil in your car. Unless you have a schedule to replace it—you know, the little window sticker the mechanic leaves—you probably won’t know it’s costing you money.   Changing a furnace filter is easy home maintenance. All you need to do is locate it, which we show [...]

holiday gifts for men

How to open a paint can + more DIY tips: Hyde tools’ 17-in-1 multi-tool

We don’t just say we love our Hyde Tools 17-in-1 multi-tool, we mean it. I know this sounds like marketing bull… but it’s the truth. And every time I see someone digging around in their tool box for various items to pry, scrape, remove screws, open paint cans, etc I wonder what other things could [...]

Nightlights - LampsPlus - MyFixitUpLife

Night lights aren’t just for kids

More than just a way to scare off scary nighttime creatures, night lights can add a bit of safety, style, and ambiance. If you haven’t looked at the options in night light design and technology lately, indulge a few minutes of time to checking out what’s new. It’s not just a little character that matches [...]

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