Before, this bedroom had no personality. And the little girl explodes with charisma. My challenge was to make the bedroom fit the girl.

We charmed a little girl’s bedroom into a parlor fit for a little princess

The plain Jane bedroom had no personality. And the little girl explodes with charisma.
My challenge is to make the bedroom fit the girl.

basement bathroom design ideas

Basement bathroom design ideas, poop and the worst job in plumbing

Basement bathroom design ideas are just a bunch of, well, crap if you spend too much time designing what a bathroom looks like not enough time designing what it does. How would you like to spend thousands on a basement bathroom remodel and then live knowing you’re one flushed baby wipe (or tampon or condom […]

Mark deck boards.

Mark shares the craftmanship of building a natural wood deck at JLC Live! in Chicago

Are you heading to the Remodeling Show / Deck Expo / JLC Live? We’ll be there, too. Mark is psyched. His favorite project is building with wood outside. The more Mark can move fast and make lighting speed progress is when he’s got room to move and tons of experience inside him. For this series […]

Lamps Plus - Industrial Style - MyFixitUpLife

Industrial style lighting is more diverse than you might think.

It may seem like just a design category of metal and raw materials, but industrial style lighting is more complex than first glance. When I look at the collage of metal lighting above, here’s what I see.

Upcycle idea

Upcycle idea: DIY a paint tray into an awesome sink caddy!

This upcycle idea was born of a problem I face about 80-times a day: That there is no actual place for the stuff we use about 80-times a day. Seriously: There is just no actual location in space-time for dish soap, hand soap and the sponge. I even looked up ‘sink caddy’ on Amazon. As […]

MyFixitUpLife LampsPlus outdoor lighting backyard parties

Your home is more ready for backyard parties when the lighting is layered

Not having lighting options in any space, and backyard parties are included here, is like not having a few different chairs or shoe options.


Theresa power washed a watermelon for a Consumer Reports video

Mark & Theresa power washed a watermelon and did a quick makeover on a tool shed in this fun Consumer Reports video. If someone asked you to power wash a watermelon, would you? Uh, of course. Theresa donned an entire safety ensemble before she pointed the gas-powered pressure washer at the watermelon. If you want […]

MyFixitUpLife - Habitat for Humanity ReStore Dresser - After

ReStore Makeover in an afternoon: New color for a mid-century dresser

While I love the original finish of the piece, I wanted to make it mine with color. And I wanted to update two other little finds: a little Buddha statue and a charming table lamp.

Lamps Plus Porch Light - MyFixitUpLife

How to install a porch light

To install a porch light successfully there are a few things I advise that make life a little easier and the project go smoothly. A few tools. A decent ladder. And some patience all smooth the road in front of you. Here’s how I do it.   First step is to shut off power at […]

Habitat ReStore Bench makeover - MyFixitUpLife

Quick tip: How to get a perfect paint finish with a few easy steps

A perfect paint finish is easy if you follow a few simple steps, and practice patience, when spray painting furniture. I’m kind of a perfectionist when it comes to painting. Drips, blobs, runs, streaks, uneven color… all make me uncomfortable. Especially when it’s easy to achieve a smooth ‘I-didn’t-know-it-came-in-that-color’ reaction from friends. Here are my […]

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