Dream in color!

Do You Dream in Color?

Sometimes the hardest part about taking care of our homes and the people inside them is getting started. You know you need a new roof, and you know you want a new roof but you don’t yet feel the roof that fits your house and moves you to take action. It’s kind of like of [...]

Things to Consider When Installing a New Roof

Check out some Things to Consider when Installing a New Roof!

When it comes to a new roof, it is sometimes easy to forget the stuff that keeps the rain and snow out is also one of the biggest, most visible claddings on your house.

Mark & Theresa get ready for the roof project

Video: The right roof for a 120-year-old Georgian home

Mark and Theresa make a roof replacement happen on a 120-year-old Georgian-style home, with smart historic charm and on-budget peace of mind for young homeowners living in an historic town in Pennsylvania. They chose a synthetic slate from DaVinci Roofscapes to blend in with the neighborhood, but without busting the homeowners’ budget.

SunRise Solar Attic fan.

SunRise Solar Attic Fans: A Class Act

One way to know a company that believes in their product, understands how their product performs, and that they are being honest when they tout its benefits is when you call them and they suggest than ANOTHER product might be the best solution for what ails you. I’ve been working on solving a moisture problem [...]

Installing DaVinci roofscapes Bellaforte Slate.

Roof Question

Question: I need a new roof on my house. And even though I do a lot of projects myself, a roof is too much. So since I’m paying for it, my question is: Can you get a better deal on replacing your roof in fall or spring? Or does it make no difference? Answer: My [...]

Color that works for the whole house.

Color it FRESH!

Over the years as a contractor visiting people’s homes for estimates, I’ve had to find ways to sum up people—and projects— quickly. Some you can joke with or mention the big game. Others are as serious as a heart attack. Still others shop price (including mine) while some have never even seen a real contractor [...]

snow guards

The Purpose of Snow Guards

Question: Hey MyFixitUpLife, I have an old house question. I feel like I should know the answer to this, but I don’t. On the roofs of many old houses, along the eave, there are…best as I can describe it…bird-shaped thingies. I’ve seen others that look octagonal and yet others that are round. I’ve seen them [...]

Bellaforte Slate

DIY Roofing Project

            Question: Here’s my story: My house needs a new roof. I live in an historic district where there is a lot of slate. Even though I built houses summers in high school and through college, that was, well I won’t tell you how old I am but it was [...]


Color Design Program, A Personal Touch

I have a conundrum. On one hand I often feel the world offers too many choices: electric automobile seats with predetermined settings that default to a setting I don’t use, clothes washers with a million cycle options but if I forget to drop a sock in there it takes 45 seconds to open the door, [...]

Bellaforte slate

Roof: Done Right, Done Once

When you see a raging wildfire race by, that’s one of those events that changes the way you see the world. And that’s what happened to Dan Baer. Fifty homes in his area of Yorba Linda, CA were lost that day. Fifty. The only thing that kept his house from being 51 was luck. The [...]

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