Home improvement & design: How to install wood wainscoting & vertical trim

2016 MyFixitUpLife Wood Naturally wainscoting installation - Mark

Wood wainscoting is one of my favorite interior finishes. It’s fun, clean, and all carpentry. And it looks sensational. In this video I run through a few steps for getting a job that’ll last—and that you’ll love. Things I focus on primarily for wood wainscoting—especially vertical installations—are getting the first … see more

Painting a room? Whole house? Here’s a time saver

Painting a room

Painting a room is something almost all of us take on at some time in our lives. For some it’s passion; others a headache. In both cases, tools that work make it better. Like light sabers. I’m a contractor. I’m also a DIYer in the sense that I’m working on … see more

Video: How to patch textured drywall

Patch textured drywall

If you can patch drywall, you can patch textured drywall. Even if it’s a DIY First, our video shows you how…without boring you to sleep. Promise. Watch the bloopers. ‘Textured drywall’ is a finish sprayed on to regular drywall boards during construction. It’s joint compound, but instead of a smooth … see more

How to repair drywall repair quickly and easily

How to repair drywall video MyFixitUpLife

Among all of the products and methods, by far the easiest way to repair drywall is a repair patch called Wet & Set from HYDE. Just cut the size you need to cover the hole, wet it, then set it over the hole. Cover with compound, sand, and paint.
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