Modern home styles blend clean lines and classic good looks.

Swing time: A beautiful door brings home styles to light

Home styles are different from block to block, even house to house. But one thing they all have in common—and we all use every day—is a door. And whether it’s for looking through or for walking through, a dialed-in door is all about more. A great door is a thing of beauty, if you ask [...]

Simonton Wood-Grained, Round-Top Window

Vinyl Windows: A Lot and Not

When it comes to windows, I want what I call: “a lot and not.” Whether it’s an awning window, bay window, casement window; double-hung, single-hung, new construction or replacement window I like a window with the best balance of design features, durability and cost. From the “lot” standpoint, I want to enjoy the way my [...]

Therma-Tru Pulse Collection.

Therma-Tru Doors Taking the Pulse: Modern is New Again

  The thing about “modern” design is that it’s been around a while. A sizzling hot, easy-to-build style in houses, its rectilinear sensibility throws off the visible structural elements of the Craftsman Style, the complicated hips and jerkins of the American Four Square and the blandness of a rowhouse box. And this can leave homeowners [...]

Mark San Francisco Chronicle DaVinci

Have you checked your home’s exterior lately?

Owning a home means giving constant attention to the building products that go into protecting the structure of your house. While we’d like to believe items like our roof, siding and windows will last forever, that’s not the case.   Click here to read more tips on evaluating your home’s exterior.

Exterior paint plastic spiders glued - MyFixitUpLife

Read Theresa’s Holiday Wreath Ideas in Yahoo! News

Theresa Coleman, interior designer and host of MyFixitUpLife, offers low-cost suggestions on how homeowners can create engaging autumn holiday door decorations. Experts at Fypon and Therma-Tru provide tips on properly attaching wreaths to doors.    

Installing a thermally efficient Therma-Tru fiberglass door.

There’s a National Home Improvement Month?

Not that every month here at MyFixitUpLife isn’t national home improvement month, but for the record National Home Improvement Month is May. And while I’ve roofed in February (and July) and had windows out of the house in winter (and doors in summer), May is a good time to take stock—and take action—on lots of [...]

2012_Therma-Tru_Door Install

Old House, New Door and More

An old house gets a new door—and more: Mark checks down professional-grade techniques for safely installing a new door in an old house, and increasing the energy efficiency of the entire room. Framing, insulation, plumbing, electric and a period appropriate Fypon trim package make this Therma-Tru fiberglass door replacement an awesome up-fit. Note: Therma-Tru Doors [...]


Spring’s trendiest colors…

There’s been a lot of talk about the color of the year: Tangerine Tango. Gorgeous hue that has powerful, bold energy that’s showing up everywhere this year. (You can tell that I’m a fan…in fact my favorite winter coat is this hue.) But looking down the list of Pantone’s ‘Top Ten’ list of colors for [...]

Remodeling Payback With Windows: Vinyl Windows a Top 10 Replacement Project

Remodeling Payback With Windows: Top 10 Replacement Project

According to the Remodeling 2011–12 Cost vs. Value Report (, the replacement of older, inefficient windows with upscale vinyl replacement windows is one of the ten most popular projects with payback for homeowners.

2012_Simonton_Lead video screen grab

Lead-safe window replacement keeps families safe

It’s the dust you can’t see that concerns us the most. That’s why we practice lead safe remodeling in our clients’ homes, and in our home. Friction caused by the opening and closing of a window sash painted with lead-based paint can generate microscopic “lead dust” that, if ingested, can be harmful to your family’s [...]

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