What are your holiday entertaining essentials in a small space?

2015 MyFixitUpLife Kim Lewis Holiday Color wheel - holiday entertaining essentials

Holiday entertaining essentials can fit inside a 1 cubic-foot box. Let’s talk.  The space dilemma can be extremely frustrating when entertaining family and friends during the holidays. Is your extended family growing and your house is still the same size? Yeah, we have that challenge, too. We’ve invited Kim Lewis, … see more

Cupcakes & cocktails is how we celebrate National Vanilla Cupcake Day

For a sophisticated cupcake treat, the candy cane cupcakes are perfection from Liz.

What better way to celebrate National Vanilla Cupcake Day than with cupcake expert Liz, the Beeroness Jackie, and our favorite sneeky cocktail designer Lulu? Yes, November 10th is National Vanilla Cupcake Day, and we are celebrating with cupcakes and cocktails ideas from the experts. Let’s start with cupcakes. We knew … see more

Junk isn’t junk when you repurpose it… Let’s blab holiday DIY ideas

Fypon Finial Pineapple - Festive Decor - MyFixitUpLife

What I think it’s fit for the trash isn’t necessarily what you think is junk. We’re repurposing for holiday DIY ideas.  Holiday DIY ideas are everywhere. Our MyFixitUpLife show hosts are inspired to make treasures every holiday season. So Mark and Theresa want to show-and-share ways to makeover older pieces … see more

The DIY of OCR: Obstacle course racing—Inspire the fire


Obstacle course racing is the next soccer. Yeah, it’s a ‘thing’. You’ve probably heard of one. Or know someone who has—or will—do one. They change lives. And for us MyFixitUpLifer’s there’s an extra cool part: It’s loaded with DIY of building stuff. So if you’re not lacing up for your … see more

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