In an afternoon, I updated the color of my mom’s bathroom vanity cabinet

I updated the wall color and decor of my mom's bathroom a few months ago. We were both happy to see a new color on her bathroom vanity cabinet.

Slow and steady is how I like to paint vanity cabinets for that factory finish look. Yes, you can paint your cabinets. No, you shouldn’t expect to paint them in just one coat. You’ve probably heard experts weigh-in on both sides of the ‘paint your cabinets’ opinion fence. If you … see more

Can you avoid long lines for a snow blower before this winter’s blizzard?

Snow blower

How many minutes do you want to spend in line pre-snow storm this winter hoping they still have the shovel or snow blower you should have bought, well, today (or at least this month). Answer: Zero seconds. Life is busy, I get it. There’s always something brewing, but winter prep … see more

Basement bathroom design ideas, poop and the worst job in plumbing

basement bathroom design ideas

Basement bathroom design ideas are just a bunch of, well, crap if you spend too much time designing what a bathroom looks like not enough time designing what it does. How would you like to spend thousands on a basement bathroom remodel and then live knowing you’re one flushed baby … see more

Upcycle idea: DIY a paint tray into an awesome sink caddy!

Upcycle idea

This upcycle idea was born of a problem I face about 80-times a day: That there is no actual place for the stuff we use about 80-times a day. Seriously: There is just no actual location in space-time for dish soap, hand soap and the sponge. I even looked up … see more

Craftsman + Kenmore = Stuff that’s awesome for your house

Craftsman Kenmore

Craftsman & Kenmore invited us to check out some of their new gear for home, shop, lawn, garden, and garage. Up-armored is the theme—from design to details. Let me first say that I love this part of my job. That Craftsman Kenmore would think to invite me to their event … see more

Pallet project inspired! Making the Hanging Gardens of Pallet-On Planter

Bernzomatic pallet project

Pallet + rope + plants = The Hanging Gardens of Pallet-on. The 8th Wonder of DIY! Design. I designed this pallet project to display something I love in a place I love, namely: Flowers and plants and my front porch. It takes up zero floor space. And it’s what I … see more

How to install a porch light

Lamps Plus Porch Light - MyFixitUpLife

To install a porch light successfully there are a few things I advise that make life a little easier and the project go smoothly. A few tools. A decent ladder. And some patience all smooth the road in front of you. Here’s how I do it.   First step is … see more

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