Organic meets bold at Design Construction Week in Vegas. #KBIS2016 #DCW2016


Nature-inspired colors and textures are even better with bold color pops.    I was delighted to see the bold colors popping up like a ‘springtime of happy’ at residential design and construction’s biggest trade show event, Design Construction Week. It wasn’t that bold colors were in every company’s vignette or … see more

Bathroom safety products that are designed for a stylish home.


DesignAllz: Grab bars and shower seats used to be a necessary eyesore for designers to integrate into a bathroom. But no more. How often do people use a towel rack as a grab bar? Way too often. This Invisia towel rack from American Standard has an integrated safety bar. Genius. … see more

A sunny sophisticated bathroom makeover in just an afternoon

We embraced the yellow and added some quick sophistication instead.

It was preserved from 1980. Charming from a designer’s historical view, but not anything she wanted. The small bathroom was covered in yellow tile, lit by fluorescent tube lights, and half of the bathroom was a way-less-than-awesome glass shower. With the tight budget that comes with most every new home, I suggested a few updates that wouldn’t require any remodeling. see more

Bathroom design tips for Alzheimer’s families

This bathroom shows the color contrast that anyone with Alzheimer’s would appreciate. The flooring and walls are a different color than the toilet and sink.

Think about color contrast when updating your bathroom.  My theory of designing for Alzheimer’s includes taking cues from designs during the time period that the person with Alzheimer’s was at the prime of life. Looking back at the colorful contrasting fixtures and finishes in bathrooms from 30, 40, and 50+ years ago, … see more

Mark’s trade tricks: Have you cleaned the dryer vent? Better check it…

clean dryer vent

Dryer vent cleaning is about a glorious as litter box maintenance or locating fridge smell. But like many things that make our lives work and keep us safe from nasty inconveniences like, say, the house burning down, it ranks up right up there on the importance scale. On a DIY … see more

Fire + Water: DIY this diesel shower caddy soldering spare parts


Since getting the lucky chance to work as a Bernzomatic ‘Torch Bearer’ designing and making stuff with torches, I’m adding soldering to the list of things DIY and home improvement that I love. I’m not saying I’m good at it. But I like it. And I want to be good at … see more

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