How to hacks

How to hacks: Store (damn near) everything: Fertilizer bags

How to hacks help keep me sane. And maybe from becoming a hoarder. Maybe. They also make it so I don’t throw away things I already paid for, like fertilizer or grass seed. That’s the thing about stuff. No matter what it is, it’s going somewhere. But not just anywhere. PLEASE! That is hoarding! (Or at [...]

Bark mulch

Dyed bark mulch: Beauty beats weeds

I’ve heard chatter in the gardening world that bark mulch is bad. Especially dyed bark mulch. I’m not sure I agree. The reasons why people, ‘experts’ I guess, say dyed bark mulch is bad range from the complex—citing lots of esoteric science—to the panicked: As in, dyed mulch is made from recycled wood: Some of [...]

Krylon man cave

Man cave ideas: From lame to loud

Take your man cave from lame to loud in a weekend with some sweet upcycle, repair, and DIY projects that’ll refine a rusted, busted space. Rusted, because lots of us park cars, lawnmowers, bikes, and bags of driveway salt in our man cave. And ‘busted’ because anything from cellars that should be a dry basement [...]

Yes, you never know what you might find underneath clutter. drop zone

Should we drop the ‘drop zone’ in the kitchen? Let’s talk.

The drop zone is a dreaded area for most every mom and designer. How do we deal with it? Join us.

Lawn care

Lawn care trick you need to know: Frig it, sprig it

I call this lawn care repair trick ‘sprigging’. If you have another name for it, or have tried it, I’d love to know how it worked for you. I use this trick to re-grow grass in areas where it has stopped growing or been worn out—and where it appears seeds refuse to grow no matter [...]

How to make a bee house.

Pallet + Vintage post = How to make a bee house

One of the last things I thought I’d want to make is something to attract bees, but as it turns out, building a bee house was fun and it’s an environmentally friendly and cool new part to our landscape. At least that’s what I thought until Theresa saw it. I used a pallet for the [...]

How to clean grill grates

Grill hack: How to clean grill grates without a wire brush

Hey grill hounds and anybody with a gross grill, here’s a hack for how to clean grill grates without a brush. Actually, it’s an awesome way to clean grill grates, period. So you’re in a situation where you’ve got meat that has to be grilled. Now. But the grates are greased up with gross and, [...]

Ahmed Hassan headshot

Backyard DIY fire features for any budget with Ahmed Hassan

Thinking about adding a fire feature to your backyard, but low on budget? We got this covered with Ahmed Hassan.

Laurie March in front of Paint samples - MyFixitUpLife

Feng Shui bedroom? Let’s make it happen with HGTVRemodel’s Laurie March

Want a Feng Shui bedroom? We’ve got you covered with tips from expert Laurie March. Is that light fixture over your bed really a dagger? It Feng-ing might be! And some little part of you might be Shui-ing its pants because of it. But you can’t hear it because—like the hum of a TV—it’s [...]

lisa Smith - Decor Girl - MyFixitUpLIfe

Roof garden? DecorGirl shares the challenges and delights

We’re talking with DecorGirl Lisa Smith about her roof garden to find out the real-deal of putting a garden on top of your house.

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