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Simple kitchen decor ideas—and how not to screw them up

Simple kitchen decor ideas only look good, well, if they look good. Stuff that looks terrible isn’t really decor. At least in the traditional sense.   So this video is Design + DIY for kitchen decor that doesn’t un-decor your kitchen. Everyone says to add new pulls—and it’s super simple if you’re just using the [...]

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5 Simple DIY tricks for fixing a garage door

Fixing a garage door is kind of an either-or project. Either you can fix it in almost no time. Or you should to call in a pro. This video is all about getting the job done DIY style. Start with the obvious. If the remote doesn’t work, check the wall-mounted switch. If that operates the [...]


DIY Project: How to make a workbench

I love having a stationary workbench in my shop. While many benches I build are mobile by design—whether for the job site or just to move around the shop—I like to have a fixed, sturdy, flat place to do all kinds of stuff from sharpening to paperwork. As usual, however, I want lots of utility [...]

The Glidden Team Colors New England Patriots Dog House

How-to Build the New England Patriots doghouse with Glidden Team Colors

This doghouse is is extra-tricked-out and fit for a canine king with Glidden Team Colors paint in New England Patriots colors. Our friends just adopted a new dog, so we thought it was a perfect opportunity to build a fun doghouse. We’ve been wanting to build a green roof, and love the idea of making [...]

Clogged garbage dispsal

Video: How to unclog a clogged garbage disposal

A clogged garbage disposal always seems to happen right before a party. The good news is that you might be able to fix it yourself. So here are a few tips to avoid the mess and inconvenience of a clogged garbage disposal in the first place and some tips that might help you save the [...]

DIY decor

DIY decor: Steampunk toilet paper holder

DIY decor sometimes couldn’t be simpler. Or more awesome. Or more used. We use this every day. It’s our Steampunk-inspired toilet paper roll holder. We love it. We made ours like our DIY Decor Steampunk shelf, which we also love. All the pipe and parts are black steel gas pipe. It’s available in any home [...]


Crap design. No seriously, designing for what we all do: Poop

Call it it poop, ca-ca, #2, the deuce, potty, or just nothing at all, it happens. And we live right next to it. Whether it’s our pets or the tiny people we love so much what comes out of us is, at one point or another, inside where we live. So when it comes to [...]

Used beer depository wall art

Man cave bathroom ideas we love

Looking for unique man cave bathroom ideas? Check these out. Mark and I have been planning a new bathroom as part of our basement renovation. The first remodeling project we did was a bathroom in our 110-year-old home, and we were still learning about what each other liked in a bathroom. And over the last [...]

DIY Landscaping

Landscaping DIY question: Dust in the desert

Question: I’ve got a landscaping DIY question about my dirt yard. I need a desert do-over! I was watching Yard Crashers. I Googled Matt Blashaw which led me to you. I’ve always been into DIY projects, but never too good. I live in Blythe, CA—the desert about half way between L.A. and Phoenix. Our lot [...]

DIY Decor: Steampunk Shelf

DIY decor: Steampunk bathroom shelf

Hey guys—actual male guys I’m talking about here—let’s talk DIY decor. Wait, what?! Yeah. DIY decor. For guys. That you will like. Theresa and I are experimenting with looks to help make our bathroom remodeling project include design touches we both enjoy. Decor-wise, unless it’s a man-cave, 10-to-1 a master bath doesn’t really have anything [...]

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