Craftsman + Kenmore = Stuff that’s awesome for your house

Craftsman Kenmore

Craftsman & Kenmore invited us to check out some of their new gear for home, shop, lawn, garden, and garage. Up-armored is the theme—from design to details. Let me first say that I love this part of my job. That Craftsman Kenmore would think to invite me to their event … see more

Pallet project inspired! Making the Hanging Gardens of Pallet-On Planter

Bernzomatic pallet project

Pallet + rope + plants = The Hanging Gardens of Pallet-on. The 8th Wonder of DIY! Design. I designed this pallet project to display something I love in a place I love, namely: Flowers and plants and my front porch. It takes up zero floor space. And it’s what I … see more

DIY Sprinkler: Fun for kids, pets, and you. Beat the heat

DIY Sprinkler

A quick search for ‘DIY sprinkler’ shows an array of…um…items…that (A) sprinkle and (B) I do not want in my yard. Or garage, shed, or, well, anywhere. So, I made my own for my son Jack and, if I play my cards right, me. Fueled by the garden hose and … see more

Ask it: Cordless grass trimmer?

grass trimmerq

Hello Sir, Is it possible to do good edge work with a grass trimmer—aka Weed Whacker, Weed Eater, string trimmer—or should you have an edger too? Also, have advancements in batteries made the cordless grass trimmer worth it, or is gas-powered the way to go? I primarily need a tool … see more

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