DIY Sprinkler

DIY Sprinkler: Fun for kids, pets, and you. Beat the heat

A quick search for ‘DIY sprinkler’ shows an array of…um…items…that (A) sprinkle and (B) I do not want in my yard. Or garage, shed, or, well, anywhere. So, I made my own for my son Jack and, if I play my cards right, me. Fueled by the garden hose and brought to life by copper [...]

grass trimmerq

Ask it: Cordless grass trimmer?

Hello Sir, Is it possible to do good edge work with a grass trimmer—aka Weed Whacker, Weed Eater, string trimmer—or should you have an edger too? Also, have advancements in batteries made the cordless grass trimmer worth it, or is gas-powered the way to go? I primarily need a tool to do edging (I have [...]

ostacle race training

AROO! We built a wall to help train for Spartan Race at a YMCA. #WhyIRace

As the obstacle course race popularity increases, we’ve seen training groups pop up around where we live. To help get future Spartans ready for the race, Mark and Theresa designed and built a Spartan training apparatus at a local YMCA.

How to build a play set

How to make a play set—Tips to save time

Make a play set for your kids. What could be more fun? Get a few tools and sketch up the design. Then, start whacking boards together. Sun’s shining. Lemonade (or beer-mon-ade) is close by. And Junior thinks you’re a hero, right? Yeah, until you’re whipping your cordless drill at the lawn when the piece doesn’t [...]


Let’s talk gardening jujitsu with Burpee & #GardenChat on MyFixitUpLife

Gardening jujitsu is about little things we can do that really make big differences to improve our homes (and our world). So let’s do it in the dirt. While a gardening death match might sound interesting, gardening jujitsu is using the simple and awesome power of plants to make your home, your family, and your [...]

After painting, decreasing the visual noise of wall art and counter items, the small bathroom looks more like a hotel bathroom than a kid's bathroom.

Glamourized. A small bathroom makeover for my mom.

From whimsical wildlife to ultra calm sleek, this small bathroom mini makeover was a treat.   My mom has never been a ‘shopper.’ And I am not exaggerating when she groans with my sister whenever the idea of shopping pops up as something to do. They shop to buy when there is a specific need. [...]

Worx mower

Worx Mower: Does it work? Hands-on review of 3-in-1 Cordless Lawn Mower

 You have got to be kidding me how well the Worx mower—3-in-1, 56-volt cordless lawn mower—functions. It’s not just good. It’s better than that. No sales pitch here friends. I know this thing is on TV, but that’s not how we roll when it comes to reviews. I’m literally almost upset this mower works as [...]

Lawn mower

Four simple tips to maintain your lawn mower like a man

Hey, man up and maintain your lawn mower. It’s easy. While your at it, get your kid out from behind the tablet and into the yard. Hands-on, baby. Here’s a few things we do. -New season, new spark plug. If your lawn mower is coughing and sputtering, this is a good place to get it [...]

Pallet Projects - Pinterest - MyFixitUpLife _Shur- Line

The first honest DIY pallet project on the internet

Welcome to the first honest pallet project on the internet. Here’s how you can make sure your DIY pallet project doesn’t end up looking like a monkey with a saw and nail gun made it.  I know better than to get between a pinner and the inspiration found on Pinterest for the many uses of [...]

Grill Hack

DIY grill hack: Build a platform for your grill

We live in a house built loooong before there was such a thing as a gas grill or any other other consumer grill to speak of, so we were perfect candidates for our own outdoor living grill hack: A grill platform made from wood you can build yourself. Because our house was designed with porches [...]

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