Kitchen design ideas: Danze Mid-Town kitchen faucet

Danze Faucets: Making kitchen design ideas modern

You don’t have to live in a high-rise building to be inspired by kitchen design ideas that have their roots in the concrete jungle. Clean, crisp lines, shapely styles and uber functionality in the kitchen are as universal as water itself. And here is where I—a toooootal functionality geek—get on the bus. I love style. [...]

Theresa Mark HomeAdvisor Edge lawn screen grab

How to edge your lawn

There are a few quick tips to edge your lawn like a pro. Check these out. A neatly trimmed lawn is a thing of beauty. To keep creeping grass at bay and cut a clean line, I use my string trimmer as an edger. Before you edge your lawn, check out which way the string [...]

How to build a pool deck

Ask it: Home improvement question–build a pool deck?

Question: I want to build a pool deck for my round above-ground swimming pool. I’ve built decks before, but nothing round. Can you give me some tips? Answer: Building a round pool deck out of rectangular lumber can be a challenge. The first trick we use to build a pool deck is to use a post and [...]

Wellborn Cabinets' Antigua door is a beach-y source for all kinds of kitchen design ideas.

Kitchen design ideas: Bring the beach inside

One look at Wellborn Cabinets’ new Antigua door and I was instantly transported to a far away beach hideaway and my mind washed over with warm-weather feelings and all kinds of kitchen design ideas. One of those ideas was not to run away to the beach at all. I love being ocean side, but bringing [...]

Home improvement question: Getting a hot tub into a gazebo

Ask it: Home improvement question–hot tub

You have home improvement questions? We have home improvement answers that will help you get DIY done! Question: We want to get a hot tub and I want to put it inside a gazebo in our yard. Do you know if the gazebo is built around the tub? How else would you get it in? [...]

Should You Install A Urinal In Your Home

Should You Install a Urinal at Home?

I know what you’re thinking. “A urinal in my house? Really?” You probably get the whole man-cave thing that boys will be boys. Other than that, what possible benefit could a urinal offer in your house? Number one (get it?), taking the urinal concept from the pub, rest stop or gym to your home can help you save space. It’s [...]

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 8.11.40 PM

Wood in the Bathroom? Absolutely!

The conventional wisdom is that tile is the go-to for bathroom surfaces. We see tile everywhere, from the bathroom at work to the subway, to everybody’s house. I love tile, but just because it’s so popular doesn’t mean we have to design with it. And tile and grout aren’t as impervious as you might think and are not required for looks, [...]

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 7.58.10 PM

Tricky Basement Bathroom? Cool Design Opportunity!

Small spaces, outbuildings and basement bathrooms can be some of the toughest projects on the bathroom remodeling spectrum. With so much happening in so little space, you’ve got to plan a lot in advance. Not only do you have to route plumbing and ventilation, but you have to think about the space you’re building in. Is it [...]

Fypon Medallion Holiday Centerpiece Ideas

Holiday centerpiece ideas using a ceiling medallion

I’ve been experimenting with ways to use ceiling medallions as wreaths, which has led me to the other holiday favorite: holiday centerpiece ideas.

Ryobi BP42 Fall lawn care.

Fall lawn care: Fertilizers, mowers, backpack blowers, and more

Fall lawn care can bring the lawn to life next season and be a great opportunity to clean up messes. Here are some tips on buying and using a backpack blower. Why even bother buying a backpack blower? The reason we have one: power. And it’s easy to use in a lot of fall lawn [...]

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