Worx mower

Worx Mower: Does it work? Hands-on review of 3-in-1 Cordless Lawn Mower

 You have got to be kidding me how well the Worx mower—3-in-1, 56-volt cordless lawn mower—functions. It’s not just good. It’s better than that. No sales pitch here friends. I know this thing is on TV, but that’s not how we roll when it comes to reviews. I’m literally almost upset this mower works as [...]

Lawn mower

Four simple tips to maintain your lawn mower like a man

Hey, man up and maintain your lawn mower. It’s easy. While your at it, get your kid out from behind the tablet and into the yard. Hands-on, baby. Here’s a few things we do. -New season, new spark plug. If your lawn mower is coughing and sputtering, this is a good place to get it [...]

Pallet Projects - Pinterest - MyFixitUpLife _Shur- Line

The first honest DIY pallet project on the internet

Welcome to the first honest pallet project on the internet. Here’s how you can make sure your DIY pallet project doesn’t end up looking like a monkey with a saw and nail gun made it.  I know better than to get between a pinner and the inspiration found on Pinterest for the many uses of [...]

Grill Hack

DIY grill hack: Build a platform for your grill

We live in a house built loooong before there was such a thing as a gas grill or any other other consumer grill to speak of, so we were perfect candidates for our own outdoor loving grill hack: A grill platform made from wood you can build yourself. Because our house was designed with porches [...]

Seed - 13 Spring DIY Projects - Improvenet - MyFixitUpLife

13 Spring DIY Projects

Spring has sprung. You know what time it is and don’t need me to tell you what you just experienced or that you’ll start seeing for sale signs growing like weeds on neighborhood lawns. What you might want, though, are some project inspirations that’ll help tune the house up whether you’re getting ready for the [...]

Not Just About Kitchens - Improvenet - MyFixitUpLife

It’s NOT Just About Kitchens and Baths

While it’s taken to mean ‘generally accepted,’ the term ‘conventional wisdom’ was not meant as a compliment. It meant that people see things as ‘true’ because they’re easy to understand, not because they’re right. However, insult or not, nuggets of truth laden in broad ideas become accepted because, well, they’re true. –ish. Like kitchens and [...]

How to install tile

Ask it: How to install tile backer board

Hey MyFixitUpLife—I have a question about how to install tile backer board. Can you help? Question: I know, generally, how to install tile but I could use an assist. I’m putting down backer board for a tile floor in our kitchen and want to make sure I apply the thinset properly. To fill the voids [...]


Stuff that works: Lawnmower madness that’ll make your grass happy

Getting ready to buy a lawnmower? Read this. From lawn nuts to guys who just want the green stuff shorter than it was before, here’s some stuff to know before you mow. Push It Real Good. For most mows, I like a simple, well-built push-mower. No lasers. No internet connection. No transmission like I’d find [...]

Worx Aerocart

DIY Machine: Worx Aerocart. Does it Worx?

The Worx Aerocart: You’ve seen it on TV? But how will it work in your back yard DIY? On the MyFixitUpLife grounds (we have grounds; just past the horse pasture is where we keep the unicorns) the Worx Aerocart has been a get-work-done-DIY-machine. Volume-wise, it holds about one bag of bark mulch which makes it [...]

Formica Corporation - Jonathan Adler - MyFixitUpLife

Home chic home with Jonathan Adler and Formica Corporation

Trend-setting ideas are even more impressive when they are from a 100+ year old company.   Hello Jonathan Adler Collection from Formica Corporation…Hello Strata Olympico and Salvage Planked Elm <swoon city> I tend to swoon when I see something visually arresting. As a designer, I’m highly visual, cataloging the images from everyday life at rapid [...]

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