I made a witch hat table and spider ball stools for Halloween!

Halloween is a fun excuse to paint and craft something festively different

_Clement_Krylon_supplies Halloween Theresa

I love making spooky and cute decorations for Halloween. Here are my supplies for this afternoon Halloween project.

I had an idea to make a witch table for Halloween this year, and this is how I created it using Krylon® Brand.

A round table is a perfect base for making an upside-down witch hat. And it’s easier, and takes less time, than you might think.

The first step to transforming a table into a witch hat is gathering the supplies.


My vision is to transform this table and yoga balls into Halloween fun.


Here’s my supply list for the witch hat table.

  • Round table
  • Poster board, or more durable sheet metal (it’s less than $20 at a home improvement store)
  • Scissors (for sheet metal, use scissors that can cut metal)
  • Tape measure, pencil
  • Tape for poster board; metal screws and a drill for sheet metal
  • Krylon® ColorMaster™Paint + Primer-25% More in Gloss Black, Gloss Rich Plum
  • Thick ribbon for the hat trim


Here’s my supply list for the little spider stools.

_Clement_Krylon_paint supplies MyFixitUpLife_Halloween

I used Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer- 25% More in Gloss Black, Gloss Pumpkin Orange, and Gloss Rich Plum for this project. These products are all available at your local Walmart. The surfaces and color of the material I was using didn’t need it, but you may want to use Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer-25% More White Primer, too.

The first part of this project is creating the witch’s hat table. And the first step is measuring the height of the cone for the witch’s hat.

1 Clement_Krylon__MyFixitUpLife_Halloween measure table

While this project can be done using poster board from your local craft store, I chose sheet metal for the hat, as it’s easy to roll into a cone shape, and it’s durable. If you’ve never worked with sheet metal before, wear gloves. The edges are sharper than paper, but not so sharp that if you are used to the material that you’ll end up with any cuts.

After rolling the cone to shape, I put a few metal screws into the sheet metal. If you are working with poster board, then you can use tape.

2 Clement_Krylon_supplies _MyFixitUpLife_Halloween make cone

When creating a cone out of a rectangular shape, the result will not be a perfectly formed shape. So the next step is making the cone the right height, and trimming it so that it is flat on top and bottom. I used the measurement from the table to mark the cone.

3 Clement__MyFixitUpLife_Krylon_Halloween measure cone to length

To make sure the bottom and top of the cone are flat, I lined up the cone at the end of a table, using a framing square. You don’t need to go out and buy a framing square. Any straight-edge can help guide you to having an even edge.

4b Clement_Krylon__MyFixitUpLife_Halloween measure cone to length

After making the pencil mark around the bottom of the cone, I cut the excess material. Then I used the bottom to mark the height of the cone (the measurement from inside the table), and cut off that extra material, too.

4 Clement_Krylon_MyFixitUpLife_Halloween make cut cone

Before taking the next step in this DIY project, I made sure the cone fit perfectly inside the table top and bottom.

5 Clement_Krylon_MyFixitUpLife_Halloween cone complete

The tabletop unscrews off the table leg, so I can just slip the cone over the leg and screw the top back on to check for a snug fit.

Now that I have a flat cone I’m ready for paint. Painting is my favorite part of every project. I love the way color transforms something ordinary into what’s living inside my imagination. Before I began, I made sure to read the application and safety instructions on the back of the can before spraying and painted in a well ventilated space.

6 Clement_Krylon MyFixitUpLife_paint cone

I used Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer-25% More in Gloss Black to paint the cone. With 3 light dusting coats, I ended up using about ½ a can to cover the sheet metal.

7 Clement_Krylon_suppliesMyFixitUpLife_ Halloween paint ribbon

I think a witch’s hat needs trim, so I grabbed a thick ribbon out of my stash of craft supplies. It’s silver, which isn’t exactly what I envisioned for this witch, so I painted it will Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer -25% More in Gloss Rich Plum. Ribbon takes paint beautifully, so I only needed two dusting coats.

9 Clement_Krylon_MyFixitUpLife_supplies Halloween paint ball

The next step of the project is transforming the little yoga balls into Halloween spiders. I painted both yoga balls with the same Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer-25% More in Gloss Black from the witch’s hat, using 3 coats and almost one can of paint.

0 Clement_Krylon_MyFixitUpLife_supplies Halloween spider balljpg

While the paint was drying on the yoga balls, I made templates for the spider eyes from scrap cardboard and a few lids from containers in my kitchen.

10 Clement_MyFixitUpLife_Krylon_spider ball paint eyes

I taped over the slit I made in the templates in order to have a clean line from the paint. I layered the eyes with purple and orange spray paint (Krylon ColorMaster – 25% More Gloss Purple and ColorMaster -25% More Gloss Orange).

To layer the eyes with two different colors, I first dusted two coats of one color inside the cardboard template, and immediately took the cardboard off for it to dry. After the paint was dry to touch, I then used another sized cardboard template to apply the second color inside the first circle of color.

After Clement_Krylon_Halloween witch table 2

After the cone was dry, I slipped the cone over the table leg and screwed the tabletop back on. Since I had checked it for a perfect fit, there was no need to use any adhesives or fasteners to keep the cone solidly in place.

The witch’s hat table is festive, especially with an upside-down bowl face and bowl for her dress, ready to fill with Halloween treats. And it only took an afternoon to create!

After Clement_MyFixitUpLife_Krylon_Halloween chairs witch table

With the table ready, I think it’s fitting to enjoy a Halloween cocktail in cordial glasses.

After Clement_MyFixitUpLife_Krylon_Halloween spider balls witch table

The spider stools make me smile, and are perfect as stools for grown-ups.

After Clement_MyFixitUpLife_Krylon_Halloween balls witch table

And the spider stools are fun for kids as a Halloween party table, too.

Note: Krylon has provided me with some of the products used in this project. I was also compensated for my time and this blog post. All opinions and positions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Krylon. For more information about DIY painting projects, please check out Krylon online.

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