A little dresser updated in two pink stains for one little girl’s room.

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Bold color stain can add personality to any ordinary wood furniture. #MadewithLove

MyFixitUpLife Habitat Minwax after tray bear pink stain

This little dresser is refreshed in Woodrose and Perfectly Pink stain from Minwax.

A friend shared a story about a little girl who is using cardboard boxes for her things. She doesn’t have a place to store her things in her apartment. This happens to many of us when we move to a new place or are faced with unexpected life changes.

So when I found a little dresser at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore, I thought it might be a perfect start to making her room feel more like home. In its former life, it was probably a side table for a sofa or bed. But in its new life, it will be whatever she dreams, in her favorite color pink.

Theresa MyFixitUpLife Habitat Minwax before dresser

This refresh project is part of Minwax’s #MadeWithLove project with DIYers like us. It’s a perfect fit because I love celebrating the thrill of finding real wood pieces at places like Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and the joy of evolving them into something to love.

Since the little dresser is wood I chose to use stain, and in two shades of pink, which reminds me of the wedding colors in Steel Magnolias. While Shelby (Julia Roberts) called them blush and bashful, the Minwax pink stain colors are Woodrose and Perfectly Pink.

Getting started in a DIY project means gathering supplies. Here’s a list of what I gathered:

Theresa MyFixitUpLife Habitat Minwax before tools

I’m ready. I’ve got all of the supplies for this staining project.

The first step in this transformation is taking out the drawers, and removing the hardware.

Theresa MyFixitUpLife Habitat Minwax removing hardware dresser

The hardware is easy to remove with a screwdriver.

Now I am ready to sand to open up the grain to be ready to receive the pink stain.

 Theresa MyFixitUpLife Habitat Minwax sanding dresser

Folding sandpaper makes it easier to get into the crevices of the molding details.

While you can use just sandpaper for this project, I have an oscillating tool that helps make the sanding part go a lot faster.

Theresa MyFixitUpLife Habitat Minwax sanding oscillating tool top

An oscillating tool makes sanding a lot faster than just using sandpaper.

After sanding all of the wood, which takes a few hours on this furniture, I wipe the sanding dust off the surfaces.

Theresa MyFixitUpLife Habitat Minwax wiping sanding top

A clean white cloth is my go-to for removing sanding dust.

Theresa MyFixitUpLife Habitat Minwax blowing sanding dust

I also have a handy little tool, 18-Volt High Power Volume Inflator, that helps to blow the dust out of the crevices really fast.

Now I’m ready to apply Minwax Water Based Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner. It will help give a uniform penetration of the water-based wood stain. After about 15 minutes, I lightly sand with fine-grade sandpaper to smooth any raised grain and then wipe off the sanding dust again.

Theresa MyFixitUpLife Habitat Minwax water based pre-stain

Now it’s ready for color. I chose Minwax Water-Based Wood Stain in two shades of pink.

I stir the stain, and then gently apply the color in the direction of the wood grain. After about 5 minutes, I look for any excess stain in that hasn’t penetrated the wood. If there is, it’s time to wipe it off with a clean cloth. After about 2 hours, I apply another coat.

Theresa MyFixitUpLife Habitat Minwax staining hot pink

Apply stain in the direction of the wood grain. This is Perfectly Pink color in the Minwax Water-Based Stain.

Theresa MyFixitUpLife Habitat Minwax staining light pink

I’m using a smaller brush to add the Woodrose stain to the trim.

Usually I would finish applying the first color before opening the second can, but I can’t wait to see how the top will look with these two pinks.

Theresa MyFixitUpLife Habitat Minwax staining hot pink side dresser

When applying stain, I go slow to make sure the wood has an even finish.

Staining is a zen-like meditative state for me. I enjoy the calm of applying new color and personality to an older piece of furniture.

Three hours later, it’s ready for a protective finish. I used Minwax’s Polycrylic Protective Finish for this project. After waiting two hours, I sanded it lightly sand to ensure an even finish before applying the second coat.

Theresa MyFixitUpLife Habitat Minwax clear coat

Applying a protective finish is an easy last step.

You may want to do another coat, but I think this little dresser looks great. To make sure the finish is set, I waited 24 hours before moving it into its new home.

MyFixitUpLife Habitat Minwax after

I transformed this little side table with a fresh stain of pink-and-pink, and I think it’s ready to brighten up a little girl’s bedroom.

If you are looking for inspiration for your home or you want to do a project like this, I hope you’ll check out other fun DIY projects that we’ve shared on our blog.

Note: Minwax has provided me with some of the products used in this project. I was also compensated for my time and this blog post. All opinions and positions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Minwax. For more information about DIY staining projects, please check out Minwax online.
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