Sunny-side up egg inspiration for home decorating ideas. #HOSSdesign

Bold yellow and white are a perfect pair to infuse a little happy into any home.

yellow workspace MyFixitUpLife

It may not be for you, but I love the bold accent of a yellow stripe. It infuses energy into a work space.

Anything can be your inspiration. This week, I’m inspired by the shape, texture, and color of the egg.

Sunny-side up eggs make me smile, with the happy yellow and bright white. I think that the color combination is perfect for turning any dated room around. Maybe it will not be long-lasting in your life, but it is certain to make those who pop into your home smile.

I shared a few tips with Hoss magazine about how to execute themed home decorating without making your space look like it was created by your kids.

And below there are so many really fun ways to bring the mojo of the sunny egg into most every room of the home, thanks to Ms. Pinterest. She has the best ideas ever.

We talk about home decorating and design every Wednesday at 8pmET during #HOSSdesign Twitter chat. I hope you’ll join us. 

Herman Miller chairs and tulip tables to atomic clocks and sunburst patterns on materials like resin, plastic and fiberglass

A kitchen is brighter with yellow and white.

yellow tufted chair and yellow framed mirror

Yellow tufted chair and classic style can turn modern with bold yellow.

egg art face

“Why are you celebrating the egg and not chickens?”Also, an egg-cellently fun way to decorate an egg for Easter.

Sarah Parker yellow table

A spotlight painting scheme is so fun. This is by artist Sarah Parker.

Yellow and white can cheer up a morning bathroom.

Yellow and white can cheer up a morning bathroom.

yellow plate mug

The easiest way to incorporate the egg into home decor is with a few cheery plates and mugs.

yellow stairway

Dramatic stair in most other colors would seem ominous, but yellow gives a different feel.

A yellow window frame can make even the dreariest rainy days a little brighter.

A yellow window frame can make even the dreariest rainy days a little brighter.


egg rug

If you love eggs and enjoy whimsy, perhaps an egg rug could be your next DIY?

HossDesign Egg Decorating Home Interior Theresa April 2017

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