FixitUpFind: Breezy Living Screens

Breezy Living Garage Screen.

Breezy Living Screen System for a Garage Mahaler's dual life.

Here’s one for Garage-Ma-Hal-ers—people who double duty their garage—toggling between any-, and everything from workshop to storage space to kids’ space to work-out room to anything else household life allows to live just inside from the elements but outside from the actual living space: Breezy Living Screens.

See, as any Garage-Ma-Hal-er knows, a garage door is either open (come on in bugs, stay-away light by which I might actually see) or closed (“Hello darkness my old friend,” could it be hotter in here?) There’s no in between I have ever seen until I saw Breeze Living Screens.

They install and operate like a garage door and offer full screen coverage for the door opening–without removing your garage door. What’s really cool is the door within a door (not a’ play within a play,’ that’s Hamlet…Rosecrantz and Gildenstern say hi.

The Breezy Living Screen employs a fully operable—on hinges, like a standard screen door—screen door within their garage screen so you can enter and exit easily. It looks easy to install and operates snag free. Here’s another cool thing: To keep your AC off for a little longer, this is a great way to let more air circulate through your house in the shoulder seasons. What a breeze. It’s got a 2-year warranty and is made in these United States.

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