Get Your Snow Blowers Ready for Winter

If you live in an area where it snows, cleaning up and digging out after a heavy snowfall is a simple fact of life. Sure, shoveling is the traditional way to get the job done, but your back, shoulders, and legs may be pleading for an easier alternative. Plus, with record snowfall pounding many cities this winter, a snow blower is starting to look like a pretty good item to have — even to the most enthusiastic shovelers.

Snow blowers come in three varieties: electric, single-stage and two-stage.

Electric Throwers
Electric snow blowers are smaller and more compact than their gas-powered counterparts. Their design makes them easy to maneuver and ideal for clearing lighter snowfalls on smooth, paved surfaces, as well as small areas like walkways, patios and driveway aprons. When it snows a foot or more and you’ve got some serious real estate to clear, opt for single-stage and two-stage units.
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