In the Green Room at the NBC 10! Show

Sometimes the most fun happens behind-the-scenes.

We loved checking in with the NBC 10! Show to share our favorite DIY picks for 2011. But, I have to admit that we actually so much fun in the green room getting to know all of the other guests on today’s show that I was a little turned around by the time it was our turn to talk with the popular Food Network and Nickelodeon host Marc Summers, who is their special guest host this week.

Marc Summers

And wherever we go, we discover that it really is a small world. When Taniya Nayak was on our MyFixitUpLife radio show a few weeks back, she talked about her new show called “Restaurant: Impossible.” It just so happens that Marc Summers is producing that show for the Food Network. It premiers in January 2011.

We met Liz Scott, mother of Alex of Alex’s Lemonade Stand, which is true inspiration. Since 2004, the Alex Lemonade Stand Foundation has raised more than $35 million for childhood cancer, one cup at a time.

Kevin Eubanks

Liz and I both enjoyed talking with Daneen Baird and her oh-so stylish sister from Spoiled Pretty. As soon as she mentioned that she’s been invited to the Project Runway runway show in NYC and that she gets to try out all the latest and coolest beauty projects, I was smitten. She spoiled the audience with gift bags full of great goodies. And I was lucky enough to grab one after the live studio audience got theirs.

Tim Williams

And, I had the unique opportunity to share our friend Tim Williams‘ CD with Kevin Eubanks, who you probably remember from his long stint as musical foil for Jay Leno. He really does exude a sense of ‘cool’ that I don’t encounter too often.

Visitors to the NBC 10! Show next week could win a signed copy of Mark’s book “The Carpenter’s Notebook.” We left a pile of them for you to win. Best of luck!

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