Hatchel? I think hats with a secret compartment should be called hatchels.

The perfect way to top off your ‘bar’ look might be with a hatchel, a hat with a secret compartment.

Mad Hatter top hat

The mad hatter top hat has a secret compartment. This is my favorite ‘hatchel’ so far.

Whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day or Cinco de Mayo or a 21st birthday celebration, there’s always a smart reason to travel light to the local watering hole.

And I’m forever trying to find creative ways to carry my essentials: phone, ID, key, and lip gloss. In the winter, I stash everything in my boot. In the summer, I have to carry a bag to hold everything. A bag can be a fun accessory, but it can also be a burden.

So I’m thinking there’s a void in the marketplace for a smart-looking hatchel, what I’ve stated calling a hat that acts like a satchel.

I’ve looked around online, and have found a few uses that didn’t spring to mind at first, but all seem worthy reasons to own a hatchel. A magician, a runner, a costume enthusiast, or just a Halloween celebrator all benefit from the hat with the secret compartment.

Simply adding ‘bar enthusiast‘ to the list, the market for the hatchel opens up in a way that could support many different hat styles. And the opportunity to create a smart, stylish hatchel could make a perfect twist to an episode of Project Runway.

If you’ve seen a stylish hat with a secret compartment, please share with us in the comments below. I’d love to know what you know.


Magician hat secret compartment

The magician hat is the traditional reason to have a hat with a secret compartment. There has to be enough room for a rabbit in there.

King hat with secret compartment

Not exactly my style, but this purple king hat could be a perfect way to top off a Halloween costume.

ball cap with little pocket

If you are a runner, you know you need a place to stash your car key when you drive to a running spot. This hat might be the perfect gift for the runner in your life.


While this isn’t a hat, it’s a fun idea to have a watch with a secret compartment. Not sure what we’d put in it.

unicorn costume with secret compartment

My favorite laugh-out-loud secret compartment hat is this unicorn costume.


Another good option for a runner or a bar aficionado.

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