Home decorating ideas with fun clocks.

Clocks can be practical while infusing fun and personality into your home decorating ideas.

bike wheel clock


I have always been obsessed with clocks. There is something a bit magical about the engineering of the gear clock, and especially a coo coo clock with the little bird that pops out.

The clock can celebrate and enhance¬†any¬†style or obsession you might want to indulge while you are dreaming about home decorating ideas. The adaptability of the less than $10 ‘clock kit‘ means that anything can become a clock, from a frying pan to a guitar to a selfie of your family.


And beyond the form and function of the clock, I’m fascinated with how time even happened. My husband and I often geek-out on the origin of those little things like why a day is divided into 24 hours. (If you know of any good documentaries, please share in the comments below.)

If you love sharing home decorating ideas, I hope you’ll join us for a #HOSSdesign Twitter chat on Wednesday, February 15th at 8pmET when we show-and-share clock upcycle ideas and decorating tips for multi-clock style. I’ve gathered a few of my favorite ideas from Pinterest below, and I’ll be sharing many more on Wednesday.

black geometric clock clocks living room brick driftwood metal clock eye clock fan clock kitchen clock kiwi clock phone clock retro record turntable clock steampunk gear clock vintage clock mint word clock bird flying clock birdcage clock clock decor

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