How about updating old nesting tables with leftover paint? We did.

We used old paint and a grandmother’s recipe to update our nesting tables.

Painting nesting tables video

Who doesn’t have outdated furniture that has seen better days, like our nesting tables? And we’re guilty of storing away old paint in our basement, for way too many years.

So when Meg Caswell shared a way to combine those two clutter piles into something we could actually use, and we’d love, we were in. She introduced us to one of her DIY decor obsessions during a MyFixitUpLife radio interview this past year: a grandmother’s paint additive.

So Mark and I set out to try out the ‘New Beginnings‘ paint additive on nesting tables. We mixed 1 tbsp of the chalk powder with 1 tablespoon of hot water with 1 cup of paint.

There really was no need to sand first, and the paint adhered beautifully. The only thing is that we had to add water to the mix as we worked to keep it from getting tacky.

Check out this video of our fun afternoon painting our old nesting tables.

Our painting supplies

Our painting supplies

Mixing the paint for the nesting tables

Mixing the paint for the nesting tables

New Beginnings Paint Mixing

Mixing old paint with the New Beginnings additive and water

We goof around a bit while we work, painting

We goof around a bit while we work, painting


Painting nesting tables together

Painting nesting tables together


Painting nesting tables turquiose old paint

Painting nesting tables turquoise old paint

Sign of a painter Theresa

Sign of a fun afternoon painting.

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  1. Thank you for sharing you two, it means so much to me and I know my Mom, (Grandma Lorna) would be so happy to see others using her creation! You guys are AWESOME and you used one of my favorite colors. Thank you too Meg Caswell, you are Awesome! <3

    One of the GREAT things about New Beginnings Chalk/Clay Paint Powder Additive, you can use ANY COLOR Interior Latex flat paint, even color matched! Isn't it great that you are in control what colors you use? You can paint on glass and metal as well as wood. Happy painting everyone!

    With much gratitude,

    Judy @Grandma Lorna's Attic and New Beginnings Chalk/Clay Paint Powder Additive

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