Items You Don’t Typically Find in the Shower

Do you do more in your shower than, well, shower? According to a recent study by Delta Faucet, more than half of us — and perhaps this includes you — are bringing more than just the typical shower items like razors and loofah sponges.

“Everything we do starts with market research and really understanding how consumers use our products,” says says Susan Fisher, Director of Brand Management for Delta Faucet. “And this study gives us more insight into that very personal space.”

And, there’s a lot of things people do in that particular box that I hadn’t ever considered trying. But, when you consider that only 34 percent of Americans live in a single-family home, according to the National Multi Housing Council, not everyone has a utility sink or access to a hose. So the shower might just be the best (and only) solution available when you need access to water.

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