Krozby the Corgi, Expert Dog, reviews the Dremel 7300 Pet Grooming Tool

Krozby, Expert Dog on the Dremel 7300 Series Pet Grooming Tool: “When I see a power tool with a dog on the label, I know it’s gotta be good.”

pet grooming tool

Pet grooming tool. Yeah, got mine: Dremel 7300 right here. – Krozby, Expert Dog

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When it comes to clipping my nails, I’m not sure who’s more afraid: Me or my Mom.

Of course, we’re both afraid of the same thing: Cutting the quick—a nerve inside my nails—which hurts about as much as a dog year is long if you clip it with one of those savage nail clippers that they probably used in the Spanish Inquisition or something.

Basically, neither of us like the situation and we feel like there should be a better way than nail clippers. Hey, there are Bluetooth enabled toothbrushes! Why are we both living through anxiety-fest 9000? We can both be on a more chill roll with this nail-clipping thing.

pet grooming tool

A precision grind on my nails—Hey, wait! Is that a cat on there too?! Cool.

Enter the dog-labeled pet grooming tool. The Dremel 7300 Series Pet Nail Grooming Cordless Rotary Tool with Nail Guard Attachment and Sanding Discs (pant, pant, pant…I’m out of breath saying that) is great. Finally, a power tool for pets. Instead of shearing my nail like some sort of savage siege machine from the French Revolution, it grinds smoothly and catches the dust. It’s no accident they’re called “guillotine-type clippers”. Moving on!

It’s pretty simple to operate.

pet grooming tool

My dad’s a carpenter. He’s even building me a ramp. He’s not done yet.

Attach one of the included grinder discs. Put on the nail guard attachment and get busy with the pet-i-cure. This pet grooming tool spins in one of two luxurious speeds (6500 or 13,000 RPM). The nail guard attachment is more like what my Dad (he’s a carpenter) would probably call a “stop” if it were on one of his doghouse-building power tools.

In other barks, the guard prevents the tool from cutting too much nail, as in: No quick cutting. It also catches the “filings” (probably another Dad word) in a small cup on the tool which can just be dumped out. It does fill up pretty quickly, but it’s still better than having them on the couch.

pet grooming tool

Here’s a picture of the tool and what comes with it.

My Mom and I can sit and watch TV. She does my nails with the 4.8-volt rotary tool. It has a 2-year warranty. AND animals on the label. I mean what’s not to love?

That’s why they say I have the Life of Krozby, Dog Expert

One more thing. I’m not telling you what to do, but the holidays are coming. If you want to, you can buy a Dremel tool at The Home Depot. Grab yourself one for your favorite pet owner. Or pet.

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