Light it right for style, mood and function

Lighting sets the tone for every space.

Whether you select a show-stopper as a ceiling centerpiece or recessed fixtures, there’s an opportunity for style, mood, and function. Not many other elements of a home can claim all three.Griffin collection from Lamps Plus

A statement fixture can be used to attract attention, just like unique art or powerful pattern. And a recessed fixture plays the role of the chorus, allowing the other features of the space shine while quietly stepping into the background.

I labor over selecting the perfect light for every space. For our dining room, I was able to pick up a vintage piece from a barn sale in Maryland. For our living room, I used an antique fixture that was in the dining room of our 110-year-old home when we moved in.

Our American Foursquare is not exactly a particular ‘style.’ It’s not really a textbook style, where there can be a prescriptive type of lighting to choose to stay true to the architecture. And it’s not exactly my style to follow the rules, either.

I knew that I wanted a ceiling-mounted fixture that had an Arts & Crafts vibe, but felt modern. So I searched online. And I searched. And I searched some more. I finally found a few lights I loved and with a bit of help from our friend Michael Murphy, I selected my perfect light for our entry room.


If you are deliberating over a lighting selection, searching the Internet can be overwhelming. There’s an easy way to search on LampsPlus that lets you select from styles that are trending. And that means styles beyond the typical Art Deco or Craftsman.

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