MyFixitUpLife talk show: America’s Next Handyman

There is no kidding around about how handy this show is.

Guest host Jeff Devlin from DIY Network is in our house to talk America’s Next Handyman. And judging by the popularity of the real deal income property expert and All American Handyman judge Scott McGillvary, we’re ready to get the inside story on that show and find out the details on his new book: Cash Flow for Life.

More than just measuring success by the bottom line, we’re taking a look at the fixitup workshop from a kid’s point-of-view with Built by Kids creator Tim Dahl.

Jeff comes fully equipped with a few key finds of his own. First, he shows us a Spring Nail Set from that helps recess those pesky nails that didn’t go in all the way to help set it quickly.  He also takes the guess work out of sharpening a chisel by introducing us to the Veritas® Mk.II Honing Guide. Theresa has found a duel space-saving toilet with a sink attached to the back available from Caroma.

So each one teach one, and give a hand up…home improvement happens now on MyFixitUpLife.

If you have a question about your home improvement projects, send us an email.



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