MyFixitUpLife tip on how to build a deck

When you’re figuring out how to build a deck—or how to build a deck better—quick tips can be just as useful as big picture how-to, so here’s a MyFixitUpLife ‘I got this’ on straightening warped deck boards.

how to build a deckOne thing that makes wood decks awesome is that each board is different. That’s how nature rolls; perfectly imperfect. And sometimes that shows up as a warped deck board which you often discover as you’re nailing it in. All you need to straighten most deck boards—a little or a lot—is your hammer, 3/4-inch chisel, and a few fasteners.

Dig in. Pull hard. Nail off.

-Leverage Locate where the board is at its maximum warp. Use your hammer to drive the chisel into the joist. The bevel should be jammed against the deck board. Get the iron into the wood at least 1/4-inch.

-Pull Crank the chisel toward you. As you do so, the deck board should move.

-Fasten If you’re hand nailing the deck, start a few nails and have your hammer ready. Ditto with screws and a driver. Or if you’re gun-nailing, have the nailer within reach. Once the board is where you want it, fasten fast. Two people doing this works even better.

When it comes to how to build a deck, little things can make a big difference.

*For woodworkers having a nervous breakdown at the thought of using a chisel this way, please be advised, I do not mean a woodworking chisel.

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I am going to be working on my deck this summer and this was very helpful.

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