Personalized shopping: Just Fabulous

Thanks to a girlfriend who invited, then reminded and eventually nagged, me into joining a new shopping website, I’ve discovered what it’s like to have a personal shopper. And I’m loving it.

I receive emails with a link to a web page with shoes, jewelry and bags that were pulled just for me, and I actually like. The website, JustFabulous, sorts through all of the fashion and recommend styles based on my style. How do they know my style? I had to spend about 5 minutes rating looks. Kinda reminded me of being at the eye doctor, but way more fun. For example: which shoe do you prefer: the red peep-toe high heel or the strappy beige sandal.

So unlike the rich and famous who can afford personal shoppers and stylists—and the price tags that come with a designer wardrobe—it seems that everything on this site is $39.95. Very affordable, and a very smart way to shop online.

And I’m lucky to have such a smart—and persistent—friend, too.


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