QuickTip: Work Table

If you’re not using a worktable on your projects—for anything from a repairing your kid’s bike to tiling a backsplash to hanging a ceiling fan—you are leaving speed on the track. And making work that can already be a challenge more challenging.

The good news is that you can make a relatively complicated work table like a miter saw cut station or you can go simple. I use both, depending. The simple one really is simple—but it adds so much to a project that you can’t believe it. And it is totally easy to store when not in use.

Simply snap open a couple of collapsable saw horses and bridge them with a full or even partial sheet of ¾ inch OSB or plywood. You will have storage for the items you need later under and inside the sawhorse legs, keeping the chaos somewhat organized. And you’ll have a place to cut, measure, sand route, write and, most importantly an organized place to think before you work.

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