Reciprocating Saw Blades, Devilishly Good

Diablo Carbide Reciprocating Saw Blade

I’ve used Diablo circ saw blades for years—especially for rough and finish framing on my circ and table saws.

While many blades have coatings, Diablo’s coating is robust and resists accumulating pitch from cutting sappy framing lumber. But as far as recip saw blades go, well, I use what I’ve been using: mostly bi-metal demo blades. And, as is usually the case, whack through a few spikes (most recip blades I’ve used will gobble up smaller nails for a while but not 16s which I usually cut removing stud walls and strapping) and enough teeth break off that the blade is slowed significantly.

Now had I not seen this video with my own eyes I’d be hard pressed to write the following: Diablo’s carbide tipped, coated Demon blades look like they’ve made a quantum leap in demolition production. The recip blades cut 120 nails—with the same teeth—in a row and still knock 2-by out of the way like it’s barely there.

What’s more, one blade costs about 9 bucks versus the the 10 blades they used to compete against—costing almost 50 smackers. Even if this is only half true it’s still twice as devilishly good. I like the coating and deep gullets for other stuff like cutting deck posts and plowing through built-up assemblies like a roof deck. Seeing red.

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