Should I use Spax screws to install drywall?

I have a box of drywall screws to install drywall, but now that I’ve made the leap over to Spax screws for nearly everything I fasten—from framing to decks to basement renos to my version of woodworking projects—what possible reason could I have for keeping the old black iron?

Answer is, I don’t have a reason.

install drywall

Spax screws rock. The drive system is super-solid: T-Star Plus.

The Spax T-Star Plus drive system vastly—vaaaaaastly—out performs any other system I’ve tried. This includes star drives (the bit always seems to get friction-ed into the screw head), #2 Robertson (aka square-drive) and is a triple jump better than Phillips that are literally designed so the driver cams out of the screw socket when too much force is applied.

But to hang rock, who cares? Use a cheap screw and blow through it. Truthfully, I get it. Why not? Except that the cheap screw sits forever when you’re not using it. It takes up space in between the times I actually install drywall. That’s expensive. It costs time and bandwidth. And it hogs up precious shop space in my view. I’d rather be able to get things quickly, not sift through stuff I barely use.

And because I’m now in the Spax system as it were—all my other screws are T-Star Plus—I don’t have to swap out drives to install drywall. I can just use the same drive—nearly un-wear-outable I hasten to add—I always use. The screw head is the same size as a drywall screw too.

Moves and minutes-saved matters to me, whether it’s to build a deck or install wallboard. It means I’m doing more work, making more progress and having more fun, one turn at a time.

For more on how to install drywall, click here.

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