Jelly bean wreath

Make a jelly bean wreath

So I covered a styrofoam ring in strips of Bondera. And then spent a relaxing hour sticking the contents of two bags of Jelly Belly jelly beans to the ring. And this jelly bean wreath may just be my favorite of all of my candy craft creations.


Watch Mark & Theresa share tile tips on NBC 10! show

Mark and Theresa share a new way to tile that saves an entire day out of a tiling project, and the need for a tile saw, too. They also share tile options from Daltile and StrataStones. And why is Theresa talking about jellybeans? View more videos at:

Lexi & Theresa's crafty tiling project

Theresa’s blog: Tiling craft w/ Lexi

Mark and I just finished our kitchen backsplash project, and like most projects, we had some leftover materials. And, in my mind, the cut-offs and scraps aren’t for the trash. It’s a crafting opportunity! Lexi and I dressed up a few simple picture frames with our tile leftovers. Here’s what we did: 1. We cut [...]

holiday candy wreath

Theresa’s red-and-white holiday candy wreath

Making a candy wreath is an easy craft that’s fun for the family. Wreaths are as old as the Romans, and while we don’t usually wear them on our heads any more, we still use them to celebrate.


Video: Behind-the-scenes with Mark at 2010 Remodeling Show

Mark taught 9 1-hour presentations to attendees at the 2010 Remodeling Show in Baltimore. Part of the set-up for the presentations is building the stage where he performs hands-on demonstrations. Check out the behind-the-scenes video of Mark taking us through a quick tour of the set he built, and learn a few tips along the [...]


MyFixitUpLife talk show broadcast inside Bondera booth at 19th Annual Remodeling Show

MyFixitUpLife show w/ Mark and Theresa broadcast live from the Grace-Bondera booth at the 19th annual Remodeling Show in Baltimore. Mark and Theresa had the unique opportunity to talk face-to-face with editors and experts about new products and industry trends. Click the images to the right to listen to their interviews. Grace-Bondera tiling made easier. [...]

Mark teaching bath clinics at Remodeling Show

9 hours in the bathroom @Remodeling Show

It may not be every girl’s dream-come-true, but a construction trade show is always a fun time for me. No, not being sarcastic. Just stay with me for a minute. Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Remodeling Show and Deck Expo in Baltimore. Mark spent the week on a bathroom set he [...]

Mark teaching bathroom clinics at Remodeling Show

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Tile tips, trends, and tools

MyFixitUpLife LIVE! radio show: September 18, 2010 From super-cool style trends to time-saving tips and techniques, Mark and Theresa are talking tile with an expert from Daltile and share news of a new tiling installation product called Bondera, which will seriously save you time, money, and mess. Mark and Theresa take you inside the inner [...]

Counter installer is finishing the last details for our new kitchen

What kinds of countertop can I install myself?

I’m a teacher and I get out for the summer in a couple of weeks. I’m hoping to do a remodel of my kitchen on the cheap. And I’ve got, you know, hideous linoleum floors, and retro 1970s white countertop, and my kitchen is basically the letter ‘C’ right now and I want to tear [...]

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