VIDEO: Building a deck: Top-Down Framing, Part 1

building a deck

This building a deck video covers tips and techniques for what I call top-down framing. Hopefully, I cover enough ground to give both pros and DIYers some traction for the next deck project. Step 1 for building a deck is getting a building permit. And if there’s an existing deck, … see more

Mark’s trade tricks: Cope and install crown molding–Video tutorial, DIY

install crown molding

If you believe those cartoon-y infographics that ‘show’ how to install crown molding as 1-2-3-easy, you’re probably going to throw your tape measure across the room when you see the Grand Canyon-sized yawning gap of missing information therein. To fill in some gaps, I’ve crafted this tutorial and video with … see more

FixitUp Find: Milwaukee Tool’s Mighty Mini Recip Saw

And I thought it wouldn’t work… …Man, was I wrong. See, when I got my hand (and I mean “hand”, singular) on Milwaukee’s 10.8 volt M12 2420-22 mini cordless reciprocating (“recip”) saw, well…I just didn’t get it. Recip saws are rip-snortin’, tear and scare, hacker whackers, right? How could this … see more

Squeeze Play: DAP Phenoseal

Boaters have long had an affinity for Phenoseal, a multi-purpose sealant, caulk and bonding agent. They use it everywhere. Need to repair a porthole? Hit it with Phenoseal. Need to seal a new deck cleat? Smear the bottom with Phenoseal and install. Hungry? Try Phenoseal. When something performs well on … see more

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