Man Vs. Lawn: How to build an awesome raised garden bed!

raised garden bed

I loved making this raised garden bed. What one for yourself? Here it comes. Also, I’ll warn you now. It was hot and I need to share that. I mention it about 45-times throughout the article. Note: We partnered with Wood It’s Real for this article. The design, how-to, 9-10 … see more

Basement remodeling video: Use a Dremel to cut out a recessed light

Basement remodeling is hard. One of the many difficult things—at least for me—is cutting out recessed lights in drywall with any degree of accuracy. Quick note: The DIY and home improvement content is MyFixitUpLife’s. We’re partnered with Home Depot on this blog and video. They sent us the tool. I … see more

MyFixitUpLife’s Father’s Day Gift Guide for DIY Dads

father's day gift

Check out MyFixitUpLife’s Father’s Day Gift Guide for the DIY dad in your life. Or just for cool gear that gets work done. I love storage. Smart, versatile organized tool and gear storage. Why? Probably because I have an equal and opposite disdain for looking for stuff. I’m really digging … see more

Mark’s trade tricks: Have you cleaned the dryer vent? Better check it…

clean dryer vent

Dryer vent cleaning is about a glorious as litter box maintenance or locating fridge smell. But like many things that make our lives work and keep us safe from nasty inconveniences like, say, the house burning down, it ranks up right up there on the importance scale. On a DIY … see more

Beat Black Friday: 7 holiday gifts for men (almost) better than beer

holiday gifts for men

If you’re shopping for him, or for yourself, holiday gifts for men can be a tough find. Unless you look here. These geared up gifts will make your tough guy weak in the knees. And make his knees look better. And butt. See below. Phone Home. Part Gotham, part carbon … see more

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