Let’s talk DIY repurposing ideas with Anitra Mecadon & Tara Dara

Tara Dara - MyFixitUpLife - Patchwork Bench

Repurposing ideas are like little gems falling from the sky, and we’re talking with two creative experts on this episode.

Dumpster diving, upcycling, reusing… for the creative repurposer, all of those words mean the same thing: Let’s make awesome stuff that’s inexpensive and truly unique to us.

We are sharing repurposing ideas for both the newbie repurposer and the experienced. And on this episode, we put two repurposing experts — Anitra Mecadon and Tara Dara — to our unconventional repurposing ideas test. see more

MyFixitUpLife show: When is grass a lawn? with Roger Cook + Chris Lambton

We’re talking with the experts HGTV’s Chris Lambton and This Old House’s Roger Cook: What makes a grass become a ‘lawn’? Tune in. Green grass rules most lawns, but is that the only thing that makes a lawn? Mark started his career in home improvement as a landscaper in Cape … see more

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Design + construction trends (with selfies)

Mark and Theresa are taking a selfie with DIY Network's Stephen Fanuka

What happens when high-energy experts talk design and construction trends? A lot of advice surrounded by silliness. MyFixitUpLife talk show is thrilled to be part of the Wellborn Cabinet‘s showplace at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Vegas. Broadcast live from their booth, hosts Mark and Theresa talked about … see more

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Kitchens and bathroom design trends

Charcoal Lacquered Linen from Formica.

Like most American designers and remodelers, we’re obsessed with kitchen and bathroom design trends. Here’s what cooking this year. We were lucky and honored for Formica Corporation to host our talk show at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Vegas. Surrounded by amazing designs from nature-inspired to bold graphics from … see more

Need easy renter design ideas? Let’s talk with design experts.

Kim Myles - MyFixitUpLfe - Google+

When you can’t turn to the paint department at your local home improvement center to update a space, what can you do to makeover your space? There are tons of other easy ways to personalize a space, and we’re digging in to share them with you. see more

Sledgehammer it?! Let’s talk demo on MyFixitUpLife talk.

Jason Cameron - MyFixitUpLife- Google Hangout - Sledgehammer

Ready for demo? We’re talking sledgehammers and demo tips on this episode of MyFixitUpLife. Should you sledgehammer it? Looks like an easy, fun way to rip through all of that unwanted parts of your house, but is it really? If you’ve ever picked up a sledgehammer and slammed through some … see more

How would you make a difference with $5000? Let’s talk.

Check out the necklace Kayleen gave Theresa. It's washers painted with orange nail polish.

We’re geeking out in total tool-loving style at the Remodeling Show and Deck Expo. And we’re asking everyone: How could you make a difference with $5000? Join us. MyFixitUpLife is heading to the annual Remodeling Show and Deck Expo, ready to announce Rebuilding Together’s ‘Tradesperson of the Year.’ To celebrate … see more