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Remove and Replace a Rotten Sill Plate

A rotten sill plate is a common occurrence in old houses—and a big problem.   The sill is the piece of wood closest to the ground, either on a foundation or piers, and is usually a “timber-sized” board: 3×6, 3×8, 4×6, 4×8, and so on. The studs often rest directly on the sill and are [...]

Digging-a-post-hole - MyFixitUpLife

The Hole truth: Tips for digging the perfect Post-Hole

A post-hole is more than just a hole in the earth. It is a shaft cut straight down into the ground to particular size in a particular place, despite all the root and rock obstacles between your shovel point and the bottom. It is also a heck of a lot of work, so I want [...]

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Fence Tips from MyFixitUpLife

I love Fences-good ones, anyway. Shooting my eye down 100 feet of pitch-perfect, parallel fence posts rising true and straight from the earth speaks to my inner carpenter. And, once connected by rails and slats, I love to see how this simple amalgam of boards ignites featureless landscapes and bolsters boring borders. I also enjoy [...]

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Upgrade your utility trailer and tow your tools in style

Upgrading a stripped-down utility trailer to move mulch and tow your tools. I’m a trailer guy. Yes, a dump truck would rock for heavy haul-outs, and a big box truck would be great for storing tools and serving as a mobile workshop. But, depending on the day, the work we do may range from residential [...]


How to Make a Compost Bin

If the value of a project is measured in how often you use it, our compost bin is well near the top of the list. If measured like the Olympics, it’d consistently be on the medal stand. It’s a project that you can have up and running in a day, turning coffee grinds and toilet [...]

Build A Bridge

Check Out Extreme How-To Magazine’s January Issue Featuring ‘Crossing Over’ by Mark & Theresa

Mark and Theresa write about designing and building a bridge. And about how building on a volunteer project with Rebuilding Together delivers DIY takeaways—and more—for every project.


Check out ‘Every Deck Has Its Day’ Featured in Extreme How-to!

                            The beloved backyard deck, in historical terms, is a pretty new element in houses coming into vogue some some forty or some years ago.  What’s more, decks are the only structure we build on the outside of the house that must [...]

Use ladder blocking for fast, efficient framing transitions and solid nailing surfaces.

Today’s Tip: Wall Framing

When installing drywall or framing a partition wall perpendicular to an outside wall, say while refinishing a basement, it is often the case there is no stud to nail to. There are a number of solutions to this problem, but the one I like best in most cases is what I learned as a “chicken [...]


Check out Extreme Makeover:Home Edition’s Wood Playground Project in Joplin, MO featured in Extreme How-to

Mark and Theresa write about the Real Wood Playground they built for the 200th episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in Joplin, MO.

Wall Work: Tips and Tricks for Working with Plaster Walls

Check out Mark’s ‘Tips and Tricks for Working with Plaster Walls’ on Extreme How To!

Tips and tricks for working with plaster walls – from pulling it down to patching it up.

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